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  1. I love you Trish... though seasons come and go, I hope your love will never change.
  2. How astounding it is to realize, that today we mark a year on our curve of time. Each moment we spent is just an absolute pinnacle of euphoria. A minute with you surpasses a decade in paradise. And as I take more steps with you every day, the harder it is to find the words to describe how breathtaking it is to be with you. Your love is a twist of what every man lives for, and all that is for a god to die for. It's so complicated, so sophisticated, yet simple and naive. What I'm certain is, you are way beyond compare to anyone or anything. And all that's left to say now is thank you for the love you've bestowed unto me. So here's to us....to your smile, to your vibrant laughter and to your deadly mood swings 😃
  3. ...and another round of SEALS completed with them, this team renders the service smooth as silk and cool as ice. You just chill and watch 'em get it done. Highly recommended.
  4. Jak

    perfect drug

    this stale cold life is now tinted with elation sands of euphoria fills up my hourglass don't want to cut loose from this vivid obsession strong and wild ...flowing lucid like jazz a doze of you finds me a tantamount of heaven my soul like eagles, glide the stratosphere in a blackhole of forever, you're my light that glisten in a pitch of silence, it's your voice that I hear i'm completely overdriven, raging like fire you're so irrisistable, like blood to a vampire a zenith of bliss exudes when we hug Patrisha i'm addicted, you're my perfect drug
  5. Jak

    - untitled -

    it was such a dry day, I existed as the Wind along came a Wizard, like the rest that I have seen unknown by then, lies ahead is something awesome all I knew, is that this girl was called Winsome days burned in time, I morphed to a stoned priest she trans-ed to a Sage, she was the Beauty of the beast she braved the churchyard, zombies fell one by one be it 7, 8 or 9.... not even a mob made her run stronger she grew, a Professor she has become still pretty as ever, gracefully blazing like the sun with excitement rushing, I called to ask her hand she said yes, we got married.... now she is my Hun from towns to dungeons, be it odin or abbey inseparable we were, that's just half of the story our attachment in-game, so ardent, has broken free what seemed to be a legend, is now a masterpiece in reality she unraveled her picture, which she dubbed as grumpy but the moment I saw it, all I can say is "ohhhh honey!" that dagger stare ...framed on an angel's face adrenalized my neurons, driving me to a craze now my love for Trisha, which got me enslaved is a vehement flame that will burn beyond my grave each second that fades, makes the fire more profound so intense it can pull, the vast heaven to the ground though I tried to contain this, keep it tamed in a shell to maintain my distance, but I struggled like hell I'm weak to your smile, your voice makes me falter irrational it seems, but to you I surrender you have become the air that I breathe your name has engulfed my mind in a sheath at any moment, all I think about is you I'll say this forever... Patrisha, I LOVE YOU
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