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  1. updated slot availability and examples ^^
  2. IGN [Kurai] I've never drawn a hibiscus before so i hope they look okay ^^:; resized:
  3. ok then, can you meet up in hugel? we'll do exchange and I'll take some screenshots for the pic (if you're the target)
  4. Yush! it's almost bed time here but i'll be getting to some commission stoof again sunday. What would you like to order?
  5. Got 2-3 slots available in the following styles 1) Full colour/render, pattern background -120m - 1 slot available 2) Sketch full colour - 45mil - 2 slots available 3) Cell shade with lighting/background effects - 40mil - 1-2 slots available I have one slot for tonight and the other two to be completed in the next 3 weeks, thankyou for looking! 1) 2) 3)
  6. if you have any of the files from before and can grab the file name i may be able to locate the original so i dont have to make a new base
  7. okay finally having a chance to reply LOL going to be looking through commission requests and responding to your messages asap
  8. @GM Lance we ready XD where do we go?
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