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  1. Random Crash in Prontera

    Try removing your 'sprite' folder, someone recently had the same issue and managed to fix his crash error by deleting the specified folder.
  2. Need Help Game Client Not Responding

    Check your PM.
  3. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Filled with red apples.
  4. Biste / TheBeast is back?

    Good to see you again Biste. Best of luck to ya!
  5. New to the server, old in RO

    Greetings Keruberosu. Great to have you on board, you'll feel right at home i'm sure! Don't forget to check out our guild directory for an extensive list of current guilds in-game, most of whom are actively recruiting.
  6. Cant get away from RO

    Welcome back!
  7. hello sir halloween event is my favorite event and im so exited..i just wanna ask if we will have that event again? or when will it be?...thank you so much sir

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      I'll be hosting Town of Niflheim throughout the week! Keep an eye out on announcements. /ok

  8. I'm here for the nostalgia

    Welcome back saretete! All the best on your wondrous adventures.
  9. Back to RO I go

    Submit a support ticket and one of our admins will look into this for you!
  10. Carnival.png.517dd8be5f00bdf380e2451d416f37e2.png.9f5d37a58c394fd6e7338266e854e52f.png.6ba715c710457fd6355ed65b2b342738.png

    The stage is set, and your compère awaits; a mystery GM will be your buoyant host for the ceremony!
    Carnival: Let the games begin. Sunday (10th) - 8am server time

    1. yujinori


      Is this the same as the test run stuff you made awhile back, GM Lance?

    2. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Regular event, yuji. /ok

  11. Nightmare's Rift: Tales of the Sword Maiden

    I can confirm PvM related videos are also allowed on this section. I'll look into adding a sub-section/description change in the near future to avoid confusion.
  12. Hi New to the server

    Welcome to TRO Kiroto, best of luck on your expeditions!
  13. Looking for a guild!

    Welcome back Redstiza! You can browse through our Guild Directory and apply to a guild of your choosing via the panel. Once your application is accepted, you'll receive a notification of your acceptance pending on approval. All the best with your guild search!