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  1. yehey!!! It's been a year already since i started playing Talon Ro. So many great memories while playing this game. One of them is meeting cool people whom i met. I enjoyed doing a lot of quest, events and mvp battles... etc.. Thank you my masters Naght, Ritsu, Hammering a Poring, S L e e q, Mina Myou, Misamotzu, Frostheart, Cueio, Zeon, Everdeen, Barnabus Barney Stinson, -Creator-, Jan Baptist Van Helmont, Kirsh, Giga Turtle, Kirigiri Kyouko, Dread, Burger Steak, Vick and Ngards... Because of you guys i enjoyed my gaming much better.. In a year i found a place that made me happy.. a place that relieved my stress and sorrows.. Thanks for the memories... Thank you Admins and GMs ... More Power Talon Ro!!!! I Love You Please review ourserver at ratemyserver.net ..... yehey
  2. Zed X

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 5]

    19 ign: Sandara Park X
  3. Zed X

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 4]

    1 ign: Sandara Park X
  4. Zed X

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    22 ign: Sandara Park X
  5. wow.. it's been almost a year already .. since i first joined TRO... at that time i was thinking of becoming an archer or a thief.. well the guide i read said being a thief > rogue is a good start.. a "challenging start".. i had no equipments.. i had no idea what i am doing.. hahaha.. i was just hitting random things.. i even challenged the walking pizza/spaghetti at morroc field 17... forgot the name.. I didn't have any idea of the words KS, LEECH, GEC, and so on ..until i met some great players.. Mina Myoui, Misamotzu, Yanyan, Hammering a Poring, Joan, Burger, Asuraing a tree, Vick, Sleeq, Zeon, Project Eagle Eye (PEE), Doraemon and of course the perverted one The Demon Lord... whew.. i learned a lot of strategies from them.. because of them i learned how to enjoy TRO much better ..looking back from the past.. i suddenly remember the reason why i started to play this game.. to have fun.. and not think of farming zennies and so on.. .. and i met a lot of friends along the way so i think that is the best part of this game (so cheesy.. sorry.. hahaha)... i am sorry if i offended some people with my jokes before.. and thanks for all the memories that you all gave me.. It's been that long and i still love playing this game.. everytime i get stress from work, TRO relieves all my stress.. it is the place that i can release all my frustrations.. by doing some quest.. killing monsters and joining events.. i am thankful that i found TRO. Thank you TRO and more power..
  6. Zed X

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    5 ign: zed2
  7. Zed X

    Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    thanks master Cueio/vaco.. i had a great time doing the quest.. yehey <3
  8. Yehey!!! Burger Steak DID IT!! 3 MAVKAS and 2 WIVES one Burger.. sounds like a title of a sitcom or a soap opera or a movie.... I hope Hammering a Poring see this
  9. Nope.. tomorrow is my free day.. due to the typhoon wait a minute.. only poring knows my schedule.. are you hammering a poring? O_O
  10. *makes jordz_777 enjoy the aroma*
  11. I did I did ... OMG O_O ..How did you know?? O_O
  12. i hope this can summon hammering a poring
  13. hmmmm how to read that.. c... a... r... b..... oh i know i know.. carbohydrate
  14. hahaha that's a cute shoplifter.. O_o arrgghh i shouldn't say that... #FindingPoring