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  1. High VIT MVPs in ET

    Off the the top of my head, prioritize bombing Hydros, Bio3 mobs (except HW, and HPs to a lesser extent), Guardians from Thor Volcano, Mini Valk, and Angel - Incarnation of Morroc. There could be more monsters that need to be bombed, or maybe I included some that shouldn't be in that list, but in that case do some more research! Mobdb and and calc are your best friends If you're unsure, observe whether the party seems to be struggling on a particular mob. AD it and look at your damage, if it does good damage then add it to your list. As for MVPs, you're not expected to bomb them. There are some though that are worth bombing because they have high vit and because, why not? AD-ing things is fun! Nice to snatch the mvp from the snipers! Pharaoh is a personal favorite of mine to AD At the end of the day, you should familiarize yourself with the mobs you'll encounter and use your own judgment to determine whether this mob is AD worthy or not. Have fun!
  2. Can Knight or LK farm on Magma Dun

    Just to add for zerk LK, a devi garment would do wonders for your ability to mob. Any TGK armor is doable as well if you can't afford one in an FA [1]. Just lean on a wall before you hack away. Firewalls will be annoying, but you can easily move around with zerk speed anyway
  3. Costume Requirements

    Just to make it clear, which problem are you trying to solve? At the start, you wanted to solve "Newbies feeling discouraged when they see a fellow low level / non-trans wearing expensive costumes". Now you're at "Market is saturated with costumes". I see no point comparing costumes to elu/oris/kaho. The former is for aesthetic purposes, just that, while the latter is meant to add value. You can propose to make costumes add value, but then that defeats the purpose of what it was meant to be, a costume.
  4. Costume Requirements

    I don't think the problem of newbies feeling excluded will be solved by introducing more exclusivity. Gears are the real reason why newbies feel excluded, not costumes. A newbie farms and prioritizes for gears so that they can join groups that does pvm instances or guilds that does woe, not because to they to look pretty like everyone else. And even if I were a newbie and costumes were high up my priority list, I'd use my time to find a different server instead of penalizing an established low rate server by writing a bad review for not making their costumes accessible to someone who just signed up. It's not that we're lucky that it hasn't happened yet, it's just that majority of players are not that petty. I don't think hypothetical reviews are the real problem here... EDIT: It's a reality that a lot of the player base is rich considering that the server has been up for 10 years. If they get discouraged by that, then they joined an established server with the wrong expectations.
  5. S> Spider's Nest DG duo leech

    Highly recommending this leech if you're buying one. They are pros at what they do, and the price is super worth it considering the quality of leech they offer.
  6. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Related to that, I got Hair Palette pack (item ID: 20859) from basic summertime box
  7. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Can confirm for Fancy Flower, you just need 1.
  8. Pifty's Low level Thor leech service(Hiatus)

    Recommending this service! Almost always available, very friendly, and finishes on time (definitely not your turtle leecher ) !
  9. Hope someone teaches me how to be in geffenia farm.

    There are lots of resources about geffenia here in the forums and in the wiki such as these: https://wiki.talonro.com/Farming_Spots_-_Geffenia#Stalker https://forum.talonro.com/topic/21817-sub-optimal-gear-and-geffenia-commitment/ Maybe read and search for the other threads with the same topic (geffenia) first, then ask specific questions once you have them. It'll be easier for forum dwellers to help you once you come up with specific questions Cheers!
  10. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    I love it sooo much! Thanks for putting up with my requests, and he looks so awesome.

    I had nothing better to do so I did some maths for the healing items! Assumptions: 1. You have a merch with level 10 discount 2. You roughly around 50,000 zeny budget 3. Does not take into account the monster feed the hillwinds drop 4. Does not take into account "other" healing factors such as Fricco's Shoes, char's vitality stats, etc. 5. Does not take into account the number of times of going back to kafra because "overweight" or "out of healing items" White pots 912 x 55 units = 50,160 zeny Weight = 15 each Heals for: 325 Meat 38 x 1316 units = 50,008 zeny Weight = 2 each Heals for: "a small amount of hp" If you look at its weight, this means that if 7.5 or less meats can outheal 1 white potion, meats should be the way to go. Which of it is better? It depends and varies for each player's playstyle and judgment. I did this not to point out which is better, but to pique your interest into trying these things out for a field test. You already went the trouble in making this guide and posting it in the forums, might as well go the extra mile. I could do the same for SP and having a Sage Endower, but it has too many variables and I should probably start studying now. At the end of the day, it depends on the player's preferences and their style. It's fine if you don't like grape juices and leveling up a sage, but it'd be nice if you could put it in as an option. P.S. Props to you for making a guide and trying to reach out and help new players! Good job, and I hope you don't get discouraged by comments like mine and howrah's. At the end of the day, we are just trying to help out like you.
  12. Next Equips for SinX

    If you're going dual dagger build (normal attack), then a doppel mainhand would help a lot to speed things up. I farmed sleepers using MA though. In my experience I was rarely put in a position where it got too mobby to a point that it was dangerous to use MA. In the rare occasion that I did, I just used backslide (I backslid?) then timed my MAs.
  13. Next Equips for SinX

    I second this! IP is a good offhand dagger unless you're going for something more specialized (weeder knife, xxxx carded main gauche) Even if you're not considering geff yet, IP is gonna be useful for farming sleepers which could become a new source of income for you. *Plus, the future you will thank you for investing in an IP *(assuming you didn't go for a katar/crit build)
  14. What to do with this LK?

    Not a pro by any means but maybe I can help. You can have fun as a berserk lk with those gears Jk. Seriously though, the question that you should ask yourself first is what do you want to do with that LK? Almost anyone will tell you that LKs can go anywhere. You've ruled out zerking, would you like to go BB with a 2h sword? Stay as a spear LK? Try soul link and experiment with one hand quicken? A lot of threads here in the forums are very helpful, read a handful of them to help you decide which type of LK to go for. After that, it'll be easier to make decisions regarding gears. Here, I'll help get you started https://forum.talonro.com/topic/5237-best-farming-area-for-lk-with-decent-gear-other-than-sleeper/ https://forum.talonro.com/topic/5878-efficiency-of-a-spear-based-lk-build/ https://forum.talonro.com/topic/8707-best-spiral-pierce-spear-for-mavka/ ^this one has useful discussions beyond mavka farming https://forum.talonro.com/topic/16520-lk-bb-build-for-geffenia/ https://forum.talonro.com/topic/16267-bb-vs-zerk-lk-for-efficient-lvlingfarming/ Good luck, and have fun playing!
  15. Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    If I understood this correctly, this means that the 15% additional damage from Dragon Slayer won't work with the Baphomet card, but the sword's defense piercing capabilities will work right? P.S. Thanks for making this guide Wife! Big fan of your berkserk LK shenanigans!