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  1. *Pokes* You know the drill. *Slot pleasu*
  2. How long were you gone in game? It might be related to the skill queue problem but I'm not sure.
  3. Hello just gonna ask if its possible to have it on November 22. 5PM?
  4. As your momma... I want my lovely daughter to make me another good couple draws!
  5. Why can't you be NobaLoli

  6. Popo, you know the drill. *waves.* Add me :3
  7. Thank you! I really liked this commission Thank you for drawing us!
  8. Hello, welcome to tro and I see you're an artist * o * time to stalk Anyway, hope you're having fun o/
  9. Emi


    My friend found them in jRO DB. These are their itemIDs: White Fox Ears Costume : 20269 https://rotool.gungho.jp/monster/item.php?item=20269 Whistling Bell Costume: 20440 https://rotool.gungho.jp/monster/item.php?item=20440 As for the last one, yeah its implemented in tro. Some of my friends told me its lovely fox ears costume, however they're just rare.
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