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  1. Robby Attila

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    I think one of I think one of the most common first questions new players ask when starting has to be "how do we autoloot?" and players are getting turned off when it's not there. a good solution could be changing @autoloot to show some explanation instead of command not found make them aware that command is easily abused and that drops can be picked up in one click.
  2. Robby Attila

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    I've always looked at the availability of MVP cards from NPC's as one of the reasons why talon didn't suffer the same end as other servers. What I notice in smaller servers is that one guild would get overpowered, like they'll have GTB, Ghostring and Satan Morroc, Valkyrie gears... so new players or guilds simply stop playing instead of trying to catch up. The other good thing about NPC's selling cards and items is that it keeps prices stable. One suggestion I have to make MVP card drops more interesting would be to make the cards dropped from them to have a random +1 stat bonus to either str, agi, dex, vit, int, luk
  3. The stuff we can forge currently are used by beginners, starter weapons with an element. Not even very profitable. It would be nice to see a few more weapons from recent patches added. Posting this here and not in suggestions cause it will just be locked there and I want to hear peoples opinion.
  4. Robby Attila

    a few questions about this server

    Talon's been up for over 10 years, since 2007 and there's never been a wipe... so rest assured your characters will always be there. Thousands of people sign up each month so even beginner gears or beginner players will be easy for you to find.
  5. Robby Attila

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Hey I'm interested in your service, do you have discord? or how can I contact you thanks
  6. Permanently failing quests just pisses off the players by having to redo their character. Gravity made that design like 15 years ago, I wouldn't keep that "feature" around if it was up to me.
  7. I really want to be able to vend 20 or 25 or maybe 30 items.... 12 is just nothing, most of us have dozens or hundreds of items we want to sell. What do you guys think?
  8. Robby Attila

    newbie here!

    welcome, don't worry about being weak there's lots of vendors so gearing up is fast. just use @whosell and @shopjump
  9. Robby Attila

    Lvling tips and build for assassin

    Accessories get two Shinobi Sash they are usually 50k-100k. Type "@shopjump 2654" it will warp you to a vendor selling one if it's available. Footgear I usually go with Zombie Slaughter Card just cause they are cheap around 200k each and give you 50 hp per kill. Garment the cheapest and most useful is probably Bapho Jr. Card do not buy this from players. The Reward Guru sells it for 1 Talon Coin. If you do the Rachel quest to mob Vanberks to level 99 with grimtooth. Get a Masquerade and Infiltrator I can probably give you a Masquerade just PM me in-game or on discord, same username as on this forum.
  10. Robby Attila

    Nightmare Pyramid?

    It's a good feature hope to see more
  11. Robby Attila

    High Priest Card

    If you are a sinx I think you should just do soul breaker and teleport around one shotting them. assumptio buff is really only worthwhile on vamp smith since they can mob the entire map.
  12. Robby Attila

    When good leecher turns bad :(

    I rather get scammed a few mill then have leechers who constantly talk to you lol. I don't know why they need me to tell them to revive me, they can watch the party window and see my health points. Worst of all is when they ask you to spam a skill over and over. I'm paying 2m to get levels while I work out or go shopping... not 2m to be your friend for an hour.
  13. Robby Attila

    Make Main Chat Great Again

  14. Robby Attila


    Seems like a lot of work to multi-client and log out login to kill mobs, not to mention doing doing juperos entrance quest each time. I rather just mob an entire floor of geffenia with my WS.