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  1. Nibelungen: Unrestricted FE Wednesdays

    Guys we woeing tomorrow?
  2. Battle Ground

    Not a big fan of pvm only here and there to grind and get supplies for pvp/woe. Looking forward to your pressure spams on your tank pally. 👌👍
  3. Battle Ground

    Ill be back once things get active again. 👌
  4. Battle Ground

    Oo battleground not back yet? Hows TROs pvp atm guys?
  5. B> +7 KPSN ele book, gloom card

    Hi there buying these items 65mill for the book and 20mill for card
  6. B> +7 Sleipnir [1] [Closed]

    Bought thread closed
  7. S> +7 OVH Kaho= 350mill [SOLD]= CLOSED

    up reduced final price 350mil sold
  8. B> +7 Sleipnir [1] [Closed]

    Hi there, pm me offers thanks.
  9. S> +7 OVH Kaho= 350mill [SOLD]= CLOSED

    up priced reduced to 400mill
  10. or trade to +7 sleipnir i will add zeny thanks
  11. S> Unress pvp/woe gears

    Add another 10mil its all urs
  12. S> Unress pvp/woe gears

    up reduced price
  13. S> Unress pvp/woe gears

  14. S> Unress pvp/woe gears

    +4 ovh [DI] 180mil orc hero str + 1 [Angel of Ghost sprite] 17mil will only accept zeny Thanks.