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  1. Help geffenia

    Just wanted to note that only base strength affects weight capacity, so the strength bonus from celeb won't help with that part specifically.
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    24 Culgan
  3. TalonRO curve - advice needed

    100% agree with Howrah, play the class you enjoy. Making a sinx just because it sounds like a more efficient option than your current farmer is a dead-end, unless you're sure you'll enjoy playing a sinx. If you're unsure which class to play, you can read some guides and see if something interests you. Here I'll help you get started: If Pallies and HPs don't interest you, it's okay. There are more classes and guides available. (I put classes that isn't Sniper since you're on the forums I assumed you've read Mos' sniper progression guide already) There are classes that are essential to runs like ET, there are classes that can work and can be invited, and there are classes that are better off as lone wolves. The difference between the second and the last depends on your party mates, so I highly suggest you find a group of people who are open minded. Join a guild. It also helps to have a class mastered or at least be knowledgeable about it. Lastly, if you feel like you've hit a wall from farming, take breaks in between farming sessions. Listen to podcasts or something to mix it up and not be bored by the monotonous routine. Good luck!
  4. Devo Paladin - Building your way up from scratch!

    Bump from a fellow pally!
  5. Spiral Pierce or Shield Chain

    Ahh thanks for pointing that out, corrected the wording from my previous post.
  6. Spiral Pierce or Shield Chain

    I was skeptical with this statement, but I tried it out with a Rental Brocca and it seems like it does pierce def. I used a +7 Mes [3Zipperbear] for comparison, and it does have quite a big damage difference. I also used an IP to confirm that IP target def interaction still does not work with Shield Chain. IP Rental Brocca +7 Mes [3Zipper Bear] P.S. To answer the original question, I'd go with Spiral pierce for having the benefit of getting endowed with elements if you have a Sage to do it. However, that's just personal preference. I can at least assure you that both are fun to play
  7. High VIT MVPs in ET

    Off the the top of my head, prioritize bombing Hydros, Bio3 mobs (except HW, and HPs to a lesser extent), Guardians from Thor Volcano, Mini Valk, and Angel - Incarnation of Morroc. There could be more monsters that need to be bombed, or maybe I included some that shouldn't be in that list, but in that case do some more research! Mobdb and and calc are your best friends If you're unsure, observe whether the party seems to be struggling on a particular mob. AD it and look at your damage, if it does good damage then add it to your list. As for MVPs, you're not expected to bomb them. There are some though that are worth bombing because they have high vit and because, why not? AD-ing things is fun! Nice to snatch the mvp from the snipers! Pharaoh is a personal favorite of mine to AD At the end of the day, you should familiarize yourself with the mobs you'll encounter and use your own judgment to determine whether this mob is AD worthy or not. Have fun!
  8. Can Knight or LK farm on Magma Dun

    Just to add for zerk LK, a devi garment would do wonders for your ability to mob. Any TGK armor is doable as well if you can't afford one in an FA [1]. Just lean on a wall before you hack away. Firewalls will be annoying, but you can easily move around with zerk speed anyway
  9. Costume Requirements

    Just to make it clear, which problem are you trying to solve? At the start, you wanted to solve "Newbies feeling discouraged when they see a fellow low level / non-trans wearing expensive costumes". Now you're at "Market is saturated with costumes". I see no point comparing costumes to elu/oris/kaho. The former is for aesthetic purposes, just that, while the latter is meant to add value. You can propose to make costumes add value, but then that defeats the purpose of what it was meant to be, a costume.
  10. Costume Requirements

    I don't think the problem of newbies feeling excluded will be solved by introducing more exclusivity. Gears are the real reason why newbies feel excluded, not costumes. A newbie farms and prioritizes for gears so that they can join groups that does pvm instances or guilds that does woe, not because to they to look pretty like everyone else. And even if I were a newbie and costumes were high up my priority list, I'd use my time to find a different server instead of penalizing an established low rate server by writing a bad review for not making their costumes accessible to someone who just signed up. It's not that we're lucky that it hasn't happened yet, it's just that majority of players are not that petty. I don't think hypothetical reviews are the real problem here... EDIT: It's a reality that a lot of the player base is rich considering that the server has been up for 10 years. If they get discouraged by that, then they joined an established server with the wrong expectations.
  11. S> Spider's Nest DG duo leech *Hiatus*

    Highly recommending this leech if you're buying one. They are pros at what they do, and the price is super worth it considering the quality of leech they offer.
  12. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Related to that, I got Hair Palette pack (item ID: 20859) from basic summertime box
  13. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Can confirm for Fancy Flower, you just need 1.
  14. Pifty's Low level Thor leech service(Hiatus)

    Recommending this service! Almost always available, very friendly, and finishes on time (definitely not your turtle leecher ) !
  15. Hope someone teaches me how to be in geffenia farm.

    There are lots of resources about geffenia here in the forums and in the wiki such as these: https://wiki.talonro.com/Farming_Spots_-_Geffenia#Stalker https://forum.talonro.com/topic/21817-sub-optimal-gear-and-geffenia-commitment/ Maybe read and search for the other threads with the same topic (geffenia) first, then ask specific questions once you have them. It'll be easier for forum dwellers to help you once you come up with specific questions Cheers!