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  1. Here's my song request for this event! Have one for each language I'm familiar with! Youtube links in spoiler! Lookin' forward to this English Give My Love by Edward Chun Mandarin 小幸运 (A Little Happiness) by Hebe Tien Cantonese 离家出走 (Running Away from Home) by Janice Japanese Alone Again by Yuna Ito Korean I think I love you by Byul
  2. Congratulations to the winners! It was a fun experience to indulge myself in Illustrator. Just pray that I'm at least qualified. XD
  3. Wow... everyone's submission is so pretty... Gonna embarrass myself real bad... if I continue my work... Went through 4 hours countless hours of Illustrator youtube videos... I don't know if it will help.. First time Illustrator here... Currently tracing my drawing... EDIT: Just finished tracing... The more I look at my work, the more I regret actually submitting.. hahaha... feel like I'm back at grade school... EDIT #1: I don't know what's going on anymore... These lines are making me crazie... EDIT #2: After lookin' at it myself, I'm really doubting if I should submit and humiliate myself... but #YOLO!!! I just wanna qualify for the December Boxes... >_<... Tried my very best. IGN: Noinoi #1 #2 I feel like I went back to grade school... LOL... I seem to have trouble uploading the full size image onto the topic... Hope it's all good at the end...
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