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  1. Absolutely tights give you dex+ and a bit lite and +6 def. the only thing I can guarantee you is that sniping suit is better coz of mdef since later stage of your gameplay most mvp/monster uses magic and you are vulnerable. downside is its a bit heavy. Sniping Suit https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2367/ Tights https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2331/
  2. Hi I'm Trading my Artemis TTT for Artemis QQQ mail me IGN: Hey Zo
  3. welcome to TRO there's a old guides here but some still works it might help you to your journey. have fun
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but for the guy want to be in the middle on bingo. say it no more. here you go buddy here's the pic where he said it
  5. Como esta seniorito pugito. hahaha that's all I know still studyin spanish also welcome to TRO. I hope you have fun. see you around
  6. Hello and welcome to TRO. since you asked for questionaires. Should I start investing money or should I just keep it in the bank?
  7. lol same, I suggest lower/mid your graphics so you could play better.
  8. Welcome back, its never too late for you man. Time to grind like there's no tomorrow. Haha See you around! Have fun ^^
  9. Welcome to TRO and you are already in a good path. Swordsman are the best when it comes on starting on a server mostly low rate. If you have question don't be shy to ask! Someday I'll visit your beautiful country! Have fun ^^
  10. welcome to TRO people here are friendly and have fun on your journey :D
  11. Zoniccx

    Hi there

    welcome back mumen rider haha have fun on your adventure. :D
  12. Zoniccx

    I'm back!

    welcome welcome and if you want to get aura make sure to open your !recruit channel people doing odin3/abbey3(if u completed the quest)/thor3 runs. have fun :D
  13. hello and welcome to TRO. If you need help about class go to character discussion also use TalonRO wiki its a bit outdated on some guides but still works. Many people would help you here. Don't be afraid to ask question.
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