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  1. My IGN: EvaLune ENTRY ONE -- Challenges Completed: Mikzie (2TC) -- TamTam is the coachman. Blackstar (2TC) -- Assuming one witch and one pumpkin carriage qualifies. Radius (1TC) -- The 6 plain pumpkins, the pumpkin carriage, and the pumpkin the Lude is holding. Haru (1TC) -- The witch is wearing a black waving scarf. & Gowther (1TC) -- The white cat is asleep on the pumpkin beside the witch. ENTRY TWO -- Challenges Completed: Radius (1TC) -- The 7 pumpkins are in front of the tombstones. Luna (1TC) -- The moon is a menacing Deviruchi. Azul (1TC) -- The 4 skulls are between the tombstones. They are not particularly hidden. ENTRY THREE -- Challenges Completed: Luna (1TC) -- The moon is a menacing Deviruchi. Haziel (3TC) -- Maroon (Deviruchi Moon), White (Stars and Whispers), Black (Silhouette), Grey (Background, Stars and Whispers), and Yellow (Deviruchi Moon Eyes and Teeth). ENTRY FOUR -- Challenges Completed: Haru (1TC) -- TamTam is wearing a Purple Scarf. Mikzie (2TC) -- TamTam is a witch.
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