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  1. Yehey!!! Burger Steak DID IT!! 3 MAVKAS and 2 WIVES one Burger.. sounds like a title of a sitcom or a soap opera or a movie.... I hope Hammering a Poring see this
  2. Nope.. tomorrow is my free day.. due to the typhoon wait a minute.. only poring knows my schedule.. are you hammering a poring? O_O
  3. *makes jordz_777 enjoy the aroma*
  4. I did I did ... OMG O_O ..How did you know?? O_O
  5. i hope this can summon hammering a poring
  6. hmmmm how to read that.. c... a... r... b..... oh i know i know.. carbohydrate
  7. hahaha that's a cute shoplifter.. O_o arrgghh i shouldn't say that... #FindingPoring
  8. What has wheels and flies? ,,,,a garbage truck.........