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  1. Misterarchies

    Who dropped a nightmare card yet ?

    I think they mean the new nightmare monster cards. The databases don't have them yet, but the item numbers are still there and can be searched with the selling database. They start from nightmare amon ra at 4652 to nightmare verit at 4658. A nightmare verit is selling for 5.9m, but who knows what the price will be when people figure out how to find them.
  2. Misterarchies

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    It's a treasure poring from the same patch as the dagger of edda quest.
  3. Misterarchies

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    I gave a lot of every type of food mentioned in the thread. Like I had 20 something well dried bone and tons of steaks. I also kept giving roses. Maybe it has something to do with that. I also finished on the love path and came back and gave her more.
  4. Misterarchies

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Is it this? I just got it for getting 30 something heart stickers.
  5. Misterarchies

    Gem cutting chances collaboration

    Values made a post a few years ago with a lot of data that is closer to what you are getting. I've just been assuming that it's true, but I'd really like to know for sure.
  6. Misterarchies

    Help with leveling

    I really liked this guide for leveling.
  7. Misterarchies

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Got a Cloth Palette Pack from advance box.
  8. Misterarchies

    S> Lion egg cheap rush

  9. Misterarchies

    S> Lion egg cheap rush

    Selling a lion egg, I'll take any reasonable offer. PM me.
  10. Misterarchies

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    A+ service, true pros. If I ever need to buy seals again, I'm going to use this service.