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  1. I hope you get a chance to join!
  2. This sounds delicious and making me hungry! This is fine. Just keep things PG and not 18+ horror.
  3. Yes that’s right. More on the lines of a Disney horror story rather than a Freddy Kruger nightmare.
  4. Greetings to you all citizens of Midgard! With the cozy chills of the Holiday season, we're pleased to open this year's Holiday Cook Off! What a rough year right? So nothing better to make it happier with a bit of Holiday Cooking. We want to see those recipes that bring a smile to your face and remind you of good times you spend with friends and family during this time of year. We would absolutely love to see some traditional recipes with a TalonRO spin to them! This will test your creativity with both cooking and story telling! 🍪 Create story that does not exceed 1,500 words, let your creativity flow through you! 🥛 The dish will need to be TalonRO / RO related. Not just any dish and giving it a Ragnarok name. There must be a clear TalonRO / RO theme and explanation is a must if the connection is not obvious. 🍪 Make sure to write down and take pictures of all necessary steps that you have done as well as the ingredients that you have used to achieve your award winning dish! 🥛 If you are baking, make sure to include the Celsius or Farenheit 🍪 Make sure to include your IGN somewhere in the photograph of your dish so that we'll confirm that you made it. 🥛 Name your creation! 🍪 You must absolutely include a final picture. 🥛 Last and not least, make sure YOU HANDCRAFT your recipe. Online recipes or choices can inspire you, but make sure you post the entire recipe you've used and make it RO-themed somehow. January 20th 2021 00:01 Server time Luna's Angeling Beef & Onion Pie with mash potatoes and mixed vegetables May the blessing of the Divine Poring king be with you, young adventurers, you who wish to reach the summit may this pie bring you warmth and strength needed for your journey. Story Time Hide contents On the outskirts of Kamidal Mountain, the snowfall is harsh, and the howling winds will cut through the strongest of steel, those who venture into the unknown unprepared will meet an unforgivable fate. *** It has been three years since that encounter, unforgettable day, Sakura and I were rescued from a cluster Dolomedes. We decided one day to adventure into the mountains around El Dicastes, we heard stories of beautiful gems found upon the mountains and with Christmas closing in we thought that these would make lovely gifts. We didn't expect the storm would rage this much, and then we felt it, vibrations coming from the ground, something ... something was coming towards us, but we couldn't see through the blizzard, in the distance we could see glowing light moving against the white snow. Sakura: " Captain, run!" Captain: "No, I won't leave you behind." At that moment, I thought that it couldn't end like this; they are waiting for us, our family, and our friends. Then I saw it this fiery light dancing in the distance, and something told me to run towards it. Run. Run. RUN I told myself, get up and RUN. "Sakura, give me your hand." We ran toward that warm light, and there she stood, a young girl with silver hair and what I could see a fiery scarf around her neck, what was a young girl doing out in the middle of nowhere and by herself and why was she starring at the sky like that and the storm didn't affect her. I shouted out "Can you help us, please, they are coming for us". Our eyes met, blood-red eyes looking right through my soul, she pointed at the sky, and a giant fiery bird appeared from the sky and hovered above us, it spread its wings, and the snow melted behind the mountain cliff, and a hut appeared and there stood another young girl who looked like a Valkyrie. At this moment the monsters caught up to us, but they dare not move any further, baring their fangs at us. "Seasons greetings, Adventures. Do not fear. They dare not come any closer. You look hungry, why don't I show you how to make my Angeling Pie?" How to make Angeling Pie Hide contents Preparing the pastry – shortcrust pastry If you have the time you can prepare the pastry the night before. If you are short on time you will need to make the pastry 1hr before cooking and let it set in the fridge. I will be making two batches of pastry one for the bottom of and one for the top & decorations. The below measure reflects this. Plain flour 440g Unsalted Butter 300g 4-6 tsp of cold water or milk 2 teaspoons of Salt · Shift 220g plain flour & 150g unsalted butter into mixing bowl and rub together with the tips of your fingers until it resembles breadcrumb texture. It is important not to mix it with your hands as we do not want the butter to melt quickly. Note: If you have a food processor you can use this as well but when mixing everything together make sure you pulse (short bursts) the mix and not a continuous mix. Once the mixture has turned into fine breadcrumbs first add 1tsp of water or milk and mix, then add another teaspoon. Normally 2 tsp will be enough. but if you feel your mixture is little dry then add another teaspoon. Sprinkle some flour on surface and wrap your pastry in cling film and place into fridge. 15min before cooking take your pastry out of the fridge. Beef and Onion filling 1 beef stockpot 1 veg stockpot 2 tablespoons of Worchester Sauce 1 tablespoon of Virgin olive oil 1 large onion 2 teaspoons of pepper 2 teaspoons of salt 100g beef 500ml hot water 1 egg · (Personal preferences) put the beef pieces in a strainer and hold it under cold water to get rid of any excess blood from the packaging and then place in a bowl. Turn the stove on medium heat and add olive oil into a pot. While waiting for the oil to heat go ahead and start chopping your onion. Once the pot is heated add the onion in, stir for a bit until soft but not brown then add in the beef. Add in salt and pepper Cook until the beef is little brown on the outside, turn them once in while so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. While the beef is cooking you can make your stock. In a measuring glass add the beef and veg stock and then add 500ml of hot water and stir. Once the beef has browned add in the stock and let it simmer for few mins. Then transfer into slow cooker and cook for two hours, if you do not have a slower cooker you can leave on the stove on a low heat. This is to help tenderise the beef and bring the flavours together. 2 hours later Prepare the Mash Potatoes Peel and cut the potatoes then place in a bowl of cold water so they do not dry out. Cut into piece so they do not take too long to soften. Blind Baking the pastry We do this so the bottom of the pie is not wet and the sauce doesn’t soak through. Coat your baking dish with butter and take one half of the pastry and place into your baking dish, with a glass or spoon carefully mold the pastry to the shape of the dish. Place some cling film in the pastry bowl and fill with 1 or 2 small cups of rice or clay beans then seal the top of the cling film. Place in the oven at 190c for 10 minutes and then take the rice bag out of the dish, return to oven, and leave for another 5mintues for the bottom of the pastry to turn brown. Once done take out of the oven and place to one side. Making mash potatoes In a pot add hot water and bring to boil. Drain away the cold water from the potatoes and add to the hot water. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and poke a potato piece to see if it is soft. (while waiting you can start preparing the top part of the pie) Once soft drain away water and add in 2 tablespoons of butter and a pinch of salt and mix. Note: you can use milk or cream as well. With a potato masher (or a fork) mash potatoes pieces until they become fluffy, I personally like my mash potatoes to have small potatoes bits inside. Top part of the pie & the filling (this can be done while you are waiting for the potatoes to boil) Roll out the second part of your pastry on to a flat surface dusted with some flour and cut in half, one part will be used for the top layer and the other will be used to decorate the pie. Place to one side. Add the beef and onion to the pie dish add a little bit of the stock so the pie is not dry on the instead. Break the egg into a small bowl and beat with a pastry brush line the outer part of the dish with egg and then place the flat pastry on top and with a small knife cut any excess pastry away. With a fork gently press the sides down to steal the bottom and top together. Coat the top part of with some egg. With the left-over pastry start to create your decoration, use a small knife to help shape each piece. Note: The oven dish I used is 17cm, the decoration on top ended up being little big so I needed to cut a lot away to get it to fit on top of the pie. Coat the top of the pie with egg and it is ready to go into the oven for 25 – 30min at 220c Do not forget to make a few slits on the pie so it can breathe while cooking. Once the potatoes are done you can go ahead and boil the veg, which takes 3min Then plate up and serve, this dish feed 2 people but you could probably feed 3 depending on the portions Then serve everything on to a plate Few notes after taking my first bite: I made the decoration pastry little too thick, make sure decoration at the top is thin. Also, felt I could have chopped the beef in half again to get more meat with each bite. My sauce didn’t end up being as thick as I wanted it to be, if you want a thicker sauce before placing the diced beef into the pot coat them in some flour mixed with salt and pepper. 🍪 Top three winners Loyal BonusWhen summoned,Increases duration of Stat foods by 50%. 🍪 20 Talon Coins 🥛 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 1 Lv. 10 Cookbook 🥛 1 Fantastic Cooking Kit 🍪 4th place: 🥛 20 Talon Coins 🍪 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 5th place: 🥛 15 Talon Coins 🍪 1 Monthly Costume Box 🍪 Participation Prize 🥛 1 Lv. 10 Food Bundle. Yes, you heard me right! You get a prize just for submitting a valid entry. Some food porn for us, some food help for you. Win-win! How about some extra prizes? You can include up to three of our Challenges in your whole meal! If you are chosen as one of the 5 winners, only then will these TC prizes will be added to your main prize. Non-winners will not be eligible for the extra TC's. Do make sure to let us know which challenges you chose, by indicating them on your post. GM Zelda Challenge: Belly Ache - Show us a recipe that uses at least half a kilogram of sugar and include a bellyache from eating too much of it in your story. - 2TC GM Spica Challenge: Milky Way Galaxy - Your recipe must include milk or cream. - 2TC GM Radius Challenge: Santa had a little lamb - Include two types of meat in your dish, one of them needs to be mutton. - 2TC GM Blackstar Challenge: Show Stopper! use 2-5 of your ingredients used in your recipe as decorative presentation for your dish. - 2TC GM Lance Challenge: I Have Fillings For You! make a sweet or savory pie as part of your festive dish. - 2TC GM Ktulu Challenge: Alembic - Incorporate any alcohol to strengthen the savor like a chef ! - 2TC GM Luna Challenge: Heart warming dish - Make a fiery creation, include some chilies to your dish! - 2TC GM Alisa Challenge: Avid Gamer - Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. - 3TC GM Xing Challenge: Nightmare before Christmas - Use any red ingredient as Blood or, Powdered Sugar as Snow in your story. Make a horror holiday story which have a kid as the protagonist. - 2TC The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
  5. Hi @IceDryst Thank you for brining this to our attention, I have sent you a PM in regards to above.
  6. On behalf of the GM team and myself, we would like to say thank you to everyone who submitted their entries into this contest! Participates should be very proud of themselves for creating excellent artwork. If we could crown you all winners, then we would, but unfortunately, there can only be a handful. 🌟 Your design will be used in game. 🌟 15TC 🌟 Gift of Panagia Costume - #21322 🌟 High Orc baby pet - Loyal Bonus when summoned - Receive 15% less damage from Small size monster. ---- Orc Zombie - @IceDryst Orc Archer - @IceDryst Orc Lord - @niniane 🌙 10TC 🌙 September Monthly box ---- Orc Zombie - @carlaapostol Orc Archer - @Tokun Orc Lord - @IceDryst ☀️ September monthly box ---- Orc Zombie - @niniane Orc Archer - @carlaapostol Orc Lord - @Tokun ☀️ 5TC ---- Orc Zombie - @AG. Orc Archer - @Kumacy Orc Lord - @carlaapostol
  7. Thank you @hika for this beautiful artsu! 


  8. Hi Kurai, only the orcs mentioned in this event require redesigning (Orc Lord, Orc Archer and Orc Zombie)
  9. You got this! Can’t wait to see those entries
  10. Artisan TamTam by tRO beloved star - @GM Spica Greetings beloved Demi-Gods of TalonRO! We hope you are all enjoying the summer fun so far. With that being said, who is up for more fun? That’s right! The staff has arranged another Art Contest and anyone can join!! We have a whole bunch of cards that needs a new design and we need your help in doing so! This event will take place once or twice a year and will feature different cards that require a makeover. Below you will find the details and rules, please read them carefully and as always if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Artisans, we wish you all the best of luck and may goddess of fortune shine in your favour. 🌟 To redesign the following cards to fit the tRO aesthetic of cute and funny. 🌟 Entries must be original, never used before artwork, and cannot be copies from someone else's work. 🌟 Entries may be hand-drawn image or digital art. 🌟 Please reply to this post with your in game name. 🌟 Entries must be in a PNG file with a 1200(W) x 1600(H) size. 🌟 Please do not add a frame as this will be added by the GM team. 🌟 You may enter multiple times but note that you will only win once for each card. For example if you enter with three orc zombie card designs this will only count as one entry. IMPORTANT NOTE: For each card (orc zombie, orc lord and orc archer) the GM team will vote for the top three winners BUT only the artist who is voted first place will have their design featured in game. 🌟 First place winner 🌟 Your design will be used in game. 15TC Gift of Panagia Costume - #21322 (Designed by the amazing @GM Haziel) High orc baby pet. Loyal Bonus when summoned - Receive 15% less damage from Small size monster. 🌟Second place winner 🌟 10TC September Monthly box 🌟Third place winner September Monthly box 🌟 Honorable Mentions 5TC 17th September 2020 at 01:00am The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
  11. The Moon & The Stars by the talented @rhapshie thank you /lv


    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      Moon+Star(Spica+Luna) alliance vs Sun (Soleil)

    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      No battling to the death today! /heh

  12. Thank you, everyone, who joined in with our first Fashion Event, this was not easy to judge as all of you did a fantastic job because of this we have decided to add fourth place winner into the mix and changed the prizes for our third place winner. Congratulations to our top four winners First place: @Satomi Yamamoto Prizes: ☀️ Interview with GM Luna on what inspired your creation which will be featured on our Instagram page. ☀️GM Box Pick either a Zelda, Luna or Spica. ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC ☀️ plus any TC from GM Challenge for the winning screenshot only. Winning Screenshot Second place winner @jojing Prizes: ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC ☀️ plus any TC won from GM Challenge for the winning screenshot only. Winning Screenshot Third Place Winner @AnikennSkyWalker Prizes: ☀️July Monthly box ☀️ 5TC ☀️ plus any TC won from GM Challenge for the winning screenshot only. Winning Screenshot Fourth place winner @Zeiniru Prize: ☀️ July monthly box Winning Screenshot Prizes will be sent in the coming days.
  13. tRO Art Contest

    Greetings Demi-Gods of tRO! GM Spica and I have put together a fun art contest that anyone can join, a DTYS challenge.

    What does DTYS mean I hear you ask? “Do this in your style”. That’s right, you will need to recreate our beloved Pirate Tamtam in your own style. This can be in digital art, tradition art or different type of media! 

    Head over to our Instagram page @officialtalonro or follow this link TalonRO Art Contest for further details.

    Good luck /lv

  14. Thank you for everybody who participated, believe me when I say this won’t be easy to judge and wish we could crown you all first place winners. Winners will announced in the coming days
  15. Artsu by tRO most loved star - GM Spica Greetings Fashionista! Welcome to the TalonRO fashion event! We say goodbye to spring and welcome summer with this event, so dust off those costumes, put on those fancy shoes and get ready to pose! ☀️ Entries must be Summer themed. ☀️ Entries can be a group shot but everyone in the screenshot must be dressed up. ☀️ Multiple entries are allowed, but you will only win once, please edit your original post. ☀️Entries MUST be placed into a Polaroid Frame which we have provided in the spoiler/link below or your own frame that MUST include "TalonRO & TalonRO.com" as shown in below example. Failure to add this will result in your disqualification of the event. ☀️ In the Polaroid frame, the grey area is where your screenshots will need to be. DO NOT remove the tRO watermark. ☀️ Use this link to download the frame above - Fashion Polaroid ☀️ Entries must be completely original, and you can't copy from someone else. ☀️You are NOT allowed to edit your entry by adding sprites. ☀️You are allowed to use any sorts of filters that your screenshot could benefit from. ☀️ Include your IGN along with your entry and the GM Challenge you have decided to take on as this might not be obvious. ☀️Original screenshots should be included in a spoiler. July 22nd 01:00am Server time Up for a challenge? Why not take on a few of these GM Challenges, for the following challenges, you can complete as many as you wish, but you may only earn up to 6 bonus Talon Coins total, and the chosen GM MUST LIKE your entry to win extra rewards. [GM Luna] Summer Fun Get together with at least three other players and take a selfie together on a beach, you must all be wearing a headgear that has the name "summer" in it for example - Summer hat or Summer balloons. [GM Haru] Fired Up Only use the colours yellow, orange, and red in your entry/costumes. [GM Spica] Pink Sands Your entry must be taking place in Comodo City. [GM Aqua] Mermaid Moment Include an aquatic-themed item in your entry. Ex: Starfish Headband, Shark Hat, Octopus Hat, etc. [GM Zelda] Wing it! Include at least three pairs of wings in your outfit. [GM Mikzie] Midgard Valor Strike a pose during battle. [GM Radius] The Pet Decorative Have a pet wearing a pet accessory next to you. [GM Seiren] Summer Indoors Make a summery photo indoors. [GM Blackstar] Assassin's Protocol Have a Stealth theme item in your look. Item examples: assassin mask. Dark blinder. [GM Ktulu] Scientific Experiment Looking (no need to be) smart [GM Gowther] Celestial Powers! Add any costume that looks celestial spark and shiny! [GM Lance] Bunny Couture Join the rabbit cult by including a bunny-themed costume! [GM Alisa] Fae Friends Wear pink or other light pastel colours and have a costume/headgear that is fairy related. There will only be three winners: First place winner ☀️ Interview with GM Luna on what inspired your creation which will be featured on our Instagram page. ☀️GM Box Pick either a Zelda, Luna or Spica. ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Second place winner ☀️ July Monthly box ☀️ 10 TC Third place winner ☀️ July Monthly Box We wish you all the best of luck The GM team reserve the right to disqualify any entries without further explanation.
  16. Thank you @Aluria for this amazing artsu! 76360722-B272-455F-9FFD-27CBB198947C.thumb.jpeg.ce266382fbe88b1ff8a2c0b606137248.jpeg

    1. Lydia 🎀

      Lydia 🎀

      As always so pretty like you in real life /lv2

    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Lydia ... I blush now /shy. Thank you for the sweet comment /lv

  17. Who’s up for some brain training? tRO style! If you’ve answered “I am” and want to win a really cool prize check out our latest event over on our Instagram page @officialtalonro for Summer Crossword Puzzle details.

    This really cute item is up for grabs and with our TalonRO fashion event coming soon this will be worth having in your collection /lv


  18. Chibi Luna by the talented @rhapshie !  /lv Thank you so much. 

    1. Lydia 🎀

      Lydia 🎀

      really cuteee, like you in real uwu

      UwU.gif + rant by Captain-Chompers on DeviantArt

  19. I believe entries from 1-12 will be displayed on next patch @GM Seiren is this correct?
  20. Greetings beloved Demi-Gods This decision has not been an easy one, and all entries to our Spring Loading Screen contest deserves to win, but unfortunately, there can only be one but trust me when I say this, it has been a difficult one, and we wish we could crown you all winners. Due to the quality of entries, we have decided to change the prizes. (this is highlighted in red) On behalf of the GM team, and I thank you so much for entering and creating such beautiful masterpieces. You will get: 🌸1 Custom Spring Mavka Pet(Guys. It's PINK. @GM Haziel really outdid himself on this one!)Pet provides you with 2% earth resistance, 1% damage to fire property)1 Flower Blossom Costume 15 Talon Coins 20 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to @Aanwal You will get: 🌸1 Flower Blossom Costume 🌸1 Custom Spring Mavka Pet15 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to @oddvisuals & @Yiyi (this was 4th - 8th but we've changed it to 12th place winners) You will get: 🌸 8 Talon Coins 1 Monthly Costume Box. Congratulations to: @Mayunnaize @Kumacy @AG. @vardyger @Hayahay @Kyatara @IceDryst @Pneuma @Sollertia 5 Talon coins will be rewarded (no particular order) @Graytea @Aluria @Uzume @Magnolia~ @YuRaiden @ironpeg @jassieteacake @Jing @kiirokurage @Feliciteas @baalaaboom @Rinny Rin @MadameTarantula @agilazo @Alunsina @xRana Your prizes will be mailed to you in the coming days/weeks we ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you once again. (if I've missed anyone please PM me and i will look into it - sorry for any inconvenience)
  21. You can also check on our main page - www.talonro.com and on the top right should also show the server time.
  22. -sending positive energy- you can do it sir
  23. Am sure that is not the case, don’t ever apologise for having great talent. If an artisan has been demotivated by your entry then they do not deserve to be called an artist. Keep your head high, greatness await those who are willing to take the path to victory.
  24. Don’t forget to add one of the tRO official logo to your art work. Links have been added to the post above. @vardyger I do apologise for the inconvenience, please could you edit you masterpiece.
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