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  1. Hello there!

    Welcome to TalonRO Jason; here's to a pleasant stay!
  2. Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Thank you all for participating in today's Rift instance! We hope you had a blast. As always, we're always open to feedback so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any suggestions/comments for today's run. We'll be returning soon with even more PvM content in the coming months!
  3. Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Just to butt in on one small point you made regarding the change of time, we did ask whether it would inconvenience your party, and if so, we'd have stuck with the original time slot, in which we honoured. We had a few GMs short due to unforeseen circumstances, hence why we had to re-adjust the timeslots. I think Zelda's point was that if the distribution of Eden badges is the only thing that would question one's doubt in joining these instances, then they don't have to commit to it (and yes, for those wondering we can now distribute eden badges as prizes, fixed this on our end). We apologise for the inconvenience caused during the event, there were a few technical errors but we managed to rectify this and extend the time for multiple parties who were involved in the incident.
  4. Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    You can choose a timeslot from the three i've listed.
  5. Our exciting lineup of PvM content resumes with a series of exclusive dynamic instances revolving around Nightmare's Rift. Throughout the forthcoming weeks, players will form parties to enter the realms of the void and challenge each individual nightmare MVP on their turf; a timed labyrinth filled with puzzles, search and rescue missions and sweltering boss fights versus some of the toughest mobs unique to the instance. We're thrilled to kick things off with Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile, part 1 of 7 instances and a dungeon not to be reckoned with! A max party limit of 12 is mandatory to be eligible for this event, mainly due to its difficulty. As there are limited slots available, we will only book places on a first come, first serve basis (If you weren't able to signup due to limited spaces, do not fret, as we aim to host these dynamic PvM instances on a regular shift). Please ensure you read the guidelines before opting in: Guidelines: 1. A limit of three resurrections will be permitted in case of a party wipe during the instance 2. There are numerous puzzle solving segments throughout the instance which require players to work together, please ensure your party is able to communicate and deliberate with one another effectively (random party invites to fill up a slot is not advised, as one player can cost the completion of a run) 3. You will have 60 minutes to complete the instance, prizes will only be awarded if an instance is finished without failure (failing occurs by either not being able to solve a puzzle, not completing the instance on time or running out of resurrections) 4. Dual clienting is allowed, but not advised given the nature of how these dynamic instances are run. 5. If multiple teams successfully complete the instance, each team will still be rewarded based on the prize list given. Slots: Slot 1 Calibre Team - 1pm Server Time Slot 2 Dewata Failbox Team - 2:30pm Server Time Slot 3 SpankySpanky Team - 4pm Server time Prizes: 6 Talon Coins TalonRO Cake 3x Rainbow's Pot of Gold 350 Eden Merit Badges PvM Specific Reward Box Future Planned Nightmare's Rift Content: 1. A Jester's Smile (24/03/2018) 2. Tales of the Sword Maiden (TBA) 3. Road to Triumph (TBA) 4. Tower of Entropy (TBA) 5. Battle of Legends (TBA) 6. Ataxia (TBA) 7. The Crown (TBA)
  6. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Thank you to all participants who attended today's 'Arena of Champions' and congratulations to Calibre for claiming the crown! The end results are as followed: 1st place Yuren's Team: Calibre (17 MVPs) 2nd place Rayssss' Team: SpankySpanky (16 MVPs) 3rd place Sleepy's Team: CPR Happens (15 MVPs) Mikae's Team: Dewata Failbox (15 MVPs) ____________________ 4th place Lamia's Team: Crimson - Rift (12 MVPs) 5th place Daze's Team: LeftoversTriesHard (8 MVPs) 6th place Kiwee's Team: We dead but laughing (5 MVPs) Until next time!
  7. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Thank you for your comments, we'll definitely consider your feedback! The decision to not have dual clients was based on internal discussions, but that's not to say we won't be fine tuning Nightmare's Rift for future iterations of this instance. Regarding any disconnects, a GM will warp the player back to the map without hindering the three resurrection rule.
  8. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

  9. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    No, you won't be competing for the same MVP as each party will run the trials on separate maps (think ET). The goal is to defeat more MVPs than your competitors in order to claim the crown.
  10. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Yes, each party will compete for the same MVPs in a specific order. We'll be conducting these instances regularly, so hopefully you'll get to participate in future runs!
  11. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Not for this event, unfortunately.
  12. Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Yes, the MVPs will drop their own set of loot upon defeat. Should there be a tie, we'll distribute prizes to both teams!
  13. With the recent advent of Nightmare's Rift - an Events hallmark boasting 18 new MvPs brandished as the 'GMs' sinister alter egos, we are pleased to announce a brand new instance titled, "NR: Arena of Champions". Embarking on a challenging brawl-out versus 18 nightmares, players are required to organise a party beforehand with only a limited time to defeat as many MVPs as possible. The party with the most amount of MVP takedowns will be rewarded with lucrative prizes! See below for our competition guidelines. A minimum party setup of 5 (12 maximum) will be required to participate. There are no limits on number of teams sign-ups An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the party name ahead of the competition (EOD 16th March) to be considered for entry Players during the instance will have 40 minutes to kill as many Nightmare MVPs before the timer runs out A maximum of three resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe, the party leader will need to request this by PMing their assigned GM Dual clienting is strictly forbidden The competition will start (17th March 4pm server time) and end on the specified date, winners to be announced same day * GM Prize Boxes (according to the MVPs defeated) 5 Talon Coins 350 Eden Merit Badges TalonRO Cake * Prizes to be distributed to each individual winning party member Confirmed Teams: 1. Rayssss' Team: SpankySpanky 2. Lamia's Team: Crimson - Rift 3. Mikae's Team: Dewata Failbox 4. Yuren's Team: Calibre 5. Kiwee's Team: We dead but laughing 6. Sleepy's Team: CPR Happens 7. Daze's Team: LeftoversTriesHard Best of luck to all contestants, and see you at the rift!
  14. Greetings! New-ish

    A pleasure to have you on board RainyDazer! All the best on your playful adventures.