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  1. I would admit I'm still undecided whether should I go more on AGI or VIT so far once I transcend, but been playing around with rocalc classic and the one here in Talon, I just notice that being VIT build seems to be beneficial for Creators in the long run specially that they can wear those high def gear and the healing bonus of the potion pitcher skill tree. In a second thought I'm planning to drop STR to minimal (around 10~20) and put focus with VIT, INT, DEX and the rest to AGI having INT as my main stat once I transcend. What do you think? Btw thanks for the insight Bliu
  2. Hi, I got my alchemist now to job 50 and base 97; below is an overview of my base stats: STR 40 AGI 60 VIT 60 INT 50 DEX 70 LUK 1 for equips I have all max eden equips so far (I'm still poor for high end equips poor me) and ice falchion and fireblend An overview of my fighting strategies 1. I do cart revo mobbing for weak mobs 2. Auto bolt with (parasites) and with out plants (melee) 3. Luring ghc mobs while running after a sphere mine without hom assistance (I'm so crazy I admit and find it exciting hehehe). 4. Demonstration mobbing specially at einbech 2 (with geographer plant on standby to heal me if ever I bump with the teddies)and ghc. 5.Combination of the 1,2,3 and 4 So base on my stats and strategies aside from einbech and GHC where else do u think can I get a hefty base exp. Or should I stay here until 99. Btw I can't afk to let my vanil (lvl 49 shy) level me up cause I forgot that to level him up (my bad :p hehehe). Regards, Bliu
  3. AzzyAi has an easy to use interface and practical for 1st time AI users. MirAi has more options that u can customize your homunculus though the user interface is quite elaborated and might be confusing for first time users. But personally I like MirAI.
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