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  1. Good shout! Dates have been changed. The event is scheduled for 21st Sunday.
  2. Well done to all the teams who participated in Loki's third trial. As always, thank you for attending and we'll see you next time for another explosive showdown against the almighty trickster! Results: 1st place Rays' Team (29:25:73 completion time) 2nd place Red's Team (31:13:47 completion time) 3rd place Bobito's Team (31:17:72 completion time) Will the party leaders for each team please PM me their IGN, prizes will be mailed out momentarily. All participants will receive a consolation prize. Liaise with your party leader to receive the rewards!
  3. Loki has launched his penultimate trial in this thrilling third act, to test your strength and speed in a competitive wave challenge against some of the most powerful monsters of Valhalla. Teams will go head-to-head in a rapid gauntlet showdown, with only a limited time to clear as many stages as possible. The party with the fastest time will be rewarded with lucrative prizes! See below for our competition guidelines. A minimum party setup of 6 (12 maximum) will be required to participate. A player can only sign up to one party An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the specified timeslot Players during the instance will be given 40 minutes to compete in a fast paced wave challenge, the teams with the fastest completion time will be crowned the winners No resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe Dual clienting is not permitted The competition will start 14th July 2pm server time. Winners to be announced 15th July 8pm server time 1st Place 40x Valkyrie's Divine 6x Talon Coins 3x Valkyrie Tokens 2nd Place 20x Valkyrie's Divine 4x Talon Coins 3x Valkyrie Tokens 3rd Place 10x Valkyrie's Divine 2x Talon Coins 1x Old Card Album 14th July Slot 1 [ Null ] 4pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Goyu's Team ] 5pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Mosjoandy's Team ] 6pm Server Time 15th July Slot 1 [ Red's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Rayssss' Team ] 5pm Server Time
  4. Welcome back Amassuo!
  5. A little late to the party, but a warm welcome from me nonetheless!
  6. Hello lirith! Yes, you'll need to be on our Discord server as part of the setup process. Here's an Invite link to our channel for your reference.
  7. A joy to have you on board Lya. Here's to a pleasant stay!
  8. Excited to unveil some upcoming content we have lined up over the next few months.
    More info to come post-Iduna. Happy gaming! /lv


    1. Goyu-


      Whew nice

  9. Hi everyone, I have decided to amend the guidelines for multiple instance runs which will take effect from July onwards (see below). From 1st July, parties will only able to join a scheduled run once per week. The cooldown effect will now apply across your forum account. If we suspect a player abusing the cooldown, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely. This is to ensure that players are not excessively farming AT or acquiring multiple slots. Once Iduna is released, rest assured we'll be working towards having Ancient Tower as a fixed instance, along with the release of Valkyrie Marketplace (ETA August) and subsequent episodic Valkyrie instances (4-9) in the coming months!
  10. There's a cooldown (much like ET), however, players can run this instance multiple times with an alt. From 1st July onwards, we'll apply this cooldown to forum accounts. Hope that clarifies things! I usually give priority to those who haven't claimed a slot yet. Party leaders are aware of this and will only take multiple schedules if no one else has taken it (usually after a few days). I'm also open to scheduling runs outside of the announced dates. My time will be more flexible from July onwards, so if you want to book an instance at a set date, drop me a PM and we'll work out a time/day to host Ancient Tower for your party.
  11. Welcome back vmax. Best of luck on your expeditions!
  12. Once again, a huge commendation to all the teams who went toe-to-toe with Loki in his illustrious second coming! Results: 1st place Rays' Team (19:09:39 completion time) 2nd place Goyu's Team (23:21:23 completion time) 3rd place Red's Team (23:24:46 completion time) Will the party leaders for each team please PM me the IGNs of all the players who attended, prizes will be mailed out in due course! All participants will receive a consolation prize. Please liaise with your party leader to receive the rewards. Thank you all for attending; until next time!
  13. Can you make 12th June 6pm server time?
  14. What time do you propose? We're flexible!
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