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  1. BC = / = CC, BC is Bronze Coin for rental items. let me straighten a little, to get TC you can exchange CC (cooper coin), can get cc from Voting Point, Mini game, MVP ticket , Tam Tam Map, and GM event. so for the beginning you can vote in order to be able to exchange at least 50 cc = 1 TC (talon coin) chang at Reward Guru NCP. and there u can buy MVP card at Reward Guru NCP from 12-20 tc so if price tc = 1.1m x 20 = 22M for 1 MVP card. this link for Voting https://panel.talonro.com/voting/ welcome to talonro i hope u enjoy play this server , thx: D
  2. OWH Great , so waiting iduna update and i will can make many char so just Bring Bard lvl 79 to GMC For fast leveling/leech OMG 2014 memory and Danny Kun lol u remember this ?? BARD Leveling At GMC taraaaaaaa~
  3. @GM Seiren @GM Boreas  i hope project iduna have 2 selec server log / with Proxy server becaus in indo talonro get block , like server renewal No.1 :D . sorry compare, me Log in TRO always use VPN sad R_R

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    2. semjeru


      how can i log in to iduna?


    3. ~Lunox


      @semjeru there only beta tester can play at iduna , we just waiting update i think 

    4. semjeru


      thanks bro


  4. Takaoo beeeeeee xD

  5. This is how Engineers make a Guide good job @Ghaspar , greeting engineer
  6. U can also use CK + VS Thara for more resistan use /q2 put they at F7 and F8 make u fast switch only use Scroll UP and Down
  7. 6 tab SOLO Manuk Seals !

  8. Ohhh sad , i read this when i hiatus Agan play Tro , goodluck for Participant ~ always like PVM. O/
  9. Huhuhu 1st time join event like this , best THX @GM Lance
  10. Stalking 🤣🤣🤣

    1. ~Izleen


      waaaa  😂 

  11. Suggestions from me Wear original animation ser , you'll be more creative
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