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  1. I see this server always catering those that are fortunate to get to endgame. I think that's good, as the road to that is really hard and require dedication. Its just fair for them to be rewarded. But looking how newbies are stuck to doing the same routine is quite saddening. Farming and farming all the time, hoping that one day get to endgame. So, I do agree that we need more contents where ungeared can join and not feel useless. A little more love to those that are new and ungeared will be a good point for this server. My suggestions to this is: Vanilla instances, kinda like orcs memory, but with more fruitful rewards(consumables and gears). A one day cooldown instance that players will be excited to start their day of playing tro. Or just a way to break the monotonous farming session, but not worry much if your earning less, coz the rewards is useful.
  2. Kelen

    some BG suggestions

    Nerfs for biochemist Limit the number an Alchemist can use Call Homunculus and Resurrect Resurrect Homunculus per match to around 15 or 20. Homunculus deals alot of damage and provides powerful skills. One example of this is the emergency avoid, which is the same speed as speed potion, have 20 sec duration and only 15 sec cooldown. BG supply add BG gems again, but still players can bring their own. just to lessen the cost Add Panacea / Holy water for all class. ...even just a few , kinda like speed potion, can be used for urgent escapes when cursed. increase poison bottles for assassins. 2 per start of matches and remove the 50% chance to got get a refill... Non-Trans BG New queue for non-trans BG.
  3. it's on replay... anyway, Great guide!
  4. That guy Cyrus also said that Linked Sonic Blow will never missed. anyway https://irowiki.org/wiki/Grimtooth, https://irowiki.org/classic/Grimtooth have different notes about the arrow thingy. i hope GMs allow sins to used arrows, just like before...
  5. #4. Faster exp, easier farm, big damage numbers, faster movement speed, luxurious reward. Correct me if I'm wrong. I woudn' t agree to this too much. Tbh it all boils down to what makes players enjoy the game, and yes while this fast exp etc. makes the most of what players enjoy at first glance, it isn't. You see if players have this quality of life, then it's not special anymore, It's not something players will thrive to get. And i think what the best word to generalize what players want is 'rewarding'. Players play because its rewarding, they get what they think they deserve, and i think that's just fair. When I was practicing my sonic blow, i found that i can use any weapon sinx can equip in sonic blow, now that finding made me feel rewarded for the time i spent practicing the skill. But the effort of pulling it of in actual skirmish is not rewarding at all, so yeah i don't use it. anyway ill just makes this thread a list of what i found unconventional ingame - Sonic blow works on any weapon. Really hard to pull it off. - why does Bowling Bash deals 2x damage 🤔
  6. I suggested this before, and yeah i did went overboard with it. But now I saw this good pre-made script which is what I like to suggest for. I would like to suggest for test dummy with dps message, test dummy of woe/battlegrounds monsters(barricade, emp, stone guardian and probably a mobster). Also would be nice to place them in a pvp area(or where glorious items can work), since my last suggestion about glorious being usable outside pvp has been declined . spoiler contains video of how the script works
  7. I would like to suggest that glorious items is usable outside PvP areas. While glorious items are great, they are not really that game breaking to have to be used in pvm. We can see this by comparing it to its Valour items counterpart which is just a little less powerful and, the innate easy access to mvp cards and SQI of talonro. If by any chance they out perform other gears i can see that as a compensation to the effort you have to do, to obtain them. Lets's say you earn 250 glorious coins per hour (coz you're a god tier pvp player), you will have to play 7.5 Hours in battlegrounds to get 1 glorious weapon, or 4-12 hours for glorious armors/accessory. If you earn 2m per hour that's 14m per glorious weapon, and 8m - 24m for glorious armors/accessory.
  8. yep my bad. just realized you can edit who gets represented as admin ingame.
  9. I though gepard block this, since some players replace Clown sprite with a larger one for easy target in woe.
  10. Would like to allow unslotting of enchanted equipment. also would like to know why it's not possible currently.
  11. Hello ? I just address that you can still strip regardless if they have Bio, since you said stalkers are useless... "... If the enemy team also has a creator for FCPs what can you do? Nothing literally." Also read my first 3 sentences regarding your main topic.
  12. That's what i call hard counter. Don't be surprise about it, since stalkers counters other classes or builds too. Some players may argue "Playing against Stalkers in BG can be rather frustrating", an opposite of yours. Anyways even with Bio in enemy team is not always that their in FCP. You can close confine & strip newly respawn players...
  13. 1. You can level up there at mavka map just fine. 2. Bowling bash(killing), Intimidate (escape), backslide(escape, close gap, remove mob from item sprite), Sand attack (lure away non-mavka from someone, cancel casting of water ball). hide(escape water ball). 3. the above comment is good, I just don't think lower agi will be good idea if you aim to get more survivability. You can lower your STR to comfortable level where you don't get overweight, you can't 1 hit BB anyway. Also make STR divisible by 10. 4. You actually have the suitable items already. You might want to check Poring letter if you want more DMG, pussy cat bell if you want DEF. Your romantic flower only works on Mavka, Baba Yaga and Uzhas are DemiHuman. For accessory go check: Celebration ring, Bradium ring/brooch, The Sign, Thief Medalion, Bakonawa Agimat Tatto, Bloodied Shackle Ball [Rental], Vesper Core(02,03 or 04). 5. Make use of backslide, hide and Sand attack.
  14. Yep that make sense, its good for those scenarios, but the ones you've mention are not so much on the life or death scenario or even a sudden need to alternately swap between 2 build, its more of 'ok next MVP is xxxx I'll go tank it'. And before you even go tank the MVP you'll double check your equipment, due to the fact that some character animations can get the equipment not swapped. This feature really makes me sad how it's only for idle swapping.
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