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  1. Artsu by tRO most loved star - GM Spica Greetings Fashionista! Welcome to the TalonRO fashion event! We say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with this event, so dust off those costumes, put on those fancy shoes and get ready to pose! ☀️ Entries must be Summer themed. ☀️ Entries can be a group shot but everyone in the screenshot must be dressed up. ☀️ Multiple entries are allowed, but you will only win once, please edit your original post. ☀️Entries MUST be placed into a Polaroid Frame which we have provided in the spoiler/link below or your own frame that MUST include "TalonRO & TalonRO.com" as shown in below example. Failure to add this will result in your disqualification of the event. ☀️ In the Polaroid frame, the grey area is where your screenshots will need to be. DO NOT remove the tRO watermark. ☀️ Use this link to download the frame above - Fashion Polaroid ☀️ Entries must be completely original, and you can't copy from someone else. ☀️You are NOT allowed to edit your entry by adding sprites. ☀️You are allowed to use any sorts of filters that your screenshot could benefit from. ☀️ Include your IGN along with your entry and the GM Challenge you have decided to take on as this might not be obvious. ☀️Original screenshots should be included in a spoiler. July 22nd 01:00am Server time Up for a challenge? Why not take on a few of these GM Challenges, for the following challenges, you can complete as many as you wish, but you may only earn up to 6 bonus Talon Coins total, and the chosen GM MUST LIKE your entry to win extra rewards. [GM Luna] Summer Fun Get together with at least three other players and take a selfie together on a beach, you must all be wearing a headgear that has the name "summer" in it for example - Summer hat or Summer balloons. [GM Haru] Fired Up Only use the colours yellow, orange, and red in your entry/costumes. [GM Spica] Pink Sands Your entry must be taking place in Comodo City. [GM Aqua] Mermaid Moment Include an aquatic-themed item in your entry. Ex: Starfish Headband, Shark Hat, Octopus Hat, etc. [GM Zelda] Wing it! Include at least three pairs of wings in your outfit. [GM Mikzie] Midgard Valor Strike a pose during battle. [GM Radius] The Pet Decorative Have a pet wearing a pet accessory next to you. [GM Seiren] Summer Indoors Make a summery photo indoors. [GM Blackstar] Assassin's Protocol Have a Stealth theme item in your look. Item examples: assassin mask. Dark blinder. [GM Ktulu] Scientific Experiment Looking (no need to be) smart [GM Gowther] Celestial Powers! Add any costume that looks celestial spark and shiny! [GM Lance] Bunny Couture Join the rabbit cult by including a bunny-themed costume! [GM Alisa] Fae Friends Wear pink or other light pastel colours and have a costume/headgear that is fairy related. There will only be three winners: First place winner ☀️ Interview with GM Luna on what inspired your creation which will be featured on our Instagram page. ☀️GM Box Pick either a Zelda, Luna or Spica. ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Second place winner ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Third place winner ☀️ July Monthly Box We wish you all the best of luck The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
  2. Thank you @Aluria for this amazing artsu! 76360722-B272-455F-9FFD-27CBB198947C.thumb.jpeg.ce266382fbe88b1ff8a2c0b606137248.jpeg

    1. Lydia 🎀

      Lydia 🎀

      As always so pretty like you in real life /lv2

    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Lydia ... I blush now /shy. Thank you for the sweet comment /lv

  3. Who’s up for some brain training? tRO style! If you’ve answered “I am” and want to win a really cool prize check out our latest event over on our Instagram page @officialtalonro for Summer Crossword Puzzle details.

    This really cute item is up for grabs and with our TalonRO fashion event coming soon this will be worth having in your collection /lv


  4. Chibi Luna by the talented @rhapshie !  /lv Thank you so much. 

    1. Lydia 🎀

      Lydia 🎀

      really cuteee, like you in real uwu

      UwU.gif + rant by Captain-Chompers on DeviantArt

  5. I believe entries from 1-12 will be displayed on next patch @GM Seiren is this correct?
  6. Greetings beloved Demi-Gods This decision has not been an easy one, and all entries to our Spring Loading Screen contest deserves to win, but unfortunately, there can only be one but trust me when I say this, it has been a difficult one, and we wish we could crown you all winners. Due to the quality of entries, we have decided to change the prizes. (this is highlighted in red) On behalf of the GM team, and I thank you so much for entering and creating such beautiful masterpieces. You will get: 🌸1 Custom Spring Mavka Pet(Guys. It's PINK. @GM Haziel really outdid himself on this one!)Pet provides you with 2% earth resistance, 1% damage to fire property)1 Flower Blossom Costume 15 Talon Coins 20 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to @Aanwal You will get: 🌸1 Flower Blossom Costume 🌸1 Custom Spring Mavka Pet15 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to @oddvisuals & @Yiyi (this was 4th - 8th but we've changed it to 12th place winners) You will get: 🌸 8 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to: @Mayunnaize @Kumacy @AG. @vardyger @Hayahay @Kyatara @IceDryst @Pneuma @Sollertia 5 Talon coins will be rewarded (no particular order) @Graytea @Aluria @Uzume @Magnolia~ @YuRaiden @ironpeg @jassieteacake @Jing @kiirokurage @Feliciteas @baalaaboom @Rinny Rin @MadameTarantula @agilazo @Alunsina @xRana Your prizes will be mailed to you in the coming days/weeks we ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you once again. (if I've missed anyone please PM me and i will look into it - sorry for any inconvenience)
  7. You can also check on our main page - www.talonro.com and on the top right should also show the server time.
  8. -sending positive energy- you can do it sir
  9. Am sure that is not the case, don’t ever apologise for having great talent. If an artisan has been demotivated by your entry then they do not deserve to be called an artist. Keep your head high, greatness await those who are willing to take the path to victory.
  10. Don’t forget to add one of the tRO official logo to your art work. Links have been added to the post above. @vardyger I do apologise for the inconvenience, please could you edit you masterpiece.
  11. Demi-Gods of tRO I am back with another reminder. 

    🌟Do you like to draw?
    🌙Is the inner Picasso in you screaming to be set free?
    ☀️Do you want to win some super cool, amazing prizes?

    If you have answered yes to the above, then please head over to our Official Event topic here on the forums, we are still currently hosting our Spring Loading Screen Contest, and there's still time to join!

    We look forward to seeing your amazing masterpieces.

    Don't forget to leave us some love on RMS as well. /lv

  12. Beloved Demi-Gods of tRO

    Don’t forget we are hosting a A.M.A (ask me anything) event on discord Thursday 2nd April 5 PM server time.

    Hope to see you all there /lv

  13. Beloved Demi-Gods of tRO!

    I hope you are keeping well /lv

    Just a few reminders:

    *Please don't forget to leave us some love on RMS.

    * We are currently holding a social media event on our Instagram page so please check that out when you have a moment.

    *Check out the official event topic page for some really cool ongoing events.


    Stayed tuned we have so much more for you! /kis

  14. We will send them out to you in the upcoming days
  15. First and foremost I would like to thank you all who participated in our 2019 Winter Baking Contest, as always it was not easy to judge and we wish we could crown you all number one, but there must be a winner so here are your top three 2019 Winter Baking Contest winners Entries were judged on story, baking instructions and final piece. Our First place winner @Ashadia As first place winner you receive: 🌟 Wool Hat Costume You can pick either the white version or peachy version. This headgear is not account bound 🌟 15TC 🌟 Fantastic cooking set 🌟 Level 10 cooking book Second & Third Place Winners: @silitlecet & @Ribbet As second & third place winners you will receive: 🌟 Wool hat costume - can pick either the white version or peachy version. This headgear is not account bound . 🌟 10TC 🌟 Fantastic cooking set 🌟Honorable Mentions🌟 @kERoball & @NijiBemani 🌟Chef Hat
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