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  1. 60% for white herb, 15% for yggdrasil leaf, other drop 3% or less. Then its ok if here no drop, because about 1/3 of angelings drops nothing
  2. I mean i said first time not about only sleips discussion It better because it gives good stats like hp, sp, def, mdef and movement speed (like with agiup). And if someone already wanna use sleips on his sniper, i dont think someone must recomment to him cheap shoes. i mean it is good if you want to give to people good advices (maybe i formulated my phrace incorrect before) because i like when everyone understands
  3. yes i know it, but i really dont like comments where i reacted negatively. You said "game breaking gears " in SQI revamp themes too (isnt it sounds negatively about sqi? Thats why you obtained negative reactions there). Bunny slippers cheaper, but not better for sniper. Do you know what geared sniper = about 1.2b for gears? They gives good bonuses. I cant understand why you think slippers is better... It can be a good advice if you recommend bunny slippers to man who asking about boots or boots+card (it means he newbie and he need cheaper gears), but not when man already wanna use sleips. Here nothing personally. I can give you good reputation emotion if i see something what i like, but for commetary what i dont like i give bad reputation emotion. You posting too much offtopics i think (at least in sleip card and sqi revamp themes). And you take negative reactions more from 2 people, are you sure you problem in all people what gives negative emotions, but not in your messages what obtains negative reputation. If you wanna give good advices - it is good. But i know only about 1 your advice and i dont think it is good. Maybe in other class discussions you gives good advices. Your messages looking like you wanna make a hype (at least messages what i reading) and i just reacting for it. And it is sad what you dont wanna understand what is wrong and just wont post on forum anymore, because i dont trying to bully you. But man, you make this strange suggestion and obtain 2 negative points before i read this (and my reaction is third because you writes about me in a bad way) - are you sure you are right? Bad reputation is not a hopeless situation. You still can make a good guide or suggestion and fix your reputation.
  4. Dont need to slander. I gives negative emotions only where i am disagree with your comment and i never looking for your comments for chasing. I never gives you reactions in paladin themes (i dont reads themes about swordman classes) or other themes what i dont interesting. You everytime talking in a bad way about SQI, but SQI is a part of unrestricted system of TalonRO and much custom mobs and MVP balanced for SQI (if you think you can make all events of TalonRO with vanilla gears - i wanna see that). SQI is a feature of TalonRO. And what advice is better? Where you recommends to use bunny slippers to man who asking about card for sleips? Where you just trying to prove you are right and sleips too luxury (yes, it is your opinion and you have the right to it, but man dont asks about boots - he asks about card). And what video? There no video in card for sleips theme and we never argue in another theme. Why my reaction is negative this time? Because you are slanders about me and talking about situations what never happens. I think, if you think i am not right, you must pm or report to GMs about it, and dont need to slander about me in open part of forum.
  5. yes. but 200/200 too much i think. maybe 100/100 or less (because it is just a boots for novice-players)
  6. 200/200? you wanna make rental boots better than GEC?XD
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