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  1. yes. but 200/200 too much i think. maybe 100/100 or less (because it is just a boots for novice-players)
  2. 200/200? you wanna make rental boots better than GEC?XD
  3. Geffenia as sinx is about 4 m/h (you can find guides on forum). I never farm it, but many people does it. Meanwhile i like other ways to farm.
  4. You started this dispute with me - then i am still in dispute if i am thinking its not luxuri. And i am thinking its not. Maybe for you its luxury, but you can buy it after 25h of farm, then... its not luxuri. And i dont understang your logic why you recommends other boots for man who asking about card for certain boots. =/
  5. But question of this theme "what i can put on into sleips?", not a "what shoes must be my first shoes?"
  6. omg. its only 95m. you need more than 1b for gearing sniper. 95m for additional boost (HP, SP, Def and Mdef) is nothing.
  7. Depended on your build, playstyle and situations.
  8. Исправлено несколько небольших ошибок
  9. its my bow and Greed is right about leech (just watch Greed's replay). But he is not too right about using, because it more usable for this build - it can be used on all waves and on solofarm (as main bow or second)
  10. Hmmm... I use earth armour in OGH before idduna and take really less damage. why? idk. maybe bag with atack attiribute or calculation? Anyway you are right with element table and i dont wanna go OGH for test it after idduna (OGH for me is really boring). I think if here bag berore, now it is fixed.
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