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  1. Welcome to tRO. Clicked on your showcase artsu, * o * would be cool if some of these sprites are implemented in Iduna. I really appreciate artists. I would really love to see some of your works implemented soon!
  2. Emi

    B/S/T> Costume & Stoofs

    Ello gib mannies
  3. January 12, 2PM server time (Slot 3)
  4. Emi

    S: Stuffs

  5. Emi

    S: Stuffs

  6. Emi

    S: Stuffs

    Bump 🙂
  7. Emi

    S: Stuffs

    Buy it mashi :x
  8. Emi

    S: Stuffs

    - Diablos Robe[1] - Mage Coat [1] Int+3 - Rainbow Sigrun's Wing Costume (Sold) - Puente Robe [1] int+3 - Glittering Jacket [1] Int+3/Dex+3 - Formal Suit [1] Int+3/Dex+3 - Love Feeling Costume (Sold) - Blinking Eyes Costume (Sold)
  9. Slot 3, november 25th. Calibre. 4pm server time.
  10. Emi

    Itou's Atelier

    Would totally buy if you open for commission. ( o v o) b
  11. Look at dis flying gey boi, who dis. Wer he saves. lemme kick his ass. ;D
  12. Free Range Chickens! Also, look at that wine bottle, already drinkin while layin eggs ic.
  13. Th Thank bobb u da best o 3o
  14. 😇 Hi can grab bobbs? I mean slot po :Blobblush:
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