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  1. Iraa

    Additional Security Feature

    Recently a few people that i know got their account hacked and all their hard-work gone. To counter this, can there be additional security feature on the similar lines they have in Steam? In steam, if a person logs in from a unknown or new PC/Desktop, then a OTP verification is done through email or sms. This ensures that in case a hacker does get the password right, he wont be able to login, since he wont have the OTP. The original user is notified of the illegal login through OTP message on email/sms. I would like to know your views.
  2. Iraa

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Join us at ETs, MVPs, Dungeons RUNs. More activities to start soon. All players are welcome, New or Old, no Class restrictions.