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  1. Hi GM Howl,

    My computer crashes during when i was knocked unconcious playing the Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest. This causes my assassin character to be unable to talk to High Priest Zed. And now I can't proceed to the Veins Siblings test. The kid Karyn only sobs when chatting. I need to do this quest to proceed to the Abbey quest. Please help or advice. Thank you

    1. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      Refering to this - https://wiki.talonro.com/Rachel_Sanctuary_Entrance_Quest - which step are you on?

      If you're on Step 12, perhaps go back to the dungeon and redo the step, it might help.

    2. heng


      Dear GM Radius,

      I was at step 12 and I have tried to go back to the dungeon again but there are no pop out windows and I can't redo the steps. Any chance to fix this? Or a way to roll back the lost child and Rachel Sanctuary Entrance quest together?


      As this is a technical glitch please help out. Thank you. Should I send this in ticket?

    3. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      Yes, please send in a support ticket.