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  1. 1251600134_RoadmapShowcase.png.e6722f5afcdbcd5823d76b73dc2a29cb.png

    1. Lydia 🎀

      Lydia 🎀

      Awwwwwww 😍

  2. With the introduction of several new GM boxes, we'll be adding a Tier 4 crate to TamTam's Exchange.
    Click here for more info (ETA: June)



    1. Lydia 🎀
    2. cevenslight


      Magical girl staff /rice

  3. Elysian Garden will retire in June, along with the removal of all Nightmare Insignias and Knight of Lux NPC in order to make room for a new post-game dungeon, which will only be available to players who clear Mystic Tower. For more information, please visit this link.

  4. Credits to everyone who participated for last week's promotional Ancient Tower run, and @Hitchner for creating the trailer! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content in the coming weeks./fsh

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Thank you @Hitchner /lv

  5. World Hunters
    Click here for more info!


  6. We are excited to announce that (instanced) Ancient Tower will be scheduled for release in February! As part of the build-up to Valkyrie Bazaar's future content update (including new costumes, pets and items) we have decided to run a short contest. The first person to find the hidden page on www.battleofthenine.com and relay the code will be rewarded with 100x Valkyrie Coins. 

    Best of luck to all participants!


    1. kERoball


      AT-0220*    :D

    2. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Congratulations @kERoball for finding the code! 

  7. Excited to reveal the next two instalments for Valkyrie: BotN starting with Hildr, 'the everlasting battle' -- dates to follow!


  8. For those with a Bacsojin pet, please be aware that the feed item is 'Mochi' (ID: 554).

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

    1. Goyu-


      where can we buy the Mochi GM Lance?

    2. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      Lance ate them all.

      You can buy them from the Pet Groomer NPC, Prontera 218 211.

    3. Goyu-


      Thank you GM Radius

  9. It's almost time! /fsh


  10. /?


    1. Goyu-


      Hmm 🤔

    2. -snoopy


      someone also dm'd me this. i wonder what is this all about lol xD


  11. THOR.png.fac8ef096eb09549f3442e1ccbe482de.png

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    2. Goyu-


      He seems to be a slim thor, not the fat thor hahaha


    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Love me some pudge! /fsh

    4. EVlL


      thor, lets see, lets see.


  12. Challenge rewards are now enabled across Ancient Tower, Tower of Mischief and Dark Randgris
    for all you PvM enthusiasts out there!/fsh

    Tower of Mischief Challenges:

    Loki's Adversary (clear in under 50 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Helmbreaker (defeat all raydrics on Wave XIII)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    GMC Vanquisher (clear Wave XVIII in less than 10 minutes)
    100x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins

    Ancient Tower Challenges:

    Great Gospel (clear in under 50 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Light-burn (Defeat the mystery MVP in one fell swoop)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 3x Talon Coins

    Valkyrie Executioner (clear stage 30 in five minutes or less)
    125x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins

    Dark Randgris Challenges:

    Nightmare's Champion (clear in under 40 minutes)
    50x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Zenith (defeat Verthandi, Pulse Sieger, Dark Dragon & Gold Dreki)
    75x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins

    Lionheart (defeat Dark Randgris in under 10 minutes)
    100x Valkyrie Coins + 4x Talon Coins


  13. VB.png.6b401ffaac88a9e5914e43d64b137138.png

    Excited to announce the release of Valkyrie's Bazaar. Click here for more info!

    From now on, Valkyrie's Divine will be referred to as Valkyrie Coins.
    (The items in your storage now also reflect the above changes)


  14. Excited to unveil some upcoming content we have lined up over the next few months.
    More info to come post-Iduna. Happy gaming! /lv


    1. Goyu-


      Whew nice

  15. IG.png

    Competition time on TalonRO! The rules are simple; follow both our Instagram (@gamemasterstro) & Twitter (@TalonRO)
    leaving a comment with the
    hashtag TalonRO and IGN for a chance to win an MVP card of your choice (excluding Maya Purple).

    Winners will be announced next week! #talonro

  16. Congratulations on your promotion! /lv

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      Thank you ser! :D

    2. GM Howl
    3. GM Radius

      GM Radius


      Looking forward to see many great things from you. /no1

  17. Untitled-1.thumb.png.ee3507c1356f477aff3d3d9411a02fce.png

    We are excited to reveal the next episodic release of Nightmare's Rift: Tales of the Sword Maidens.

    Stay tuned for further updates! /lv

    1. Lieca


      woa, i saw this on IG too. cant wait XD

  18. Attendance.png.40e833045ee5d94d269c1ace31c71b7d.png

    Another spectacular attendance for this year's prestigious Yule Ball.
    Here's to another glorious year! 

  19. 59485cb0e1b34_TheTower.png.3f7e036bd6cce33798be2a3a70b9389c.png.709716f029d57220da861c602aa0f04a.png

    A dreadful column of furore that surpasses even the mightiest of dungeons. Are you ready to brace The Tower?
    This Sunday - 11:30am Server Time

    1. SeySey666


      Sounds fun! :) lovely pic too looks super cool

    2. *~Heartyangel~*


      Gosh i love towers 💖 

  20. 59698e2823f6f_GrandestRace.png.0881c50190d6e1c58ff710aa3e515c30.png.d24ebcf769eb201b1212eced9783a850.png

    The banners are raised and bestowed in dazzling hues.
    It's a jovial morning, one we've been planning and waiting for.
    I'm sure you'll concur, for the grandest race will now occur! 

    The Grandest Race: Sunday - 10am server time

  21. Carnival.png.517dd8be5f00bdf380e2451d416f37e2.png.9f5d37a58c394fd6e7338266e854e52f.png.6ba715c710457fd6355ed65b2b342738.png

    The stage is set, and your compère awaits; a mystery GM will be your buoyant host for the ceremony!
    Carnival: Let the games begin. Sunday (10th) - 8am server time

    1. yujinori


      Is this the same as the test run stuff you made awhile back, GM Lance?

    2. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Regular event, yuji. /ok

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