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  1. this AI won't work on me or any AI tried it already I don't know why.
  2. Tail Grab!!!

  3. CCX

    B>Stripe Hat Costume

  4. CCX

    B>Stripe Hat Costume

    as title said pm me
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    Zoniccx Trades

  6. CCX

    Holiday Event - NPC Gemma

    I think they are tradeable. but its not worth of my time.
  7. Hello, I'm here to survey if you are annoyed on this npc works. First you need to kill mobs, sure given they are easy to kill. Second she requires you an items it easy to gather the items. Third when she ask you to choose an costume, there's another task also it's gathering items. Fourth *IT REPEAT from first* I am annoyed coz I don't have luxury time to do this things. Yes you could say "WHY BOTHER JUST DON'T DO IT" or "YOU GOT ZENY EITHER BUY THE MATS". To be honest I am playing less, I got work and its tiring work. Seeing this mats I'm certain I could farm them but I'm tired I just want to get things done and don't get me wrong this costumes are impressive I'd like to have them even the pompom. Even tho they didn't bring back the Snow Rabbit Knit Hat. I'm pretty alright with this but why would I need to repeat the quest again??? PS:You can flame me if I crybaby on this.
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    Zoniccx Trades

  9. CCX

    Item Over Price

    you are comparing 2 items with different usage. you need to be considerate on many levels in here. 1st the demand if market chat getting flooded by buyers of a same item it would cause to raise. 2nd is that the stock probably low or either nobody sells it. 3rd undercutting e.g. if I have glove sting I would sell them lower than the glove[1] and the card itself so you got this price. my conclusion here is that if its in-demand it will rise whatever it takes but the other items will decrease.
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    Zoniccx Store

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    Zoniccx Trades

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    Zoniccx Store

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    Zoniccx Trades

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    Zoniccx Store

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    Zoniccx Trades

    Mine > Yours Blush[Mistress]INT > Elven Ears[Mistress]INT Mischievous Fairy[Permeter]STR > Elven Ears[Permeter]STR EWE[Dark Illusion]STR > Elven Ears[Dark Illusion]STR +7 Odin's Blessing[Bathory] > +4 Dragon Vest[Bathory]