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  1. I must find Moozika and remove them, there can only be one Lol Talon has many talents, a natural sense of direction is not one
  2. @Aryll Hah, gotcha, he does look like such a cutie, and cuties always get the biggest gozangas, may their center of gravity always be leaning forward @Lozaki @Sakura Miyu - Bewbs So, the thought of a group of powerful men being suddenly changed into women against their will was just so toe curling to me, that I'm starting a lil side project on it. And by side project, I'm going to just play out every terrible thought in my head that can come up from that kind of event happening possible in comic format. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  3. Bored minds breed eventful thoughts~ Hey, guys, gonna ask for your help, I was doing this on my own before I realized I don't know all the GMs, so to help me finish this piece, it'd be great if you guys could either post or PM me the names of GMs. And yea, all the dude GMs have been gender swapped, because boobs. Warning, NSFW content in spoiler
  4. Hey everyone I've realized I've made some crucial communication errors in my request form, so please, if you are on my list, PLEASE PM me with these questions answered. I will only start your commission once I receive this information, thanks guys. How many tiers did you want? :: 1, 2, or 3? If 2 Tier :: Undergarment/Nude? Clothed/Nude? Clothed/Undergarment? How are you paying? :: TC or Zeny? Thanks everyone!
  5. Well, now you have a version with and without! It's a bonus lol
  6. Laughing, forgot about the crown thing, removed the crown And any time guys, I'll be waiting for your PM Aryll NSFW content in spoiler
  7. Hey, hey! So I got one of the commissions put together, took a couple days spending an hour or so on it at a time, which turns out stresses me way less to get done. Warning, NSFW content in spoiler and DA link ----> http://ayudasin.deviantart.com/art/Miyu-661887963?ga_submit_new=10%3A1486368828&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
  8. I wanted a slot, but instead I'll just cry and cheer from back here
  9. Hey guys! Been real busy with work, but I'm working hard on people's drafts whenever the opportunity presents itself. It looks like I'll have plenty of free time in the next coming weeks, and when I have free time, I can pump out art like baby bunnies. And I'm really trying to think of some fun things to do with you guys, since waiting around for art from me sounds as exciting as trying to figure out a vague stain on your bathroom wall. So, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to PM me or post it. Also the lil blinky sexy up there is Yoshimi's girl, Teno
  10. Hey, guys! Working on commissions and my own stuff, little update of an example for 3 Tier work. This is Kit - if you click the link, you can watch her undress. WARNING : link contains NSFW 18+ material, http://orig15.deviantart.net/dd0d/f/2017/026/1/9/hyeeaa_by_ayudasin-dawv31i.gif
  11. @Bifrost Lol yeah don't worry, I'm not saying they forced my hand, I was joking that I had this big bold rule and I was the first to break it because I'm a poop baby about disappointing people, and rejecting them at this point would be like ULTIMATE DISAPPOINTMENT, which if I couldn't say no before that would kill me now lol @Mefiliae Omg I love it, pantie boy and god complex chicky, also send me the story! I love me some back story!
  12. Hey guys, so I dunno if anyone noticed before but I had this big "WONT TAKE MORE THAN 1 ILLUSTRATION" scary looking threat on the front of my shop and how I totally kicked that into a puddle out on the street and now have 4 illustration commissions and 3 Skeechis, yeah.. That happened. So, this means the store is Full and will stay that way for an estimated month. Though my Commission status will be closed for a while, I will be hosting lil events to keep the blood warm in this place. @Mefiliae Oh yeah sure, each character is priced as a single anyways, so you can do whatever that suggests.
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