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  1. Buying AOCE and Gears

  2. Best Staff??? (EDITED)

    I had been using Som NNN without sqi bonus all this while at thor. I gave a try to +10 sop, and sop gives more damage.
  3. s>suiken

  4. Buying AOCE and Gears

    Buying Arrow of Counter Evil. Pls message me. i need many Also Buying Eversong LT Megsx2 Bris Poodlesx2 Bris Sacarba
  5. Hwizz Gearzzz !

    Bumpp~ !!
  6. Hwizz Gearzzz !

    Buying Bris Scaraba x2 Pcs need CHEAP Sleip[Lady Tanee] Valk Helm/ Old valk helm With BACSOJIN CARD
  7. Clearing Storage Mania

    Clearing Storage Mania Hello! Its the season of winter and i would like to sell most of my items in storage to make way for gearing chars. Old Card Albumx54 Yggdrasil berryx458 Green Saladx203 Scorpion Tail x1332 Burning Horse Shoe x2853 Burning Heartx1000 Brown Root x1k pcs Crystal Fragment x 200 pcs Crystal Blue x 8k pcs Ectoplasm x 1354 Dragon Hornx354 Folding Fan of Cat Ghost x 363 Glacial Heart x 471 Huge Leaf x 1083 Hung Doll x 333 Alcohol x 9500 Little Evil Horn/Wing 1k pcs Live Coal 715 pcs Orc Fang 650 Piece of Black Cloth 466 Raw Green Gem 47 pcs Raw Red Gem 15 pcs Red Muffler 1711 pcs Rune of Darkness x 1500 pcs Scorpion Claw/Tail 1344 pcs Sharp Leaf 1733 pcs Skel Bone 672 Strong Branch 693 Tangled Chains 1667 Woodern Gnarl 605 Yarn 343
  8. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

    Bump for you <3
  9. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

    Bump for you
  10. S>D.robe[Ghostring, DEF4], Ymir[Drdrdr]

    how much?
  11. S> +10 Guard[GTB]

    how much?
  12. Vicious Aura Costume(sold)

    No more available. Sold
  13. Buying +7 Artemis Bow or any overupsqi