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  1. I'm no pro with LK, so I can only give things that I noticed while playing BG(and watching some LKs). Try to pick 2 specialty, one main and one sub. Crit Auto attack, BB BB, spear ... etc Valk armor is your best friend. It gives 50% stun resistance and its indestructible. As LK(or atleast someone with peco) you would like to be the one to dive the enemy and not die with just 2-3 acid demonstration. You don't need to high VIT. Magnum break. If you get yourself trapped, you can smash that trap! Traps has 3,500 HP, small and formless. You kinda want to at least destroy them with 2 or 3 magnum break. Moogle Ball, also is your friend. agi down not just removes 2handquicken, it also disable the use of it for the duration. Strips, usually LKs have high Dex but strip is unavoidable. When Stalker/s aimed at you, you can change to shield. In this way your shield, headgear, armor will be stripped but you still had your weapon for parry and damaging. 183 aspd (and prolly 70+dex), you would like to have this spamming skills. if i remember correctly 183 aspd will allow you to spam skills 3 times per sec, which is the highest spam of skills. status Resistance mids, you cant be stun immune with just valk armor. you can get stalactic and nightmare card(you have no int, you get sleep alot), gemini card(if you have 90 agi) Offensive mids, i dont know if its worth switching this on if it gives risk of being statused aux. also it removes the stat you get from if you example computed your stats with that +1 str from the mid headgear. if you still want you can get Robo eyes or Hockey mask. Tops, drooping cats(?), feather beret, hermose caps. +7 enhanced helm of angel. Diablos boots + Diablos manteau, pretty much the best you can get. But still you can use others like Tical + Wool, Valk manteau + Enhanced Variant Shoes. Elemental resistance. Its up to you if you want to have alot of garments or alot of valk amor. You can cycle to elemental valk armors to resist an incoming elemental attack a lethal fire bolt for example. Or Jakk carded garment for that fire bolt from the example. Last, most important build is not get salty, and admire those who you are annoyed, they spent alot of time with their build too! i hope this helped even a little.
  3. Kelen

    Mavka Stalkers

    Ohoh yes there is, I had fun doing a single attack + double strife. It looks like a triple strife, and the 3 hit sound is cool too. So this delay multiplyed by number of mavka kills makes the difference. *Remembers my steal fails 70% of the time* Anyway, I'll try TA build in another private server, to test it. I hope the drops% can be customised to make it like tro. Thank you for le infos
  4. Kelen

    Mavka Stalkers

    This is where im troubled. usually BB stalkers just steal then kill with BB, one by one, even if there's more than one mavka. Mainly because Mavkas are slow and long range... So if it's still killing one by one, TA or BB, how come TA loses. yes I've seen TA finishing first than my steal+1hitBB =_="
  5. Kelen

    Mavka Stalkers

    My one hit BB stalker usually get 150 blue herb, 85 crystal mirror, and 15 witherless rose per endown. Edit: DA+TA stalker really earn that low ? i kinda want to make one, because manual steal is so tiring. =_= I would like to know what is it that makes them earn lower than BB stalkers. Is it the time it takes for them to kill the mavka ?
  6. Hi, I suggest you check out the functions and contents available here in talonro(forum, wiki, panel). Cheers >_^
  7. Thief Ring (6-7m) sold : ) Whikebine's Black Cat Ears (900k - 2m) level 89/41
  8. kinda want to eat some gelatin this summer, i hope my vanil don't mind. IGN: 501015
  9. Kelen

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    How about make 17 carat diamond convertible back to zeny - if it's not...
  10. Kelen

    Better Gramps map

    This is way too convenient. 😉
  11. I would like to suggest to add a few seconds before the skull/s can be picked up by someone, other than the killer or his/her team member. Skulls from suicide on the other hand can be picked by everyone without waiting... My reason for this is; - Difference in pings, players that join battlegrounds have different pings. It is obvious already that players with lower ping gets a smother game play, (sometimes even picking up the skulls before it even hit the ground). Now having 100ms or 200ms more ping means you're always delayed on what you are to do, and usually that 1s or 2s is enough for someone to get the skull. - Skulls is usually thrown far away when the character is killed while moving. This makes someone have to walk to it to pick it up(unless its thrown in front of someone ), and whoever has the fastest movement speed will always get it.
  12. oh sorry i didn't elaborate more. But what I was saying, since i don't know what you're plans with the priest I just assumed that you'll get it soon to HP, and thats where Eddga and Deviling works well with assumptio for carrying a lot of monsters. Eddga card here in Talonro gives +12%hp not a reduction of 25%. its not the best +hp foot gear card, but really, people will still get this even without the +%hp because of that endure.
  13. Not sure what your plans with that priest but First thing comes to my mind is Deviling and Eddga. Also if that various cards that you mention includes Stem worm and Gargoyle then you're down 10 dex
  14. You may consider Thorn Shield and Horn of Buffalo for the 10% aspd and some Bradium Brooch (not a good resell though), in addition for with the above Weeder Knife. I usually don't go for sword unless i can do double attack with them - like with Nagan or Naght with sidewinder. Also keep the GEC as you will be doing some sick backslides
  15. Kelen

    Option to hide pet

    Hi, this come in to my mind when i saw a bongun pet with a big sword in its back, the sword kinda removes or hide some of the pixes of the bongun's sprite, and made me see through it. Now I'm hoping if its possible to have a pet equipment that covers the pet and made them invisible instead of the additional option to hide the pet. This will not solve the pvm issue that I address but will give the option for stealth class in pvp to have a pet.
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