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  1. ~Lunox

    PvM | V: Project Brynhildr

    Ohhh sad , i read this when i hiatus Agan play Tro , goodluck for Participant ~ always like PVM. O/
  2. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Oh RIP my bad, but i tell flor 2 ic ic , I am not aware wrong name Sniper "Shecil / cecil damon " better i type like this. Okee Thank for fix
  3. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    I think u wrong what i mean Not MVP BIO 3 , i mean Monster at Second flor after spawn flor: Petite, Blue Acidus, Salamander, Cecil, Magaletha, Banshee Master i Dont see Mini boss type at this Picture and if not wrong this cecil at flor 2
  4. ~Lunox

    Thanksgiving Event 2018 guide

    Waweeee Free Food Plz JK , Nice guide izzzzzzzzzz~
  5. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Hii @GhasparMy mentor jupe core solo WS, but my gear Gone now xD . Quite before and hii @Goyu My Guild lader Amatsu Desserts many my frends in Goyu Guild .
  6. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Thus, 100% Lucky Dodge is possible. can read from here https://wiki.talonro.com/Perfect_Dodge
  7. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Just add what i know no need Perma GTB at Howl . Howl 1st form using Alice caus dont have dispel <<<< if chang 2nd form , Chang GTB <<< Need Perma GTB and no need FCP caus dont have skill break. just bring to corner or Dont make Howl face to PT caus Fire Breath make coma. At floor 2 Shiris dont wear Alice for tanking "Shecil / Cecil Damon" = Demi human and not Boss type , u will get duble damag if wearing alice . just chang alice if salamander/hp hiting u. Platinum shield / Holdrem better .
  8. ~Lunox

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Good @Goyu a message for me to try this post edited appearance because there are too many bold and black colors, videos and SS already good . but it is better if the look is more neat like Slide PowerPoint, you can only display the points and the others can be entered in spoilers, so this is my suggestion u are the best: D
  9. ~Lunox

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    Huhuhu 1st time join event like this , best THX @GM Lance
  10. ~Lunox


    using 2015 Aura from Talonro
  11. ~Lunox


    Hmm Open for 3 days xDDD BOOM
  12. ~Lunox


  13. ~Lunox


    @Ghaspar @Jailbroken Lets Solo WS at jupe core 😎😎
  14. ~Lunox

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    Bump for Senpai
  15. Stalking 🤣🤣🤣

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      waaaa  😂