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  1. Why can't you be NobaLoli

  2. Popo, you know the drill. *waves.* Add me :3
  3. Thank you! I really liked this commission Thank you for drawing us!
  4. Hello, welcome to tro and I see you're an artist * o * time to stalk Anyway, hope you're having fun o/
  5. Emi


    My friend found them in jRO DB. These are their itemIDs: White Fox Ears Costume : 20269 https://rotool.gungho.jp/monster/item.php?item=20269 Whistling Bell Costume: 20440 https://rotool.gungho.jp/monster/item.php?item=20440 As for the last one, yeah its implemented in tro. Some of my friends told me its lovely fox ears costume, however they're just rare.
  6. Emi


    Hello, I'd like to suggest costumes that we could add in Wave/GMC/Monthly Boxes.
  7. Emi

    !reward command

    Hi pre-iduna there was a !reward command where we could check how much time is left for our bundle. Is it possible to bring it back?
  8. Do you have any already? I could just give you some.
  9. Welcome to tRO. Clicked on your showcase artsu, * o * would be cool if some of these sprites are implemented in Iduna. I really appreciate artists. I would really love to see some of your works implemented soon!
  10. Emi

    B/S/T> Costume & Stoofs

    Ello gib mannies
  11. January 12, 2PM server time (Slot 3)
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