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  1. Z a b

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    IGN: Zab-- GM CHALLENGE: ❄️ GM Neza - include a clock, a countdown, a calendar, anything that relates to time! ❄️ GM Amor - Include a letter or a postcard. Pretty straightforward work because we're all outta time! lmao. Good luck everyone! Happy holidays!
  2. Z a b

    Z a b !

    Alright back to RO.
  3. Z a b

    Z a b !

  4. Z a b

    Z a b !

    Whaddup boi!
  5. Z a b

    Elderwillow's Treehouse

  6. Hi! I'm interested. How much for the full service?
  7. Z a b

    Z a b !

    Thank you! Your work is amazing! :D
  8. Z a b

    Stalker 1hitKO BB vs mavka Build Request

    I am debating whether I should get the Naght Seiger Twin Blade(R) [SG,SG,Scorpion]. Based on the calculator, just a plain old Caesar's sword would deal more damage than that. Is the only benefit of using Naght the natural Fire element that it has(no need to use sage for endow)?
  9. Z a b

    Z a b !

    This thread is under construction I have decided to sell art! For now, I am leaning towards female bust shots until I get more samples. I also long background in doing anime, so if most of you want that, I can definitely do that, too! I haven't done any RO-related art; this will be a first. But I am eager to show you some stuff I have done so far! I will add simple backgrounds as requested. I will accept 15TCs per bust shot for now as I am testing the waters. Here are some samples: Slots: 1. [OPEN] 2. [OPEN] 3. [OPEN] It's my first time to do this kind of thing. So, if you guys have any suggestions on what information I should include in this post, please let me know!
  10. Z a b

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    WIP! Totally unfinished yet. So many awesome entries and I'm giving up hope. LOL. Amazing artwork, you guys!
  11. Z a b

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    Having a little confusion with the aspect ratio since I haven't really paid any mind to it before. Correct me if I'm wrong, shouldn't it be 1280x720 minimum instead of 1280x960 to make it 16:9?
  12. Z a b

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    Dayummmm. What does the Lora Pet give?
  13. Z a b

    FSK not working

    Hi! I just became a ranker yesterday and i've been having this persistent bug since then. I haven't really gotten around to figuring out the cause yet. My FSK just stops working. It consumes SP but the cursor for picking the target doesn't show. I've tried doing it while Running; nope. Also tried going through portals; nope. The only way to fix it is by relogging only to have it broken again every 15-20 mins or so. Idk. Maybe it's the kick spamming since i haven't had this issue before i became ranker. You guys know a fix for this? I would appreciate the help coz it really is a chore to relog sometimes especially while in the middle of a map with aggressive mob since i have to stay clear and wait 10 secs to relog. Thank you!
  14. Z a b

    Tenth Anniversary Banner Contest

    Oh well. I tried. XD One entry for each category.
  15. Z a b

    T i l a p a t o o t y

    Thank you for the compliment and advice!