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  1. For Hata -- I really liked drawing this. I especially loved the raven. :3 Hope ya like it! The next person: Please draw GM Phoenix (because he works hard and deserves more art).
  2. My IGN: EvaLune ENTRY ONE -- Challenges Completed: Mikzie (2TC) -- TamTam is the coachman. Blackstar (2TC) -- Assuming one witch and one pumpkin carriage qualifies. Radius (1TC) -- The 6 plain pumpkins, the pumpkin carriage, and the pumpkin the Lude is holding. Haru (1TC) -- The witch is wearing a black waving scarf. & Gowther (1TC) -- The white cat is asleep on the pumpkin beside the witch. ENTRY TWO -- Challenges Completed: Radius (1TC) -- The 7 pumpkins are in front of the tombstones. Luna (1TC) -- The moon is a menacing Deviruchi. Azul (1TC) -- The 4 skulls are between the tombstones. They are not particularly hidden. ENTRY THREE -- Challenges Completed: Luna (1TC) -- The moon is a menacing Deviruchi. Haziel (3TC) -- Maroon (Deviruchi Moon), White (Stars and Whispers), Black (Silhouette), Grey (Background, Stars and Whispers), and Yellow (Deviruchi Moon Eyes and Teeth). ENTRY FOUR -- Challenges Completed: Haru (1TC) -- TamTam is wearing a Purple Scarf. Mikzie (2TC) -- TamTam is a witch.
  3. Looks awesome Maze! Great job, love the details! The shoes are my favorite part.
  4. Omg yesssss COSPLAYYYYY!!!! Doing great buddy! Can't wait to see the full thing!
  5. There is a suggestion to bring the npc back AND it is listed as pending:
  6. EvaJun

    Lovely server

    Welcome to TRO! We're all so happy to have you! I'm Eva, please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Omg, that is amazing. I love the outspread wings. :D!! Thanks so much ❤️
  8. A: In terms of courses offered, that'd be the Basic Typing class. In terms of classes I had to actually take, that'd be the introduction to political science class I had to take. The teacher took what could have been an interesting class and turned it into a "If you turn to page 212 in your book and follow along as I read..." one. Q: What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a kid?
  9. Your avatar is the cutest thing ever and you're an awesome person.
  10. Okay lets get this thread revived! Here ya go @Conscendo. ❤️ Hope you like it. To the next: Please draw my star gladiator
  11. For the above-- put the sting card in a slotted clip OR a slotted rosary. For the other accessory, using bronze coins, rent the "rental spritual ring. This pairs well with the divine cross.
  12. She's cute! I especially love the hair and facial expression. ^^
  14. IceDryst, I drew you!! I hope you like it. I would like someone to draw the pink version of my high priestess. Thank you.
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