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  1. Is it the orcs that need a redo or is it also the ones on the instagram post?
  2. IGN [Kurai] I've never drawn a hibiscus before so i hope they look okay ^^:; resized:
  3. @GM Lance we ready XD where do we go?
  4. i've never done a PVM event before, how do we get there? ^^;;
  5. Party Leader: [Kurai] Party name: KuraiCrew
  6. SAI, wacom cintique my tablet doesn't have the right screen to draw digitally
  7. took a couple hours but it was a welcome break from comics. good luck everyone!
  8. Oh dear, does copying mean we can't copy other games HEADGEAR or can we do things inspired from other games? (missed that one line) nvm already been asked and all good? :Dc example of use animation: red glows off and on Example of use and back view of the double ribbon of the hat @GM Zelda u know u want it
  9. ah well. at least my singing entertained the guildies
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