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  1. Kelen

    Diablos Manteau

    Like what Remueru says its better to stick with D.vest and D.mant combo, now that you're using a bow for geffenia which I presume will be carded with Thanatos Card.
  2. Kelen

    rogue other possible farming places?

    I'm amazed, you farm at sleeper with such low str. But anyway, as for the moment all i can think of a farming site for someone with high dex would be Penomena for Coral Reefs, Katar of Raging Blaze and Penomena Card. The earnings may be a lot lower due to some reasons* compared to your current earnings, especially if you have Bonus Bundle which solves weight problems- while farming at sleepers. *Penomenas are hard to kill, they have no elemental weaknesses, which can be abused by bow types. *Selling price of Coral Reefs, Katar, and Penomena card is not fixe. *Penomena's don't spawn instantly. This is a hard question, this proves how hard it is to work out of the METAs in game. I hope somebody reply with their ideas about this matter, I'm pretty interested too.
  3. Please let the commands /blacksmith, /alchemist, /taekwon show the points of the current character being played. from: to this:
  4. Kelen

    Stalker 1hitKO BB vs mavka Build Request

    Here is my setup. Only needs Blessing and Fire Endow. - LKH - Poring Letter - Caesar's Sword [FS6][ASPD] - D.Manteau [Magmaring] - Mid [STR+1] [Bloody Knight] - D.Vest [Byorgue] [STR+3] - Buckler [Tatacho] - Shoes [General Egnigem Cenia] - The Sign x2 <Click spoiler if you love visuals> Also here are other builds but needs Loud Exclamation from Jaguar Hat, in addition to Blessing and Fire Endow. -which i find very tiresome to do, with all the switching needed. But at least the cast time/Animation of Bowling Bash is a lot faster.