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    Hindsight Prof + Kaahi + P Dodge

    I just tested this and you're right. Thanks
  2. Colcactus

    Hindsight Prof + Kaahi + P Dodge

    I'm farming Thor1 with a 99/67 Prof. My gears are LKH, Alice SB+7, +1 int vesper mid, 2x celeb, +3 int RSX FA, +7 Tidal eddga, +7 devi muff, and +7 2x dopp book of the dead. 190 aspd, 100 vit, 140 int pre bless and the rest will go in luk once I get lady tanee carded shoes. My question though is how does kaahi interact with p dodge? I've read that p dodge doesn't work on skills, only on physical attacks. That sounds like adding an over upped valk manteau and LT shoes will dodge the attacks I heal myself with using Kaahi and have no affect on the skills in Thors1 that actually cause trouble like Spiral pierce from kasa or the spear boom from sword guardian. Am I misunderstanding this? First blush it seems like p dodge is super strong but now I'm wondering if I nerf myself with my next gear purchases. Thanks.
  3. Are you still recruiting? I'm looking for my PVM guild for a HW, HP, Sniper, or LK. Thanks!
  4. Colcactus

    LK BB Build for Geffenia

    @howrah where is this dragon map? Ive never heard of it