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  1. Azrion

    April Patch

    ^ this. I'm just a few coins away (after farming for about a month). Can we get like a week's of BG re-open just to finish off what we need before any method of getting coins is completely shut off? Good work on revamping BG though.
  2. Azrion

    Tenth Anniversary Banner Contest

    520x100 banner - GIFs 520x100 banner - PNGs ------------------------- 468x80 banner - GIFs
  3. Azrion

    new beta control panel

    Just tried doing it now.. still happening
  4. Azrion

    new beta control panel

    Just some feedback: I don't know if it's just me, but the voting page runs into errors frequently. Especially when you leave it for say, 20~30seconds or more? I open a voting site, while waiting for it to load I probably tab to Facebook or in-game for a bit or something, then vote, then when I go back to the Voting page tab and click on the next site, it gives an error and tells me to reload the page. I understand the purpose behind adding a delay so people cannot spam 'Open in a new tab' on all the available sites (which I feel is still better, cause previously I open all of them in new tabs then vote, so the pages can load simultaneously, everything is done under 30s), however, you still can't ensure anything by doing that, people can just still open them and NOT vote. IMO, voting should be a quick and easy process since it's something we do on a daily basis, but the new delay and stuff is making it a more tedious and dragged-out process, but not really achieving the intended purpose (unless you have other purposes for the delay). This might actually discourage people from voting. ----- As for the selling shops search, is it possible to add another search field for enchants? Like maybe a dropdown box for enchant options (to simplify things, the amount/value of the enchant is not needed, only the attribute, e.g DEX, INT, ASPD, etc), so we don't have to scroll through all those unnecessary items. Sorting by name only does so much, as it is affected by cards, refining (the + sign), and not to mention the name of the item itself (like non-carded and non-refined items may appear in the middle of the list separating refined-enchanted items and non-refined-enchanted items), and the prices would be difficult to compare. Also if it is possible, can the display of card/enchants be in the same line/row? Right now, everything has a line for itself, hence it uses up more vertical space, which results in more scrolling/less results on the same screen, which is not that convenient when you're searching for popular items.. BUT I think this would be not a problem if an additional search field for enchants is implemented (as it would filter out at least more than half of the items). The mouse-over location map is for the vendor is great though, no need to pop up a separate window anymore. ----- So far that's the issues I've been facing in the new control panel, as for the rest, it would take some time for me to get used to, but I think they're fine. Thanks for your hard work!
  5. Azrion

    Knight NT Vanilla WoE Gear

    Wow man, thanks for the detailed response, this is what I'm looking for
  6. Azrion

    Knight NT Vanilla WoE Gear

    I do have a rough idea as shown above. I already am in a guild. Just looking for more advice/opinions so I don't go around buying the wrong gears and wasting money. Hope to get more definitive responses.. thanks
  7. Azrion

    Knight NT Vanilla WoE Gear

    Hi, as stated by title, I'm looking for advice on the standard set of gears to equip a Knight for NT Vanilla WoE. I played WoE in the official servers long time ago and this is what I have in mind (incomplete). Upper Headgear: _____ Mid Headgear: STR Mid (card) Lower Headgear: Pirate Dagger Armor: Armor (Marc/Ghostring) Weapon: +10 Pike (2x Hydra 2x Skel Worker) Garment: Manteau (Raydric) Shoes: Boots (Matyr) Accessory: 2x Rings (Mantis) Thank you in advance for your replies (please don't just give a link of the itemdb) *I don't know whether it's better to use spear or 1h sword here
  8. Azrion

    B> Arrow of Counter Evil

    B> Arrow of Counter Evil Please leave your IGN or pm Azrion in-game. Thanks! Edit: Bought. Thanks