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  1. I hate that I had to buy HoB for 18m even though it had the same drop that as Variant Shoes, and that was being sold for 5m. But I accepted the fact that people will sell it to the side of you that thinks it's useful enough to buy it at that price (or not, in the case of 'lowballing')
  2. Thanks guys, this clears it right up. Then it would be DTT for maximum damage however I have one more request for anyone's opinion. The difference of damage between Turtle Gen card and Queen Scaraba card is only +5% dmg, but QS card has +35 hit, when really, is quite huge, especially against higher level monsters. The chance to miss, say by 10%, over a battle is huge overtime compared to +5% overall damage over time. (again, very quick mental maths :P) So what do you think of a D,T,QS mix?
  3. So I play PvM and want to card my dagger with some MVP cards. Weapon in question is +8 Mes[3] So far (haven't done extensive calculations) but I believe getting 190 ASPD is a must, giving that my STR is high enough. (also, I just love ASPD), let's say that one slot has automatically gone.. which leaves me with 2. Now then, here's where I need advice: Giving that daggers only do 75% damage to medium monsters and 50% to large, wouldn't putting in a Drake card be optimal? To medium monsters +25% and to large +50%, this should give more bonus than a Turtle General card, however: Damage to Myst Case (medium monster) w/ Drake card: Min Dmg - 358 Avg Dmg - 398 Max Dmg - 438 Damage wi/ Turtle General card: Min Dmg - 392 Avg Dmg - 438 Max Dmg - 482 Damage to Peco Peco (large monster) w/ Drake card is still a few points less than with Tutle General card, but my thinking is that Drake card will have +30% over the Turtle General card by this stage. So is it ever justified to have Drake card in a dagger? What's the maths behind this, what am I missing here? Is it just DTT all the way? Help! Cheers!
  4. BAMBO

    B> Spiky Band Costume

    PM me, or message me ingame on BAMBO
  5. Do these fellas spawn on ANY map, or ANY world map, i.e ones one the world map, including/excluding towns?
  6. haha, I love the difference in these stories and how lady luck is a devilish mistress. So things took a turn for the better.. I decided to leave Tharas and focus on leveling my knight at Alligators: All in one sitting (around 6 hours) I've got 5 Alligator cards and heaps of coins from TamTam! Logged onto my rogue and on the way to a Kafra I randomly killed a Wild Rose and auto-stole a Wild Rose Hat To conclude: if you're getting tired of hunting, venture elsewhere
  7. 30 awakes! This makes me feel a little better ..I've even equipped a Myst Case Hat just to give me another drop to look forward to, times are tough. That's it for tonight though, 8 hours straight hunting and nothing!
  8. Blue Transparent Plate, 300k ea. Need 2. Orange Transparent Plate, 300k ea. Need 2. If you give me all 4 together, I'll give an extra 100k. PM "Harold Hardrada" in-game, or message me here.
  9. So, I'm on my 4th day of hunting for Thara Frog card, all-in-all have probably collected around 14k 'Spawn's from the damn frogs and put in around 20 hours. This is huge seeing as they respawn a lot and it takes me 2 seconds to kill them If you've seen a rogue with a whisper mask, in the comodo dungeon, it's most likely me. My spirits are low, and will have to slow down the hunt due to an assignment this weekend. Please cheer me up with your stories!
  10. BAMBO

    Chicken Hat

    I agree it's still a great headgear. Though even a 5% boost to ASPD would be more than 1.. I'll look into the calculator from now on, thanks Valikonis
  11. So, Chicken Hat gave me +1 ASPD.. can someone explain the math behind this? Even the Item database has the script of ' bonus bAspdRate,5 '. Just started a few days ago and have blown my life savings on this hat for it to slap me in the face Also, while I'm here, I'm saving TC for the Baby Leopard pet for the ASPD boost, now is that +5 or is that confusing like this hat..?
  12. I also only joined a few days ago and are still finding little differences, but this one is a great one! I didn't know that! Thanks!
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