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  1. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Hi Goyu, Please send me a PM of all attendees for the instance, along with those who have already participated and we'll take it from there!
  2. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Any party above 4 should be fine. <:
  3. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    1/ Is this instance only 1 time per month and we need to schedule with GMs first? Or we can go in anytime? The garden will hold a unique event each month rewarding players with various items and exciting new minigames (think along the lines of the MVP arena challenge, but more personal and less nerve-wracking as you won't be competing with other teams, and will only require a small group of players due to the scale of difficulty being fairly easy). Beyond that, players who have obtained an insignia will have access to the maps, some of which unravels puzzles/mysteries in relation to upcoming future content and a place to hang out if desired. 2/ If we aren't allowed to enter through the portal 24/7 and need GMs permission, what is the point in not revealing it to public? Eventually there will be people able to find it right? You can enter the portal at any point, but the event will take place on specified dates. In terms of map accessibility, the portal will not remain in one position indefinitely. Instead, each month the coordinates will change (party leaders will be notified of this). This is subject to change once we've worked on a more streamlined approach. 3/ If our pt might not be able to make it according to the timeslot above for some reasons like travelling, family issue, etc. We can still reschedule our Elysian Garden run. But as you said it's once per month, and next week is the last week of November, can we reschedule it (if this happens) to beginning of December time and also do end of December run in the same month? I believe no one wants to miss the chance to experience the instance. As always, we try our best to accommodate beyond the available time slots, so feel free to PM me a proposed date and we'll take it from there! On a sidenote, for any parties who have yet to sign up for 'The Crown' finale, please shoot me a PM as we're still taking slots. Currently, the only way to obtain a Nightmare Insignia is through this instance. However, we will be working on a way to include this item for a future event reward in case you miss out this time round!
  4. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Thank you to everyone who attended the final Nightmare's Rift instance! We're excited to unveil Elysian Garden, an exclusive map offered to those who wield the Nightmare Insignia; boasting unique rewards, bespoke MVPs to conquer and post-rift minigames to name a few. Players will be able to team up and organise their own scheduled runs (events are hosted once a month), with open access available from 24th November onwards. Details of the open slot times can be found below: 24th November Slot 1 [Open] 12pm Server Time Slot 2 [Open] 1pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Rana's Team ] 3pm Server Time 25th November Slot 1 [ Goyu's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Rayssss' Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Emi's Team ] 4pm Server Time Teams who aren't able to make the timeslots listed above can shoot me a PM with a time/date and we'll accommodate as best as we can! The Garden coordinates will be revealed to all party leaders from 'The Crown' instance on 23rd November, with instant entry to the map thereafter (the portal will remain fixed, so please refrain from releasing these coords to the public). Please note that all players must have the Nightmare Insignia in their inventory before entering the garden, failure to do so will result in immediate removal from any future events/instances based on the Elysian Garden.
  5. GM Lance

    *meow* hi

    A warm welcome to you Yinaquino. Here's to having an enjoyable ride and that your venture into Rune-Midgard is a pleasant one!
  6. GM Lance

    Returning player (x5)

    Welcome back to TalonRO Aaron! You'll be pleased to know there are numerous activities available on our server including exclusive content you won't find anywhere else. Off the top of my head we have our hallmark minigames NPC, Eden quests, custom PvM content, unique reward systems and pets, wave challenges, GMC and many more. You've come just at the right time as we're currently running our annual Halloween seasonal event (more info found here). The Wiki Page is a great way to stay on top of all our latest in-game content and features. If you require any assistance don't hesitate to ask as we'll be more than happy to help where needed. Best of luck on your expeditions.
  7. GM Lance

    hi! italian player

    Welcome to the server Calcolatrice!
  8. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Account bound, and yes, you need a Nightmare Insignia to gain access to the Garden.
  9. GM Lance

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    A huge commendation to all teams that participated in this week's ghoulish Fright Fight challenge. And now to announce the winners! 1st place (joint victors) Rayssss' Team (31 MVPs defeated) Yuren's Team (31 MVPs defeated) 2nd place Motto Stella's Team (26 MVPs defeated) 3rd place Lamia's Team (25 MVPs defeated) Honourable mentions Khrei's Team (24 MVPs defeated) Rana's Team (24 MVPs defeated) Pookish' Team (22 MVPs defeated) Kurai's Team (19 MVPs defeated) Will the winning party leaders please PM me the IGNs of all players who participated for the challenge, so we can mail out your prizes. Thank you all for attending, and we hope you have a wicked Halloween!
  10. GM Lance

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    Unfortunately not, a team can join one time only.
  11. GM Lance

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    It's the annual Pumpkin Smash, so get ready for a monster mash brawl-out! To celebrate this year's ghoulish Autumn season, we're thrilled to announce the first ever Halloween themed MVP arena challenge! Players will be up against a challenging MVP showdown, with only a limited time to defeat as many MVPs as possible. The party with the most amount of MVP takedowns will be rewarded with lucrative prizes! See below for our competition guidelines. A minimum party setup of 2 (12 maximum) will be required to participate. There are no limits on number of teams sign-ups An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the party name and specified timeslot to be considered for entry Players during the instance will have 40 minutes to kill as many MVPs before the timer runs out A maximum of three resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe, the party leader will need to request this by PMing their assigned GM Dual clienting is not permitted The competition will start (30th October 12pm server time) and end on 31st October, winners to be announced same day 1st Place 3x GM Prize Box (Randomized) 5x Talon Coins 600x Eden Merit Badges 1x Bloody Branch 2nd Place 2x Talon Coins 300x Eden Merit Badges 1x TalonRO Cake 3rd Place 1x Talon Coin 150x Eden Merit Badges 1x Candy Bag Time Slots: 30th October Slot 1 [ Kurai's Team ] 12pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Pookish' Team ] 1pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Khrei's Team ] 2pm Server Time 31st October Slot 1 [ Lamia's Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Motto Stella's Team ] 4pm Server Time Slot 3 [ Rayssss' Team ] 5pm Server Time Slot 4 [ Yuren's Team ] 6pm Server Time Slot 5 [ Rana's Team ] 7pm Server Time
  12. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Absolutely! What time would you like me to schedule your party for?
  13. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Due to the prizing structure for the final instance, you will only be able to participate with one party. However, should you fail the first run, you can choose to opt in with your second team. Apologies for the confusion! I've gone ahead and added this rule to the guideline for clarity's sake. Let me know if it all makes sense.
  14. GM Lance

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Hi Sinshine! Only parties that have failed the instance can participate on a one-time retry basis, before we introduce the replay playlist for all rift episodes in the near future. Regarding the Elysian Garden, you will be given an actual item upon completion of the instance which will remain account bound. Details will follow on the benefits you receive in obtaining a Nightmare Insignia. Hope that answers all your questions. <:
  15. The release of Nightmare's Rift: The Crown (episode 7) will be the finale of a 7 part series where players will face deceivers beyond the rift, planning out their last stand against a shroud of darkness plaguing Rune Midgard (a minimum party limit of 8 players is mandatory to be eligible for this event, mainly due to its progressive difficulty) As there are limited slots available, we will only book places on a first come, first serve basis (If you weren't able to signup due to limited spaces, do not fret, as we aim to host these dynamic PvM instances on a regular shift). Please ensure you read the guidelines before opting in: Guidelines: 1. There will be limited resurrections granted in case of a party wipe during the instance 2. You will have 60 minutes to complete the instance, prizes will only be awarded if an instance is finished without failure (failing occurs by not completing the instance on time) 3. Dual clienting is allowed, but not advised given the nature of how these dynamic instances are run 4. If multiple teams successfully complete the instance, each team will still be rewarded based on the prize list given below 5. Players will also be granted a commemorative badge upon completion of the final instance, which will grant them access to the 'Elysian Garden', a unique post-game map wielding lucrative monthly rewards! Slots (10th November): Slot 3 [ Plasmapheresis' Team ] 3pm Server Time Slot 4 [ Rayssss' Team ] 4.30pm Server Time Slot 5 [ Reira's Team ] 6pm Server Time Slots (11th November): Slot 3 [ Lyderis' Team ] 3pm Server Time Slots (17th November): Slot 1 [ Shannon Hoon's Team ] 2pm Server Time Slot 2 [ Rana's Team ] 3.30pm Server Time Prizes: 6x Talon Coins 1x Lv10 Food Bundle 1x Nightmare Insignia Access to 'Elysian Garden' 1x Bloody Branch