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  1. IGN: Xsed IGN: Burger Steak [Morning 8:25 am] [At Jelly’s apartment: Outside] Steak: “Can we be friends?” Jelly: “No.” [At Jelly’s restroom] Steak: “Can we be friends??” Jelly: “NO.” [At Jelly’s room] Steak: “CAN WE BE FRIENDS???” Jelly: “NO!!” Steak: “Okay... can we be more than friends then?” Jelly: “Yes.” *Anime music starts while credits roll* Ending #1 ... and thus, starts a new era of pranks and evil dealings of [Green Herbs] to High Orcs. Some say these terrible
  2. hmm... are the bacsojin and pope egg tradable? Hi Syarrr! Hoppy Holidaes!
  3. ign: Burger Steak challenge: GM Zelda
  4. I need help . How did you guys put the polaroid frame on the screenshot? I can't seem to do it in paint. Do I need MS office to do it?
  5. ign: Burger Steak 1st is the edited. 2nd is the original after it was scanned.
  6. OK. Review. Will do. right now. Dat comic strip. +1.
  7. please don't close the event earlier than the aformentioned time pretty please Q_Q. Still working on my drawings.
  8. Boreas' home made pizza just makes it better! IGN: Burger Steak https://twitter.com/Steak_Rafael/with_replies?lang=en
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