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  1. why do you need so high dex?
  2. Mage coat has slot, not the basic mage coat, but socket enchanted one. Admittedly, it would be very expensive to enchant those to +3 int.. however it still is an option. I haven't spammed JT with DDD SoM, however with just basic numbers, GEC only counts for 32% of your total SP regeneration. That I do not believe is good enough to warrant such an important slot. But then, everyone has it's own taste..
  3. I cant see a point in your GeC Sleipnir, Moonlight flower could be so much better for you. as for your question increasing int to 99 and finding mage coat +3 int could do it for you.
  4. I am not in favor or against megs for Sin/SinX, however I couldn't resist on pointing out misinformation provided here. First of all, comparing SQI of one class to very specific weapon that is exceptional against 1 race and provides near SQI bonus for that race alone is not correct. so lets compare SinX and Sniper, no other gears but weapon/arrow/endow, both having 99 main stat and job 70. target being orc Lady: hydra infiltrator fire endow SinX - 1140 average damage (12M zeny) Hydra Elven bow/arrow fire endow sniper - 1880 average damage (4-5M zeny) Now compare their SQI weapons with samge stat/job: 4 turtle general twin fang (not very common) fire endow SinX- 1200 damage (200M zeny) 3 turtle general artemis bow with fire arrow Sniper - 2200 damage (260M zeny) all those numbers do not factor EDP in. EDP with megingjards would certainly disbalance PVP/WOE. and could even disbalance MVP, as even without megs SinX can easily reach 100K SB on most MvP's. Edit: also regarding SinX and 1K damage, that damage was achieved on demihuman race monster, on other monsters or no infill, achieving 1K damage does require significant equipment investment.
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