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  1. Oh come on Iron Bear.. I already have something for you to wear...
  2. hahahah... wow.. marc cards.. i think they are good cards..
  3. OOOOHHHHHHHHH... I sometimes see you too.... WOOOOOOOOW
  4. "kkkkkkkkkkk" ??? that is a korean expression "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" are you a korean pridewolf??? 여신??? woooooow... hahaha.. what is the name of your char??
  5. Oooooooooohhhhhh Cecilia!!! You're breaking my heart.... I'm begging you please don't go...
  6. yeah.. breaking is fun... that's what my ex girlfriend said before she left me.. wait a minute.. ironbear.. are you the knight with a sage and soul linker that stays with my other chars at the safe zone... and sometimes i chat with on the sleepers field.. wooooow it's you!!!!! O_O
  7. Everytime I see Hammering a Poring's name on main.. I imagine his "In Game Name".. to look like this.. more like Hammering a Grinch
  8. I think it is a Super Saenyan (Saiyan).. 😁😁😁
  9. Zed X

    Cheer me up (card hunting stories)

    uhmmm.. the first time i played talon ro was last month.. and i still remember that my first card (considered to be my precious and will never sell card because i remember my ex girlfriend from this card) is the Zombie Prisoner Card.. i was not expecting to have that card .. well actually i didn't know that monsters drop cards.. lol.. after getting that card.. i was so happy.. i felt like finding a golden coin from a Piñata (a jar or container shaped like a horse that has a lot candies and good stuffs inside) after hitting hit..... after that i didn't expect to get any cards anymore because i thought it was just a lucky strike.. but i went to Orc field (actually gef fld i guess/outside orc dun) and i didn't expect of any cards.. just to level up my stalker.. but as time goes by after doing HBQ for the first time in orc fld.. i obtained a couple of cards.. orc lady and high orc.. (literally a couple.. because you know that orc lady is sometimes with high orc.. i am not jealous.. but anyway don't you dare ruin my Pun (fun) ... what the they have a orc baby) So anyway.. what i really want to say from the start is... expecting something to happen like obtaining cards will just ruin your fun.. if you play and enjoy and don't expect to achieve those cards.. you will feel more victorious if you achieve them without expecting to achieve them.. it will be like having a suprise birthday party.. remember the reason why you play from the start.. it is to enjoy.. even Luffy of One Piece have this idea (sorry if i mentioned that guys name) .. You may never get that card.. but you will meet great friends.. So cheer up.. Lovingly yours... Zed
  10. Zed X

    Cheer me up (card hunting stories)

    chimichangas.. oh yeah....suddenly i like you.. 😍😍😍
  11. Zed X

    Cheer me up (card hunting stories)

    uhhhhhmmm.... so what's for lunch???
  12. 7 hours left then i can play again.. Yehey!!!! 😄😄😄
  13. Zed X

    Winter Quest 2017: Scarf Making Returns!

    First.. ehe 😁😁😁
  14. Zed X

    The Yule Ball 2017: You're Invited!

    I hope they would play this song.. ehehe.. it matches my main char ehe..😁😁😁... wow.. I am looking forward for this event..
  15. Zed X

    Hunter Levelling Guide Low Cost Needed

    Yes!!!!! This is what i am looking for!!! thanks mom's spaghetti... btw.. where is Mina?
  16. Please help.. i can't patch xmasmaps.thor.. it stops.. please help.. what should i do??
  17. Zed X

    Help.. I can't patch xmasmaps.thor

    This problem occured to me.. but what i did is .. i downloaded the file.. copy and paste it in ALL the folders inside of my TalonRo folder.. restart the laptop and connect to wifi and it worked..
  18. Zed X

    Help.. I can't patch xmasmaps.thor

    thanks sir.. 😀😀😀