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  1. This is adorable, I to am curious, will you be making more?
  2. /fsh


    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      I refuse to share my cookie dough ice creamΒ /ene

    2. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      We are doing aΒ /fshemoticon chain that you started.



  3. Who needs fancy pancy headgears when you can save up for amazing artsu! welcome, sir! I hope you receive lots of request and I may call upon your artistic skills in the future ~
  4. art shop

    Requesting to be placed on the waiting list for a group commission of four characters, let me know when you are ready to sketch and I will send the details via PM.
  5. o/

    Celestial Greetings Tezha! I hope the blessings of the stars and moon will be in your favour as you journey through TalonRO ~ If you haven't discovered already, head over to our control panel Click here for cool stuff like, generating a tRO sig, guild database, item data base and so much more.
  6. Everyone did a marvellous job and I wish I could give them all the winning prize. Looking forward to our next arty farty event, congraulations once again to our winners
  7. 2017 Winners Announcement Celestial Greetings beloved Talonians, First and foremost, let me start off by saying this contest has not been an easy one to judge, each participant should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such astonishing artwork. On behalf of me and the rest of the GM team, we would like to thank you dearly for your craftsmanship and hard efforts. Furthermore, and a brief reminder to all winners, you may only win once, should your entry win in two categories this does not necessarily mean you will be granted additional prizes as stated in the official rules of the contest. Rules Login Screen Winners Winners of this category will win - 30 Talon coins + April Monthly Box & Lora Pet: Huge congratulations to both @Hyuki69 @crayna Loading Screen Winners Winners of this category will win - 30 Talon Conis + April Monthly Box: Congratulations to the following winners in this category: @yawnallday @Mistreil @Kurai ShΓ³nin @Nheki Runners up In this category, you will win – April Monthly Box. A commendation to the following winners in the runners up category: @Arcelle @yawnallday @Nheki @Pneuma @BurgerSteak @Graytea The prize will be given out in the days to come, once again we would like to thank all participants! Until next time.
  8. art shop

    I love her to bits, thank you again @fumiddition
  9. Ohhhh my god! Looks like I'll be saving up for your services arty farty sir!
  10. Garden of Heaven's 'The Real Housewives' - Episode 1


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    2. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      We're slaying that bunny look!Β /fsh

    3. GM Elixia

      GM Elixia

      We whip our Hare back and forth!Β /hehΒ 

    4. β˜† STYLE β˜†

      β˜† STYLE β˜†

      Now you all have to fight, maybe go to jail for tax fraud πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. art shop

    Omggggg artsuuuuuuu would like to be placed on the waiting list please, once confirmed I'll fill out the form