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  1. @ZedricoYa, it would really help to have an LKH to start. IMO though all you truly need is either pantie+undershirt or whisper, Principles of Magic (don't even need the cards), and a soul linker. Anything else is just gravy
  2. @ZedricoIf you build a 100 vit, 190 aspd, 140-150 int, and the rest into pdodge prof you can be the tank while dpsing. My buddies and I do prof, HP, and sniper and we can do serious work.
  3. Selling the book that took me from sage to SQI gearing Professor. respond here or mail/message BVD1 in game to negotiate price. Thanks!
  4. @howrah where is this dragon map? Ive never heard of it
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