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  1. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    I've fallen head over feels for this piece from the moment we all glanced at your initial sketches! Thank you for the stellar art, it turned out incredible. *squee*
  2. Amissa's Lil' Art Shop [ Slots FILLED! ]

  3. Merry Christmas GM LANCE!!!

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Right back at ya! I wish you a marvellous Christmas. /lv

  4. Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    And that's a wrap folks! Winners will be announced on 1st December. Outstanding entries, as always.
  5. bunnilu's art freebies

    Absolutely adorable art style! I'd like to request a slot if it's still up for grabs. References:
  6. Old Timer Returning To Stream

    Welcome to TalonRO Necro! Be sure to also check out our Twitch Programme for a list of exciting stream features (i.e. adding you to our Twitch channel on Discord, forum widget, in-game broadcast announcements and many more) to add to your expeditions.
  7. Old Player returning to his roots

    Welcome aboard Krenian! Our community is thriving with amiable players. Rest assured you're in safe hands.
  8. Started playing 2 weeks ago

    A jovial welcome to you Gigz. All the best!
  9. Kind of....new guy?

    Welcome to TalonRO Korobar, here's to a pleasant stay!
  10. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    Hi Kurai! The 'Christmas theme' does not apply (all valid entries will need to relate to fall or Halloween). Rest assured, we'll be holding a separate art contest for the winter season.
  11. 59485cb0e1b34_TheTower.png.3f7e036bd6cce33798be2a3a70b9389c.png.709716f029d57220da861c602aa0f04a.png

    A dreadful column of furore that surpasses even the mightiest of dungeons. Are you ready to brace The Tower?
    This Sunday - 11:30am Server Time

    1. SeySey666


      Sounds fun! :) lovely pic too looks super cool

    2. *~Heartyangel~*


      Gosh i love towers 💖 

  12. Yo TalonRO!

    Nice meeting you too Synko. We hope you have a pleasant stay!
  13. Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Please PM @GM Seiren with your IGN and he'll have your prize sent to you! Alternatively, in case you haven't already, check your inventory to see if you've already received the prize.
  14. How to fix the white screen problem!

    Glad you managed to sort it out!