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  1. 520x100 banner - GIFs 520x100 banner - PNGs ------------------------- 468x80 banner - GIFs
  2. Wow man, thanks for the detailed response, this is what I'm looking for
  3. I do have a rough idea as shown above. I already am in a guild. Just looking for more advice/opinions so I don't go around buying the wrong gears and wasting money. Hope to get more definitive responses.. thanks
  4. Hi, as stated by title, I'm looking for advice on the standard set of gears to equip a Knight for NT Vanilla WoE. I played WoE in the official servers long time ago and this is what I have in mind (incomplete). Upper Headgear: _____ Mid Headgear: STR Mid (card) Lower Headgear: Pirate Dagger Armor: Armor (Marc/Ghostring) Weapon: +10 Pike (2x Hydra 2x Skel Worker) Garment: Manteau (Raydric) Shoes: Boots (Matyr) Accessory: 2x Rings (Mantis) Thank you in advance for your replies (please don't just give a link of the itemdb) *I don't know whether it's better to use spear or 1h sword here
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