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  1. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    I'm currently long term borrowing a LKH and GEC shoes. My gear priority are as follow. GEC > LKH > Artemis > Deviling, Then I will stop Sniper and hop back to HP, Eddga Shoes > GTB Guard > Decent Armor? (no idea what is good atm) > All purpose damage reduction shield (Platinum or Hodremlin?) > Dex Survivor Rod and whenever I feel rish I might get a pair of Celeb rings. My main is still HP, I enjoy support. Sniper is mainly for farming only. That's about it for my plans at the moment, won't be happening anything soon... most likely would take me a year to fully gear up...
  2. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    Hi hi I'm actually Skipping all other gears. Straight for Artemis. As I believe Artemis opens up much more different options of PVM :D~ Oh wow ~ Always cool to see new people around :D! Kind people ftw~ Lookin' forward to the day when I'mma able to help out peeps around too!
  3. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    @yujinori Hi hi! Thanks to help from the lots I've met throughout my journey. It was definitely a tough, but enjoyable one! I'm farming up for my Artemis Bow at the moment. Hoping to get my hands on it in around two months time. @Nox~ Thanks for the support! @Hazzarr Aye Capt'!~ Thanks for the support! Entries are much slower now compared to the first week as I'm plannin for more meet outs with TRO friends and stuff. :D~ Not sure if I should upload the outing pictures though, they might behead me @IronBear Hihi~ I usually hang out in Malangdo and Lutie. Sometimes in main chat, Amatsu or Sleepers too. My characters all start with a Noi prefix~ Shouldn't be hard to spot me! Aside from outing plannings, I am planning more cheesy stuff in TRO in the near future! If all goes well that is. Cheers all! And thanks again for the support!
  4. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    Sorry for the delay of this 11th post, Life got in the way, but wait no further! It is here!~
  5. Noirach

    The Yule Ball 2017: You're Invited!

    Here's my song request for this event! Have one for each language I'm familiar with! Youtube links in spoiler! Lookin' forward to this English Give My Love by Edward Chun Mandarin 小幸运 (A Little Happiness) by Hebe Tien Cantonese 离家出走 (Running Away from Home) by Janice Japanese Alone Again by Yuna Ito Korean I think I love you by Byul
  6. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    @kossploss Now now, let's not jump to conclusions LOL. IMma get beheaded.
  7. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    Christmas has been around! I pretty much got my hands full as well, but here is the 10th entry! I would like to take this opportunity to shout out my thanks for those who helped me throughout the event as well as made em very special! Particularlly... @Ririi, MintberryX, Ren, Jee, Hayley, Lex & Frey for being a good company, doing em events altogether, as well as a Christmas Gift! My quests were successfully completed without much of a hassle thanks to them! I'd also like to thank a "Mysterious Person" who does not wish to be named, for the "Carrot" and "Lucky charm". It meant a lot to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! For those who I've missed out, I sincerely apologise... everyone has been helping me so much that I feel as if everyone is family! Thanks again for the wonderful experience during this festive season! Late wishes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  8. The above quote is written by GM Howl over the Event Section of the Forum, https://forum.talonro.com/topic/20875-christmas-2016-the-popogrinch-steals-christmas/ Greetings fellow Talonians, I'm one of the participant of this Popogrinch Event who didn't received his "extra special" prize. For my case, I believe I did not get the reward because I did the first day on my Noinoi [High Priest] and completed the remaining six days on my Noirach [Sniper]. I believe I did sort of completed all my daily quests on time too... a supporting screenshot that I'm actually up and hunting Sweet Milks (the toughest part of the quest for Day 1) right after it was up (I'm from GMT+8, that's 2 hours into the quest). How about you guys? Did any of you got left out? Share your case here. I'm hoping somehow the Admins would do something about this as it was quite devastating for me knowing that I couldn't claim the "Magical Feather Costume". I have to compliment the GMs for havin' such an event planned out, as it was all joy and fun for me, even as a newbie whose been around for less than three weeks. The quest mechanics, how they link between accounts, I'm impressed. However, I can't say I'm not saddened by the fact that this is happening... Hopefully they'll do something about it. P.S. Please keep this thread as healthy as it can be, toxicity won't solve anything.
  9. Noirach

    Poporinch quest complaints or whatever

    @azurhialine, I couldn't agree more. Considering, "time" is also spent in writing guides. For my case, it could go up to an hour or so. My post for Popogrinch Quest on the 3rd day was removed for about SEVEN times... the first three times was before I had prepared any back up of the guide meaning I rewrote them from scratch. Just to find it disappear from the forums moments later WITHOUT any notification or warning from the staff team. Thankfully, after reposting for a few times, @GM Seiren, did left a hint that it was their doings these guides are mysteriously disappearing. Otherwise who knows how many times more I would continue attempting to re-write/post those guides, especially when I thought the "problem" of the posts disappearing was from my side. I enjoy writing and sharing, especially when it comes to helping out others. It's my passion. It was quite demoralising having my posts removed, but it didn't held my back from wanting to help people out. However, I also respect the idea of the staff team wanting players to experience the thrill and suspense that comes along with the story line and the flow of the quest. With that said, if I were to be notified or hinted earlier, perhaps my "disappointment" wouldn't had been so bad. No offense, I find it quite rude and unprofessional to remove someone's post without stating out the reason for it. Perhaps it could be just me being sensitive. With that being said, I'll still be posting up Popogrinch Guides on this forums, except this time they will be delayed 24 hours ++. As for those who're connected to me via discord or some other places, updates will be there on the very same day as soon as I'm done completing the quest and writing them out. Cheers, Noi
  10. Noirach

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    Noinoi invades!!! Oh wow Rufu! You!... Pssh. Teach me some skillz~
  11. Noirach

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest: Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners! It was a fun experience to indulge myself in Illustrator. Just pray that I'm at least qualified. XD
  12. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    @Cressy Lady It's Cressie! :D~ That... nope, I slack a lot lately xD! Always makin' noises here and there instead of adventuring. How are you doing? HMU sometimes!
  13. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    @Ririi Lols~ Bring @Lyderis in too! HUEHUEHUE @Lhupe Your ero dreams came true. LOOOOL.
  14. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    Been socialising more instead of adventuring thus the lack of updates.... I'm a talkative & noisy guy. It's been a while since my latest update but fret not! The 9th entry is here! That's it for today's entry! Have been roaming around tRO and meeting up a whole new bunch of people! Feel free to stop me and say Hi if you see me!
  15. Noirach

    Newbie Tackling TRO (2nd take, 5th Post!)

    @howrah I'll keep those things in mind, as I'm still trying to observe other good HP plays and take in whatever I can like a sponge @GM Zelda I'm glad you enjoyed ;D~ More work incoming! @GM Saen Sneaky for the sake of laughs? Imma do it ;D~ @azurhialine Those are some interesting features there, I never knew I could heal via Party Window *^*! Hunting Bow? Do you mean Hunter's Bow? As I couldn't find it through the databases. As for the card to get, I guess it's safe if I put it this way...? GEC > Bathory > Deviling > Mistress