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  1. Protein

    Buying +7 SQIs

    Hello. Buying +7 or up Sleipnir[1] and Valk Helm[1]
  2. Selling Rainbow Sigrun's Wings Costume ( Item ID:23001) Floating Ball Costume (Item ID: 21040) Vicious Aura Costume(Item ID:20474) Miyabi Long Hair Costume(Item ID: 21221) Deviling Egg(From The Haloweeen Event Item ID:9206)
  3. Reviving my shop again ~ Hit Bumpp
  4. Whether Normal Or Custume Kaho, Whether Sleipnir with cards or not I am buying overuped +7 or up Kaho and Sleip. TRALALALALA Message me Edit: Adding Items to the list Buying +10 Garment +10 Elemental Book[3] 🙂
  5. Maskring Appearance: Poring without eyes and lips. Drops: Alarm Mask #5086 Annoyed Mask #5089 Evil Mask #18540 Goblin Leader Mask #5090 Opera Phantom Mask #5043 Surprised Mask #5088 Story: Little Novice wants to start his journey in ragnarok but his mother(Doctor) wants him to stay far away from the monster world because she has seen the wounds of brave warriors. She locks little novice in his bedroom to keep him safe from the outside world . Maskring is born from the blessings of holy angels to help Little Novice to sneak out. IGN: Zaen
  6. Selling OVERUP SQIs +7 Sherwood bow [3] +7 Nibelungen [3] +7 Djinn[3] +7 Twin Fang[3] Other Stuffs Artemis AkAkPhreeoni Deviling Egg
  7. Please Mail or message me with your offer. Yes ! Trades Are Accepted
  8. Protein

    Buying Overups

    +7 Sherwood Bow[3] +7 Artemis Bow[3] +7 Valk Helm [1] +8 Sleipnir[1] +7 Diablos Manteau[1] or +8 or +9 +7/+8/+9 LKH or any +7 or up SQI Gears. Bris Sting/Poodle/Ifrit/ High Priest
  9. It is worth the leech. Free Advices and cute chat in between the runs. Entertainment and action is guaranteed. Proness is defined at a new level. Keep going
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