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  1. IGN: EvaNesco IGN: MazBasilisk Polaroid: Original: Story: It was the middle of August 2013. Together my then-boyfriend and I set out to visit Kew Gardens, a lush botanical garden located southwest of London. I'd spent the train ride marveling at how I came to be sitting next to my best friend, the one I'd made online as a child when I was only 10; the same one I'd finally met in person the previous year, 12 years after becoming friends. My thoughts were bittersweet because I'd be leaving London and returning home to the United States in a few days. This visit to Kew was t
  2. My IGN: EvaLune ENTRY ONE -- Challenges Completed: Mikzie (2TC) -- TamTam is the coachman. Blackstar (2TC) -- Assuming one witch and one pumpkin carriage qualifies. Radius (1TC) -- The 6 plain pumpkins, the pumpkin carriage, and the pumpkin the Lude is holding. Haru (1TC) -- The witch is wearing a black waving scarf. & Gowther (1TC) -- The white cat is asleep on the pumpkin beside the witch. ENTRY TWO -- Challenges Completed: Radius (1TC) -- The 7 pumpkins are in front of the tombstones. Luna (1TC) -- The moon is a menacing Deviruchi. Azul (1TC
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