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  1. I was going by what this player said who seemed value whitesmiths quite a lot, it is from 2014 and for woe 2.0 though.
  2. I think it's useful since having nobody to repair equipment seems disastrous. Meltdown is a powerful skill too. This build below gives you 200 hit hit and 184 attack speed (no point going higher since cast delay is capped at 0.33s in this server) https://calc.talonro.com/?caAbLbibEaebAa7acabEcaapdefqfqfqaalnea4aaaaaasDhLwihLvlg8bnlybplIgKlZbNtvbNeehhalbbkfffffababkkaaaaaafqkcfceyabaaabaabafaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaa Your role is still to stay back and support but with this build you can get kills too.
  3. True I'll hold off on buying gears until Iduna in case of meta changes. And yeah I meant vanilla 🤣
  4. You actually kinda convinced me to start playing unres. 🙂 as these gears are only like 130m.
  5. people likely wont share what ingredients are making them zeny. I'll give you some obvious ones though. >witch starsand >Old frying pan/Coral reef/elastic band/straw basket/ancient tooth track what people are after through the buying list https://panel.talonro.com/whobuy/
  6. If I have any daughters you can marry one.
  7. I think you are opening Config.lua when you should be opening Config.exe
  8. One of the only things I do is upgrade everything to +6 first instead of going for +7, even though there is no statistical difference it's just way less demoralizing then watching so many break all at once.
  9. You need to exit the game through the menu for settings to save, which means don't press alt+f4. After setting your shortcuts press escape in-game and click exit to windows and see if it works now. If you are running duel clients then it will apply the settings from the last client you closed.
  10. Drops are decent but I'll probably stick to thanksgiving pilgrim hat on upper.
  11. Sorry you are right. I am only a mere peasent unlike you handsome Boreas, the administrator
  12. Eddga doesn't remove -25% HP, it adds 12% HP. Use the talonRO database instead. https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  13. Hello currently the Priest soul link SQI bonus activates auto guard at all Priest Link levels 1 through 5. But the Energy Coat SQI bonus on Hunters only works when the Hunter link is level 5. Edit: One more thing, there's an issue with Hunter Soul Link that makes the Sniper unable to move for 2 seconds after using double strafe. I think this was a Gravity balance for Beast Strafing but my friends have to log out and log back in to remove the soul link and keep the energy coat buff every few minutes. :/
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