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  1. Hani sorry I was afk earlier... I've been given a task haha

  2. Ms. Valhalla? hahaha

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    2. Miss Hana

      Miss Hana

      Hi wendy. I think from the account setting. Yes. I am. :D

    3. Wendy-hime <3

      Wendy-hime <3

      OOh there I changed it. Thanks Hana(?) (so you're Hana and I've been mistakenly calling you Hani, gosh I'm embarrassed)

    4. Miss Hana

      Miss Hana

      You're welcome. Hm.. my family member usually called me Hani. So, I'm okay if you keep calling me that. 

  3. Hello, good morning all ! :)

    1. Athalla


      hi..good evening..