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  1. CemeteryGates

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Nice thanks for sharing! I have a few questions.. - How can I manually add Fighting Spirit at the Calculator? - Do you think a +10 Triple Santa Poring + Hydra Main Gauche is worth something before I can buy my Ice Pick? or should I just get more Zeny for IP directly? (I already have Excalibur (FS 4 and 5) Thxx
  2. CemeteryGates

    Banner Contest Winners!

    Yeah, you are right. My apologies.
  3. CemeteryGates

    Banner Contest Winners!

    It's just sad to see 90% of the prizes in the hands of only 2 players. But of course that's part of the competition. I just wanted to share my feelings, not a big deal. On the other hand I have to say thank you for this Contest. This one made me learn a lot about Photoshop and it wasn't in vain for sure
  4. CemeteryGates

    Banner Contest Winners!

    To be honest with you, I feel a bit disappointed... We had a lot of amazing works from many different players but only 3 players won... Anyway, congratulations to the winners and to all participants. You did a great job
  5. CemeteryGates

    Tenth Anniversary Banner Contest

    You can use Photoshop for that. There are good tutorials on the internet. Nowadays you can learn everything online If you have any doubt or need some help with that you can PM me here. It's easier than it seems.
  6. CemeteryGates

    Doodle works by Graytea

    beautiful work!
  7. CemeteryGates

    Tenth Anniversary Banner Contest

    Hey guys, These are my artwork. I did one Banner Style for each category with some variations (different backgrounds). I will try to make more during the week (if I have time). Hope you like it. 520x100 GIFs 468x80 GIFs EDIT: Trying new stuff. Here are two more entries for 520x100
  8. CemeteryGates

    B> Lord Kaho's Horn

    Hi guys, I'm kinda new to server and I'm trying to buy my first Lord Kaho's Horn. I am willing to pay 33 Talon Coins + Zeny (around 14m, but we can negotiate) That's all I have for now IGN: CemeteryGates (if I'm offline you can contact my brother: FuryArcher) Thank you!
  9. CemeteryGates

    TalonRO Valentines Stories

    http://pastebin.com/18fHq60H TITLE: Does love have an end? Word count: 1565. IGN: CemeteryGates Hope you like it! Sorry for my english!