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  1. Heylow from di other side. I think you just got a new friend here, that display picture of your is just so epic Please do enjoy while you in-game and of course whalecum to the forum. If there is anything that you don't understand do pm me or feel free to ask !main, they will be quite helpful most of the time.
  2. I don't really play alot in-game so most of the time i have nothing to do. I pm you if i in-game again, don't worry about bothering me, helping a person won't do much of damage to me
  3. Pm me if you needed any help.
  4. Cielo- ? Ya, something Where you at? Try to PM you but can't reach you
  5. You most welcome You need any help? Since i still in-game doing nothing and if you need any help i can still do something like something
  6. Hi there sweety. I'm boy, gayboy. Whalecum to the forum, enjoy while you in-game. I can be sure that you will not be lonely in-game You choose the right server i'll said, i try out quite alot even my own server and at the end of the day i come to this server. Something different that can't be explained. And with that display photo that you have is gonna be alot of bees coming very soon.
  7. Whalecum to the forum, do enjoy while you in-game. Not really active in the server, but i am quite active in forum most of the time. If there is anything that i can do to help please do let me know. If you are in-game, do try !main most of the people are happy to assists in different way
  8. super novice

    Alright. Understand, will be happy to hear if you do come back again.
  9. Sup mate... Welcome to forum, i'm boy, GayBoy. Enjoy while you in-game. I be happy to assist you if you need any help, of course i be even happy to help you understand me more but i don't think you interested. I be at forum most of the time. Thief class are not a bad choice to start off with, high flee, fast attack. You know, man we need to be fast and smooth right? That's how you get the man?
  10. super novice

    Is been 1 year, 3 months, 24 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes and 30 seconds and still going. And i'm still waiting for your part 2, did i miss your part 2 somewhere?
  11. I do agreed with you and also support that we should have more maps/dungeon needed to discover for players to farm or even LEECHER. I don't know whether i said it right, anyway. As for current server players number are increasing, for most of the well-known farming or place that people leech are becoming more and more people, due to the increasing of people, the place where farmers or leecher map have significant increase of people and somehow become a war-zone where KSing is getting out of hand, and players insulting each other because of mobs and spot problem. I don't know whether this is a problem for others or not, or anyone bring this matter out to discuss. I been watching this matter for sometimes and of course is not a big problem, but if we don't have any solution for this, soon or later it will be everyone problem. Of course if this is how it suppose to go in-game, then this is just my problem. I will apologize if i offence anyone.
  12. Didn't research on other alternatives combo, sorry can't help you on that Vidar's Boots current market price start from 2.5m to no idea how much it went up Is not really alot in the market, so price are abit unstable currently, do try to put abit higher but won't recommend you vend it above 4m.
  13. Currently this card are getting lesser in the market, you can always sell it slightly higher compare to the value which it cost 5TCs. Price starting 5m - 8m, anything above 8m people might just consider using TCs to buy because i already mention just now. Good luck.
  14. I wonder you still selling it after so long?
  15. I got your back bruh.