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  1. Didn't the restricted weapon be unequip when link ends ?
  2. For emp breaker sinx, what i've seen most of the time is; Hermose Cap, HoB+Thorn shield combo, Ice pick(slotted goes with AK card, non-slotted goes aspd/FS). Makes me wonder if this is actually the better than crit katar.
  3. Yeah it's a joke here in pre-re, but iirc it's possible to get no DA skill(job changing h.thief at job level 40 or 42(?)), So it's still possible. On the other hand this build is not a joke in renewal.
  4. Yes there will be a huge difference in willingly to steal 3 times versus 10, 1st your steal earning per encounter will increase, 2nd you will spend a lot more time doing the steal if it fails. You can see in my example that 1 attempt in steal vs 2 attempt, the willingness to steal 2 times increase the earning significantly. while making it 3 does increase it, the increase is evidently lower, ofcourse further steals will lead to diminishing increase in the earnings. That's why the player needs to know the environment that he/she will be farming, know what is the efficient number of steal, then include it to the computation.
  5. Gefenia is a map that has a rule of 'steal fast, kill fast, earn more', now there's also a lot other places like that in the RO, but not all. So try not to be too general when it comes to steal, and assume that one steal, or to your view 'fewer action' is the way to go. This has been discussed in the topic you linked, saying that if there's few monster in map you better lower dex/steal lvl to get what you really want. But then again there's ALOT of other factors to consider, that's why I pointed out the willingness of the player to attempt steal again. In my case i would even go for the 7th steal if im confident that the mavka has not been stolen yet. > Mavka map has fewer encounter compared to gefenia, so you go lower steal/dex, to get the good stuffs. > Sleeper, steal is not a necessity. (steal coin is better here). > Myst case, steal is not a necessity. One more thing is you value actions with zeny, what does that even mean ? Ok I one hit BB mavka, so i earn 5500z per BB, don't you think its better to look at kill/time ? I assumed that consecutive steals is cumulative since you only use it when the earlier steal FAILS, and this explains to me how more consecutive steals affect your steal earnings per encounter. Lets say I'm WILLING to steal a monster 10 times even if it fails, since its cumulative(or whatever it is) I will never get to 100% steal chance for the encounter, BUT ill earn *MORE compared to me WILLING to steal the monster 5 times. * you can compute this and see how much more you can get for the consecutive steals, but really its either not noticeable to worth taking. example: general steal rate = 50%. 1st item 40% drop chance (1000z). 2nd item 60% drop chance (2000z). 1 steal attempt: 20%*1000z + 24%*2000z = 680z steal earning per encounter 2 steal attempt: 20%*1000z + 24%*2000z + 11.2%*1000z + 13.44*2000z = 1060.8z steal earning per encounter 3 steal attempt: 20%*1000z + 24%*2000z + 11.2%*1000z + 13.44*2000z + 6.272%*1000z + 7.5264% = 1274.048z steal earning per encounter. you can do further with your willingness to attempt a steal but you can see how the earning goes down... get to know what is your willingness to steal, not just one steal attempt.
  6. Your thresholds are kinda high - i think. Did you make this thinking that people run around doing just one steal, then proceed to kill the monster, without retrying the steal if it fails ? I've been in mavka for a long time, and i never got anywhere close to this stats and steal LVL. In my opinion the next consecutive steal, the item set that will be stolen, will be cumulative too, 'cause it's reliant to the fail of the previous steal. AND the number of times a player is willing to use the steal will be the number of times you add the consecutive steal. lets say I'm lazy and just kill the monster after 2 steal... | 1st item|2nd item| 1st | 2nd | ███████████ ███████ ███████ |______1st steal_____|____2nd____|____fail____| I'm bad at math
  7. I was pertaining to the actual after cast delay of the skill Fire Bolt Cast Delay Min-Max Lv: 1 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 / 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.6 / 2.8 sec Spiral Pierce Cast Delay Min-Max Lv: 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 sec Let's say you encounter 3 makvas, disregarding all other factors, that's 3 * ACD.
  8. Kelen

    S>Vamp Smith Gears

    Would you sell the thorn shield[hodremlin] without the HoB? If yes, how much?
  9. I prolly try this soon, backslide got nerfed(?) badly, but the idea of 2+ sec acd. from firebolt makes me feel uneas(same goes to spiral LK). I jump down from 150 blue herb per 30 mins to just 120 =_=. My stalker gets stucked at walls and trees lol
  10. pretty sure there was a 0.5 sec. delay even before iduna. If i was wrong and meteor assault really don't have delay before, then probably GMs balanced/corrected it, Irowiki and rms says it does have 0.5 sec delay.
  11. Kelen

    .bmp errors

    i got the TalonRO_Mini.rar and did as you said from the other issue. I still got it working, then this .bmp error welcoms me when get ingame
  12. Kelen

    .bmp errors

    i selected the <basic skin> now, closed client and logged in, i still get the errors.
  13. Kelen

    .bmp errors

    I'm using scribbling kid skin and im encountering this error also some missing buttons. I had the default one when i first logged in and it also had the same errors.
  14. I'm no pro with LK, so I can only give things that I noticed while playing BG(and watching some LKs). Try to pick 2 specialty, one main and one sub. Crit Auto attack, BB BB, spear ... etc Valk armor is your best friend. It gives 50% stun resistance and its indestructible. As LK(or atleast someone with peco) you would like to be the one to dive the enemy and not die with just 2-3 acid demonstration. You don't need to high VIT. Magnum break. If you get yourself trapped, you can smash that trap! Traps has 3,500 HP, small and formless. You kinda want to at least destroy them with 2 or 3 magnum break. Moogle Ball, also is your friend. agi down not just removes 2handquicken, it also disable the use of it for the duration. Strips, usually LKs have high Dex but strip is unavoidable. When Stalker/s aimed at you, you can change to shield. In this way your shield, headgear, armor will be stripped but you still had your weapon for parry and damaging. 183 aspd (and prolly 70+dex), you would like to have this spamming skills. if i remember correctly 183 aspd will allow you to spam skills 3 times per sec, which is the highest spam of skills. status Resistance mids, you cant be stun immune with just valk armor. you can get stalactic and nightmare card(you have no int, you get sleep alot), gemini card(if you have 90 agi) Offensive mids, i dont know if its worth switching this on if it gives risk of being statused aux. also it removes the stat you get from if you example computed your stats with that +1 str from the mid headgear. if you still want you can get Robo eyes or Hockey mask. Tops, drooping cats(?), feather beret, hermose caps. +7 enhanced helm of angel. Diablos boots + Diablos manteau, pretty much the best you can get. But still you can use others like Tical + Wool, Valk manteau + Enhanced Variant Shoes. Elemental resistance. Its up to you if you want to have alot of garments or alot of valk amor. You can cycle to elemental valk armors to resist an incoming elemental attack a lethal fire bolt for example. Or Jakk carded garment for that fire bolt from the example. Last, most important build is not get salty, and admire those who you are annoyed, they spent alot of time with their build too! i hope this helped even a little.
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