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  1. S> +7 Diablos Manteau

    Pm your price. Thank you.
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 4]

    26 IGN: PepeIsRipped
  3. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    22 IGN: PepeIsRish
  4. Still recruiting member? A lone ranger needed a place to hangout.
  5. Best Gear for Super Novice?

    This is simple and a very helpful answer. I give you 1 LIKE
  6. Nice to meet you too. I don't really play alot in-game nowadays, IGN: PepeForLife Most of the time i be in-game around afternoon, you will see me at brasilis.
  7. B>Ice Pick [Clean] or [TG]

    As B L U mention price is around 90m to 110m. But if i'm not mistaken the price went up abit, not 100% sure about it. If you are buying you need to really wait until there is one, is so rare in the market nowdays especially with 1 empty slot.
  8. PC>Manteau(1) +10

    Never ever i saw a +10 Manteau in market. But I do know that +9 are not rare in market anymore. +9 is around 40m to 50m. A small reminder that is the price are not exactly what i written. Any EQ that go up to +9/10 are set by price of their own. For the price that i write there is where the last +9 is selling in market. Peace out.
  9. PC>Seraph Wing Helm Costume

    This is one of the costume that went up 10m higher in just few days time. Lowest you will ever see is 35m i think, that's where i the last record show in my Market Book, and of course price can go up to 45m -50m sometimes. No idea what trigger the price go up in a sudden, maybe because not much people are selling or is harder to get this costume nowadays.
  10. Yo.

    I do recommend only once you rebirth. You can still farm at mavka with Sin or hunter it will just be a little tougher. And of course Mavka now is like a war zone, ksing is very normal to be happen.
  11. Hello hello!

    I'm shy too, like now. Welcome to the forum and of course welcome to TalonRO. Do enjoy while you in-game. Favorite costume, hmm... I don't have any. If only i get to design one.
  12. New to the server!

    YES!!! Finally someone looking for friend. Here sexy i'm here. Whalecum JackBB, your name is sexy. BB? Big... Ball Ok, don't wanna scare you away, do find me if you need any help ya. My hand are full for the timing. But my mouth can still do alot... I mean chatting.
  13. New Player!

    Welcome to TalonRO and Forum and also enjoy while in-game. Well, since you already have guild that able to help, i don't think my service is required here. But if you ever find yourself alone and needed a help, i be always here like here, alone, with my coffee and my chair facing the wall.