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  1. BlueWhale

    Star Gladiator Feeling/Hatred Reset Guide (doridori)

    i read this guide and tried but 1) whenever my SG sit near my seated SL the Engoyable Rest is only getting activated but not the Peaceful Rest . 2) then i lower my SG's HP and SP to zero and sit near my seated SL and do /doridori for like 1 - 2 hour but still feels of SG is not reseting . am i doing any steps wrong ??? and i check to that my SG's HP or SP is not full .
  2. BlueWhale

    Juperos Core Farming preparatory work

    jsut stop it
  3. BlueWhale

    Juperos Core Farming preparatory work

    there mister howrah i removed my post...now u can live a happy life
  4. BlueWhale

    The Sign Quest part 4b

    Part 4bfirst of all after doing step [5. Keep going up to find Valkyrie, Sandra (himinn 48, 85). After speaking to her, she kicks you out to Geffen.] pic 1 [6. Talk to Metz again and he'll refer you to Niffleheim.] [ but there is nothing related to niff in his dialogue] then i did [7. When arriving at Nifflheim find a Pleasant-Featured Lady, Serin (niflheim 313, 70).] and i selected Part 4b: "Why Should I Help Them?" it says find a Depressing Man, Gen talk to him and He advises you to find the Witch for help . but then again in pic 2 he doesnt talk about the Witch . because of this in step Part 4b : 2. The Witch is at the highest building (niflheim 254 191) in Nifflheim. Follow the carpet in the Piano room and you'll enter the Witch's Room. Go near the Witch, Kirkena(nif_in 188 168) and she'll auto talk to you first. She'll ask you to find her Witch's Spell Book. there is no auto talk . i am stuck in part 4b of The Sign Quest. pls help .
  5. BlueWhale