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  1. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  2. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    @Naght girl's sensor triggered
  3. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  4. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    hi, thanks for your interest. ill drop u our discord link. feel free to meet our recruiter in Brasilis for invitation. You can pm me ingame too. SusanoX or my loyal assistant Rytm.
  5. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  6. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  7. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  8. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    Luckily there no father marx. 😈 Luckily there no father marx. 😈
  9. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

  10. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    Wanderer As inspired by the wandering person, who often travel from town to town, country to country, making new acquaintance and gaining new knowledge on their journey. Thus, we creating this guild for those who love to learn new thing, making new friend and also do something more dynamic and challenging in order to enhance their creativity in-game or IRL in overcome problem and hard time by taking a way out from the mainstream. We are a small guild which have a big mission. We are not for those weak ass who always negativity like "i'm newbie, i should stay with newbie", "I might loss, i might have hard time getting beat over and over. Thus, i should stay with big and strong guild". As long as you have enthusiasm to learn, to developed and to improve from time to time you are welcome to join us. We will show our hand and will bring you up as we still developing, learn and try to grow strong together. As a wanderer, giving up is not an option. To be a wanderer you have to stay strong, stay tough even you are alone. Doesn't matter either it is on in-game or in real life. Our Focus We are most focusing on: -NT-WoE -Instance -Vanilla PvM -Semi/High-end PvM -Social Requirement to join us To avoid some whinny ass weak and annoying spoiled brat. thus we put some requirement on what we going to take as the member of our guild. -Dare to accept and try new challenge (either its Unres PvM/Vanilla PvM/PvP/GvG) -Non-Love to brag about sqi and gear they have 24 hours (i have met this kind of person few time) - Have a good team spirit and good coordination (if u dont have the 2nd one, we can work on it) -Have the right gear for right situation (it not necessarily sqi, just the right gear for right situation.EX: u wont run prontera seal with a HP who wear spiritual set and apple of archer right? but its okay as long you willing to improvise) What server time that you will usually Online: Basically the GM online 24 hours but most of the time we will play on 0900 server time - 2000 server time Where we can meet you guys/Where your savepoint: Most of us scattered around midgard, but our guild save point will be in town which will be change on monthly basis. (u might be lucky to encountered us) December: Brasilis
  11. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    I saw an npc in izlude talking about legendry smith which crafting executioner in prontera. Is it might be related to the smith crafting edda. Or just another npc for another quest.
  12. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    Well... its impossible to look clue in ginuggap since u can be in there only for 15 minutes. So, i guess there are no clue at all.
  13. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    i also heard people found gold poring in vanberk place. So. its might good to mark where the treasure poring place which might can show some relation/clue.
  14. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    maybe by understanding the norse myth reference will give u a clue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetic_Edda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gylfaginning lets think.... why they using the name "edda" so my opinion, it might have related to the edda's poem. so, gylfaginning might have the answer. oso, if u search for ginggungagap on wiki. u will find nilfheim metioned over there. somehow it might be related.
  15. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    mann... i once met the ranbowring at pay dun. At that moment, i think it just a bug or another custom pet from other player which is using hiding or cloaking since im new in this game. after i met managering at coal mine. then i start to search for it on forum.