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  1. When your boyfriend loves JarJar Binks. /heh

    1. Jee One

      Jee One

      JarJar Binks is bae <3. id lick up every crevice of his body ;]


    2. jessu


      Dat ain't me tho :v ohwhales. 


    3. Sachi


      You mean ex, right? =P

  2. That awkward moment when your bf has the hots for your cousin/ene

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    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Our beloved Starshine @GM Spica provides gasoline, I just bring the fire /lv

    3. Callia Aravaris

      Callia Aravaris

      @GM Spica @GM Luna Perfect! Let's get this party started! :3

    4. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      Roaaarrrr! Let's do it! /fsh

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