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  1. Still waiting Seals Update :)

  2. there is no clue when seals up?

    still Hiatus Dx byee tro...

    1. Karen桜


      I miss seals too /sob

  3. Class: SNIPER IGN: Nox D War Class: WHITESMITH IGN: Lu nox
  4. @GM Seiren @GM Boreas  i hope project iduna have 2 selec server log / with Proxy server becaus in indo talonro get block , like server renewal No.1 :D . sorry compare, me Log in TRO always use VPN sad R_R

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. semjeru


      how can i log in to iduna?


    3. ~Lunox


      @semjeru there only beta tester can play at iduna , we just waiting update i think 

    4. semjeru


      thanks bro


  5. Takaoo beeeeeee xD

  6. 6 tab SOLO Manuk Seals !

  7. Ohhh sad , i read this when i hiatus Agan play Tro , goodluck for Participant ~ always like PVM. O/
  8. Huhuhu 1st time join event like this , best THX @GM Lance
  9. Stalking 🤣🤣🤣

    1. ~Izleen


      waaaa  😂 

  10. why do you need 3rd guy to share your profit? -> KICK HIM or her  << dame Ulluz

  11. my friends are trolls, my enemies are humans  and i am .... :) from old Frend

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