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  1. This year will mark the end of 24 hosted party instances. All future BotN content will be assessed and refined to cater for the standard (12) party limit. We will also be introducing more content that'll accommodate for smaller groups moving forward.

    After careful consideration, we felt that team synergy, preparations and organising for larger parties placed a heavy burden/stress on said groups. Our commitment and dedication to bringing fun content is of utmost importance to us.

    Therefore, we will be reevaluating current instances and all future planned content added to Valkyrie's Hall. We hope you bear with us as we improve these events for your better enjoyment. We look forward to hosting these new instances in 2022 and beyond.

    See you in Valhalla! 



    1. Gom 곰

      Gom 곰

      Please don’t  /sob

    2. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      @Gom 곰 That's not to say we'll never run a 24 led instance. We'd definitely consider hosting them in future if there's enough interest for it. /ok

    3. Sinshine


      That's sad to hear. Those 24 player parties offered much more freedom of bringing unusual classes or just experimenting with strange one-ofs that 12 player parties simply don't have the room for.

      36 players was a nightmare, 24 players seemed great to me.

      I hope there will be more slots for instances to not leave half the players that would have joined with 24 player setups behind

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