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  1. Sorry for the wait but here is the 4th entry!~
  2. Season Two~ Entry #3
  3. Hi there @GM Lance! Thanks for dropping by! Definitely more updates to come this time around. My Noinoi is itching to make some noise~
  4. And the adventure of NoiNoi continues! Season 2! Entry #2!
  5. Greetings Ghen Corp, May I kindly ask for your Lich Bone Wands? I intend to make them +9, thanks a bunch! Requesting freebies: Lich Bone Wands IGN: Noinoi
  6. Seriously Lyd? Cough cough, no need to escalate things here. Three points: Well if Riri has objected even the slightest, I won't even be here today, regardless of how you, Belle or Ren think about me. True, I still have yet to own an Artemis Bow, thus why I have not married her in TRO. Plus, that doesn't mean I won't ever own one in the future now am I? With that said, I wonder how am I not the man of my words thus far? I'm sorry that you are unhappy with this outcome, should you want to talk about it further, feel free to PM me here or bug me in game when I'm around. I'm usually online during the evening (GMT+8).
  7. After one year plus of hiatus, I am finally back to TalonRO! So sorry to all my friends that I left in a sudden fashion, many things happened and 2017 ended with a blinked of an eye. As I went through the forums and navigate around in game, I noticed that TalonRO has indeed gone through a big makeover! Despite so, all this feel so familiar... Sadly, majority of the images posted on this topic has expired, and my laptop storing the screenshots were stolen due to some unfortunate events that occurred (let's just leave the unhappy stuff there). Guess the best ways to relive the memories I had in TalonRO is just to jump back into the game again! With one month worth of experience in TalonRO, I'm more than ready to tackle this world all over again! 2017 has indeed been a challenging year indeed. I got myself a couple of new job in reality before finally settled with a permanent one, and with that, I am able to make some time for the TalonRO again, though there is in fact another reason why I am back in TalonRO, it is to complete a promise I made before I left, that is to marry the one person that I love here... A friend of mine in TalonRO once said, 'Love Stories' aren't just fantasies in TalonRO, they are indeed very true. Thank you for your piece of advice and 'carrot'. It could never have been possible without your support. Now that I am back, I'll continue to keep this thread updated. Feel free to bug me if you see me around! P.S. Sorry for necro-posting, do let me know if it is better if I start a new thread altogether.
  8. Noirach

    im really NEW here i can assure you so pls HELP

    Hey there bebeko0918, welcome to TalonRO. I see that you are having a hard time trying to progress your character. I suggest that you give the two threads a read before venturing further, it is indeed a very long read, but definitely it will aid you greatly towards starting up the game. #1 Starter Guide: This page basically covers all you need to know on how to start you game. Guide to farm Zeny, leveling up, gearing up and more! #2 The Eden Group Guide: A recently introduced feature to TalonRO, pretty much rewards you with a good set of equipment as you progress in the quest. I would also like to highlight a few important information. This is an Online Game! Getting to know with the community in-game and on the forums will greatly aid you in your character progression. I dare say almost all people that I have met in TalonRO are good souls 😋 Vote! Not only does it help our community to grow, it also rewards the voters with vote points which can be used to purchase quite a number of useful items. Starting out in a 11 year old server is indeed tough, but I assure you it is rewarding. Keep it up and hope to see you around some time😄
  9. Noirach

    I have found some peace

    Great stories happen to those who can tell them. I have just recently returned to TalonRO after a year of hiatus, perhaps we could be friends 😛. Feel free to bug me if you see me online. IGN: Noinoi/Noirach
  10. I'mma Back in Action! /fsh

    1. Urban Zakapa

      Urban Zakapa

      HI. Can i ask ? Where i can see my Account for ingame ? i forgot thanks 


    2. Noirach


      @Urban Zakapa

      On the top navigation tab, hover your mouse to Panel, then click on Account V, lastly click on Manage Account.

    3. Urban Zakapa

      Urban Zakapa

      Thanks ill try dude . Big help 


  11. Noirach

    Noirach reportin' in!

    Greetings dear Talonians, After hiatus for more than half a year, I am back! If you ever see me in game, feel free to bug me! Pretty much eager to meet new friends and people to enjoy the game together with again. Cheers, Noinoi P.S. Merry Christmas all!
  12. I'm currently long term borrowing a LKH and GEC shoes. My gear priority are as follow. GEC > LKH > Artemis > Deviling, Then I will stop Sniper and hop back to HP, Eddga Shoes > GTB Guard > Decent Armor? (no idea what is good atm) > All purpose damage reduction shield (Platinum or Hodremlin?) > Dex Survivor Rod and whenever I feel rish I might get a pair of Celeb rings. My main is still HP, I enjoy support. Sniper is mainly for farming only. That's about it for my plans at the moment, won't be happening anything soon... most likely would take me a year to fully gear up...
  13. Hi hi I'm actually Skipping all other gears. Straight for Artemis. As I believe Artemis opens up much more different options of PVM :D~ Oh wow ~ Always cool to see new people around :D! Kind people ftw~ Lookin' forward to the day when I'mma able to help out peeps around too!
  14. @yujinori Hi hi! Thanks to help from the lots I've met throughout my journey. It was definitely a tough, but enjoyable one! I'm farming up for my Artemis Bow at the moment. Hoping to get my hands on it in around two months time. @Nox~ Thanks for the support! @Hazzarr Aye Capt'!~ Thanks for the support! Entries are much slower now compared to the first week as I'm plannin for more meet outs with TRO friends and stuff. :D~ Not sure if I should upload the outing pictures though, they might behead me @IronBear Hihi~ I usually hang out in Malangdo and Lutie. Sometimes in main chat, Amatsu or Sleepers too. My characters all start with a Noi prefix~ Shouldn't be hard to spot me! Aside from outing plannings, I am planning more cheesy stuff in TRO in the near future! If all goes well that is. Cheers all! And thanks again for the support!
  15. Sorry for the delay of this 11th post, Life got in the way, but wait no further! It is here!~