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  1. For more HP and to regenerate SP while on Berserk. Less Grapes. I am that greedy. I use to farm at Magma Dun 2 where Holy Marching Hat[Vanberk] is better than Kaho (and cheaper). Violet Fear is cheaper than Krasnaya and I don't like the Bloody Eater. I am fully aware about its redundancy. It's a matter of "I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me~" Its part of my Snowier/Evil Druid Combo. Free Ice Cream (Ube is my favourite). From my experience, I must heal fast after relogging else I might die or the other players get the mobs. Hmm this sounds like a good idea, thanks
  2. Hmm, if I follow Ritsu's Advice I'm gonna have to sell my other stuffs like the Violet Fear and rely on the Chicken Hat for ASPD. Decisions, decisions
  3. Regarding the Soul Link, I don't see it as a viable alternative to Doppel. I go to far away places, I hate returning for rebuff, and Berzerk LK's life is to relog more often. I could try to wait till my HP is <5% then run to safety, but in my experience...I don't wanna! Meh Elemental Swords don't appeal to me.Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless. I should have stated that I prefer versatility and convenience.
  4. Hello I am an typical Zerk LK. Here are my gears: Violet Fear Zerk LK I also have Saphien's Armor of Ocean [Tao Gunka] I tried to fight MVP bosses solo such as: Orc Hero - i keep missing most of my attacks then theres the quagmire Pharaoh - Hurts alot >.< POWER UP buff? Drake - Water ball hurt despite swapping to Armor of Ocean Osiris - Quagmired Evil Snake Lord - dispell So i thought the best solution would be to be a one-handed Zerk LK replacing my current weapon with +8 Thin Blade[Doppel][Bapho] - though the Twin Blades are better i prefer this for versatility Stone Buckler[GTB] I already bought the +8 thin blade and Doppelganger card but have not inserted it yet One-Hand Zerk Build The additional benefits that I thought of would be: Now I can go to dungeons that have monsters who cast dispell like Rachel Sanctuary No longer take damage from monsters who cast Grand Cross like some mobs in Thanatos Tower No longer be stone cursed I would like to hear your thoughts on this plan. I'm aware that this may not be a clever idea since no one seems to be posting about one hand zerk LKs and that the pharaoh will still hurt as much (And one more thing, will this new build be good for Thors Volcano?) Thank you for taking your time to reply
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