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  1. Welcome to TRO. You are a neat one with your introduction all I can say is have fun ^^
  2. welcome back and the server never did a wipe. better file a support ticket via panel. or message a admin GM thru discord.
  3. Zoniccx

    Lazy Title

    S> Artemis clean like your soul Artemis Triple Turtle General Offer
  4. Hello sir, welcome to TalonRO ^_^
  5. Zoniccx


    Hello and welcome to talonro I suggest use talonro wiki also make character either thief or swordsman for grinding zeny at the start or if you are for social only you can visit various town. have fun
  6. Greetings, First of all I'm excited for this patch and hoping that bibilan map bugs (e.g. Pillars that glitch you and unable to move, skill usage instantly crashes the client, etc.). Second, I hope our items will be intact when the switch came. I've seen many changes on server emulators from my previous ragnarok and our items got wiped. Thirdly, I'm supporting this content. This is goin to be fun in august. Thx for the hard work GM's. *salute* P.S. Sorry for my bad english
  7. Zoniccx

    about GMC

    my mistake I should have said "disabling" than removing hence its already updated. yes its enabled on mine and still lacks of spot coz gears are also in it, to switch quickly rather than double clicking it on inventory. also even the 2 extra seperated in battlemode is used that's why I don't put my awakens on any key and that was my fault for letting that happen. anyway thanks for the tip.
  8. Zoniccx

    Card needed update

    Greetings, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, as the title said there's a card need to be update such as Nightmare Amon Ra card and Detale card. In-game cards are both 20 TC but checking the database Detale is 12 TC while Nightmare amon ra unavailable. That's all my concern and thanks for advance update.
  9. Zoniccx

    about GMC

    Yes, and it was removed I am using my inventory since I have no spot for my awakening potion on skill tab. that's the problem all the keys are important and awakening/foods is the least key I would want to click so I never put them on my skill bar when I play sniper hence I should be cautious on using my inventory.
  10. Zoniccx

    about GMC

    Hello, greetings! I am here to suggest for removal of returning back to a town using telepor/bonus bundle(!return)/eden badge/butterfly wing/ and any other form of teleportation to send you back to a certain town) because just now I was playing sniper inside gmc muui and misclick the eden badge instead of clicking my awakening potion hence I don't have slot/keys for it. just to sad. I don't like this to happen to other players. thanks in advance if this kind of topic have been made please remove my post. thank you.
  11. Greetings, Just now checked Sqi creation. trying to help a person to make artemis on my sniper that acquire bonus and never made Artemis in history. The creation of artemis never been an option for my sniper level 99 also all of the ingredients is present. May we add a option to make artemis and making bonuses? since when we get a bonus it'll be disable furthermore once we make an sqi on that char it should also disabled to avoid making more.
  12. Zoniccx

    Devil's claw

    my mistake, it still kill able.
  13. Zoniccx

    Devil's claw

    hello, I've played this game and you know what afk always win. can the claw prioritize those who are afk instead of those people walking around? coz there's a exploit that in a spot you can be safe the entire game 80% of the time. its kinda unfair.
  14. Zoniccx

    GMC Ticket

    Greetings, GMC is fun place to PVM and mostly players do this for tokens also my fave GMC is Lance. Today its lance and we fail because several player DC including me w/o wearing new costume also had net issue. Therefor why we only have 3 tickets to get in? Why we can't make it free to enter when we get dc? I suggest to put it free as long as they want to play. I might be a bit selfish but runs always getting ruined if 4 more players dc and no more ticket to use.
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