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  1. Agi and Dex almost always affects the skill animation of your character by giving aspd. For the case of rapid shower you first need to eliminate the after cast delay ceiling before aspd helps with spamming. https://wiki.talonro.com/After_Cast_Delay
  2. I look forward to that one button gear swap. This will sure keep me alive from champions' asura while I'm in sonic blow animation. I was a video of that one button gear swap from munbalanced. I cant find the video anymore though.
  3. Thanks, that /q2 was less confusing than pressing 2 buttons. But I still encounter the knife-not-getting-equipped moments when scrolling up and down, same when i press knife button shortly after the shield. - don't know if its my bad ping or talonros' mechanics
  4. When equipping [Elite Shooter Suit]+[Sheriff's Manteau]+[Battle Boots] at the same time: DEX + 3 MHP + 12% Adjusts your resistance to ranged attacks by + 10% Cast Delay -25% Increases damage from [Formless] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Undead] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Brute] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Plant] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Insect] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Fish] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Demon] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Angel] race monsters by 300% Increases damage from [Dragon] race monsters by 300% I remember receiving one attack from the boss/guardian in battle grounds bossia mode and dying instantly. Ever since that. I didn't dare going near the boss with the armor set equipped. I suspect that its the -300% resistance that killed me there. I suggest that the 3x increase damage received from other races be removed, even just inside BG. talonro calc says its 500% Formless -500 % Undead -500 % Brute -500 % Plant -500 % Insect -500 % Fish -500 % Demon -500 % Demi-Human 4 % Angel -500 % Dragon -500 %
  5. Please remove the -300% resistance to all races except demi-human of BG set(the one bought with valor coins) while player is inside battle grounds. This is so that players can use the armor set in their favorite mode bossnia.
  6. Would it be better to go tankier sinx in BG or stick with damage type sinx? The problem I'm encountering is i find it hard to contribute consistent amount of dmg in a prolonged battle, especially when edp runs out and have to walk away after every sonic blow. ' sonic blow > equip shield, feater beret , cowardice blade > cloak > walk > equip katar, alice hat > enchant poison > cloak > sonic blow ' is the pattern I usually do. current build (i dont have the enhanced variant shoes yet.) idea tank build (hoping can tank an Asura.) I look forward any type of builds and game play you guys can suggest.
  7. Kelen

    Option to hide pet

    In pvp/bg/woe, stalkers, assassins and champs are always left with an option not to have a pet. unless they want to give their location. In pvm, pets occupy cells making safe spot sometimes hard to move on to. Also accidental right click on pet while changing camera angle is annoying.
  8. I'm currently farming at dewata dungeon for the Kris weapon quest and enchants in the hope of getting a Kris[1][+6dex] for my Ninja. So far the enchants that I am getting is not that useful so i just sell them for 130k~200k each. Considering the trashy stats of the kris, I was surprised how it got sold faster than I expected. My query is what do people do to the kris with trashy stats? having a +10kris doesn't seems to be that good(-or is it?) taking in to account that weapon with higher slot are more desirable.
  9. I would like to suggest that if a player logged in after an autotrade the player will have a list of the things bought during his/her autotrade. I suggested this to eliminate the moments when suddenly you have millions of zeny but feels unease of what the heck is that item that got bought. It will also be nice if you got the name of your buyer, so you can mail him/her for whatever reason, but not really my aim in this suggestion.
  10. Kelen

    Hammer of the blacksmith

    I suggested this already here. I think they increased the drop rate of Hammer of the Blacksmith on Dokebi. For me what i want is to further lessen the cool down per personal request. It would be pointless to have 20+ sets of personal request materials and having to wait 12hrs per request 😕 . mid geared players have no trouble farming the requirements for this, and the Hammer of the blacksmith totally dropped its price- I'm seeing 100k every now and then. Eden gears are only good at a certain point of the game but nonetheless its fun to have a daily slot machine 2.
  11. Seems like having 30 is easy, 60 is quite questionable, and 100 is possible. Is having 100% or at least 60+% sp reduction gives a character an advantage in anyway ?
  12. Please let the commands /blacksmith, /alchemist, /taekwon show the points of the current character being played. from: to this:
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