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    Funniest thing you've done in RO?

    wait wuuut?? that was just Saturday.. when a guy asked main to copy BB.. and i told him that i will let him copy outside magma dun because i feared that someone dbed outside Hidden temple again.. lol.. and i afk-ed my BB provider knight after i let him copied.. my body is under the injustice, dullahan and that monkey thing from ayothana.. it seems like someone is having fun dbing Deadpool... tho I'm dead at that time.. hhhhmmmm dead and pool of monsters... get it dead pool... haaaaaayyyzzzz (sigh).. never mind... but whoever dbed outside magma dun.. please don't do that again.. new players are trying level up there.. you don't want someone mess with your breakfast like putting some pepper on your cereal right.. or making the water temperature extremely hot or extremely cold while you are taking a shower..well thats how it feels.. Don't do to others what you don't want to do to you.. Other people also want to have fun.. but it is not fun to become a sadistic dude who enjoys watching other people suffer... if you have a lot of zenny to earn a lot of zenny to burn.. why don't just use it help another... well that's a lesson taught by our mother.. anyway lets all enjoy something we love together.. sorry for the long post.. heres a potato..
  2. it would be this dude... Incredible Hulk (She Hulk) got married with Hell Boy and created this baby..
  3. Ye hey.. Finally after 2 Saturdays of Farming (literally 48 hours of farming.. i can only farm well during Saturday) I was able to collect this amount of Great Nature. Farming is fun!!!! Well it is a little difficult at first if you are not familiar with the skills and equipment but don't worry the people on main can help you. I am really thankful that the people on main are really supportive.. They gave me a lot of tips and techniques.. The first time I played Talon RO (last month) i had no idea about farming.. I only focused on making and leveling up a lot of chars.. I didn't think that gears are important.. ( oh men bad move).. but anyway the chars that i made came in handy too.. i used them to provide myself Bowling Bash and Triple attack that were useful for farming. As time goes by i noticed my farming was a little bit slow. I farmed Sapphires from mobsters and Sleepers using only fire Damascus that i bought for the price of 900 K (it was useful against sleepers) but it was very very slow. Luckily some guys on main told me that ice picks are good for farming GN thus I collected a lot of GNs to buy an ice pick and they were right.. I should've bought it a long time ago... from 100 GN per hour to 250 - 300 GN per hour. The damage of the ice pick is great and it increases when it is endowed with fire using a sage.. (the people on main also taught me how to make a sage and told me the importance of it on farming). Farming is fun when you have a goal in mind.. It is more fun especially having friends around motivating you.. (sorry for being cheesy.. eheh) I would like to thank Yan Yan, Mina Myoui, Misamotzu, Demon Lord, Ace Novice, Asura-ing a tree, Dread Champ, Pinch Man, the others guys on main and especially Yanii ... for all of your support, advice and motivation..
  4. Liquid H2O

    Player Pets ♥

    cheer up.. life goes on..
  5. Liquid H2O

    What is your first time farming experience?

    Woooow... brooches.. that is a good idea.. uhmmm i think hunt for those things...
  6. Liquid H2O

    Player Pets ♥

    I heard turtles live longer than us....
  7. Liquid H2O

    the journey to ginnungagap - a small story

    speaking of hunting a poring... do you guys know Hammering a Poring... forum name... i still wonder if i already encountered him at forum..
  8. Liquid H2O

    Over pricing items?

    just yesterday.. a guy was vending mastelas for the price of 5000 zenny i don't know if he doesn't know how to use overprice skill of his merchant (which will make him sell the mastela for 5270 zenny) or he just want people who don't notice to undercut his product.. lol good strategy if that is his original plan... tho he was vending only 18 pieces of mastela.. so maybe that could be it.. 🤑🤑🤑
  9. Liquid H2O

    Player Pets ♥

    Woooooow turtles.. i love turtles...
  10. Liquid H2O

    Funniest thing you've done in RO?

    wow.. rish... i will just kill them all tho...
  11. Liquid H2O

    What Are You Listening To?

    I am listening to this and to my mom while sermoning me.. 😃😃😃
  12. Liquid H2O

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    I didn't understand his speech but I think it is awesome because of the music.. How many days can you stay awake?
  13. Liquid H2O

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    How can you put an elephant inside a fridge?? 🤔
  14. Uhmmmm this anime is somehow disturbing.. what is the title??
  15. Liquid H2O

    TalonRO Valentines Stories

    The Last Dance http://pastebin.com/uqLJ9QfG I am a Thief..but you are the one that stole my heart.. IGN: zed2
  16. Helen happened... well my friend/co worker helen.. mentioned about me collecting Deadpool dolls on main.. (arggghhh those are Deadpool action figures) the next day i opened my mail and found out that people sent me monster dolls.. lol.. funny tho cause i found out that dolls are also available on this game... arrrrrghhhh..
  17. Liquid H2O

    What is the funniest thing that happened to you...

    Damn... 😲😲😲... he found a good excuse.. 😬😬😬 cheeky bear..
  18. Liquid H2O

    S>Farmin items Service Not Rare items

    how much zenny do you charge for farming 1000 Fish Tail?il - ID #1023 - (Fish_Tail)