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  1. Not using provoke? o__O !storeall (or was it !storageall) may or may not help? It may be my own superstition on steal skill. I usually move around or use random skill like concentration before attempting another steal, seems like working better.
  2. Earring[1] farming, only Frus, not the one who summoned by Skogul, monster slave drop nothing. And, feel free to be creative and farm where people rarely goes or do uncommon stat and equipment build that works.
  3. Personally, I would switch from ME build to support tanky priest build. I think any more improvement for ME after combo set seem minor? (I might be wrong) Oh right, consider odin 2 as your future ME farming too. Overup valkyrian manteau for priest is also good for tanking. And prepare GTB, medusa shield and other utility cards (ask someone more veterans) if you would like to join ET (Endless Tower) party.
  4. Just make sure you get universal equipment on those mvp carded for other characters since you are just priest right now, later on you want to get better equipment with those same mvp cards after rebirth and getting richer. Saw teddy bear with fair price at this moment, I think? I haven't played recently. If that 120 mil is one time thing in your situation right now (you still don't have steady farming), generally avoid those stat enchantment stuffs because those are minor improvements with much higher cost. Combo has much higher impact with your current budget right now (I think I saw SR ~2.5 mil, Sting card ~1.25 mil, rosary[1] ~1.5 mil, DC ~200k), you will need to spend way more zeny to get better equipment for ME than combo set. Yes, it should be fine at Abbey.
  5. Obvious answer: like Greed said, get deviling, eddga card, and either that set (cheapest option I think, since you can rent spiritual ring), platinum shield, hodremlin or tirfing carded shield. Niff map is mixed with both undead and demon property monsters. And one of the painful monsters is dullahan with undead property, while your shield only defends against demon. Just in case if you want to research the farming area on your own, you may use http://ratemyserver.net to look up the map database, see what monsters lurk around (warning: our server may modify the spawn rate or monster list on some maps), see their attack number and most importantly their skills. The most notable skills are "insert attribute here" attack and "insert status effect here" attack skills. Attribute attack skill level represents 100% of that attack, e.g. Dullahan has level 3 Shadow Attr. Attack, means he sometimes hit players with 300% shadow element attack. Hence, the guide always suggests armor element matching the monsters skills at that map (Note: monster normal attack is always neutral so % neutral resist garment is always good). Also, you mostly want to equip matching headgear card for status immunity e.g. nightmare card for sleep resist on sleeper. Unfortunately, niff map has quve with stone curse, that we cannot do much about stone resist due to lack of card variety (evil druid card give undead property armor that won't let you be frozen and stoned, but you can't heal and bless yourself, and medusa card has stone resist but on shield). Stone curse does not allow you to use skill or consumables, only walk few tiles for few seconds, until you are completely stoned and got hit. Just avoid mobbing more monsters when you are squishy and find few quves in mobs. More details on monster skills: https://irowiki.org/classic/Category:Monster_Exclusive_Skills (some words are translated different). Get some vit, it always helps for survival. 1 vit represents 1% hp. So the cost to increase 5 dex at your current stat, may be redistributed into 20 vit (20% more hp). To make up dex, you may use green salad, +5 Dex food (should be few ten thousands of zeny because of lunakaligo mace, you may type !ws dex_dish05). Then after few level up, your stat build will be easier. Or, you may ignore spending more equipment by changing your skills setup (with extra effort) like... make sure your monster mobs are on one side. Then, before you place ME, you place sanctuary on other side (make sure there are only you and almost no enemies inside your sanctuary or the sanctuary will end prematurely). Positioning is crucial, !refresh from bonus bundle may help with position lag (where you see your character standing in a position that are not supposed to be). in 2d, the positioning is like... xopmmm x = where the center of sanctuary skill o = empty tile p = player position m = monster mobs. Or, ignore other advices, get bard slave/friend to bragi you up, and spam skills happily. Or, ignore all of these, level up (or rebirth) on easy place first, like using agi TU build against anubis (use bless on anubis) before going to niff.
  6. I lean more toward original developers lacking cares of fixing stuffs, quality life improvements, instead of labeling them as bugs. So far what I experienced in this game, something become broken so long, but the fix always come much more later (like years). Anything broken in classic, oh let's ignore them and then fix them with renewal update. Traps stacking damage nerf was compensated with single high damage in renewal. And what's up with bowling bash grid? New world monster damage so high, forcing us with limited gears to use coward tactics (ranged + magic), oh let's nerf their damage at renewal, instead just give them high hp. I don't fully understand with damage scaling either, ok here 10 k hp average for you, and some monster can poke 100 k hp damage when unprepared, which makes us very reliant on gears (refinement at official server when not flooded with mvp cards). Meanwhile, in renewal your max hp is so high that mvp rarely one shot you. And let's not forget their business model. Oh refining is too grindy? Here upgraded version of elunium but you have to pay with money. More power creep behind the paywall makes unhealthy competition (which I am glad that it is not happening here, ability to trade talon coins). New players almost stand no chance to catch up much older ones. And bots, I can bet GMs in most asian servers except japan and korea involved on doing bots whether they just selectively banning bots or actively participating since it makes real money. There is always someone in Asia crazy enough to buy game items with money (my friend even met elementary school kid wanting to buy his stuffs back in the day). So why do they even care about fixing the game when they can make money with mediocre version? As classic server, we are almost always in the receiving end unfortunately. I don't know I just feel weird when someone said we should stick with official, official server is the absolute rule. In my ignorant sense (since I don't participate much in this server recently), I am all with experimenting new mechanics. I will say it is totally ok to try new stuffs and find them a little bit game breaking within a week or two and revert back, instead of never trying at all (something like league of legends nerf-ing and buff-ing heroes, I guess). 1000 tests in most cases are always better than 1 - 2 persons' assumption.
  7. Kaho and valk helm, that's what we call them. Search function in ragnarok game is capital letter sensitive. So it has to be Dark Lord Card. Primitive, I know. Decent yes, but not best. Yet, you can convert cash shop currency to talon coin to sell them to other players for zeny. Then, you can buy something better than cash shop once you cap that. Try not to look other server guides, since our server is heavily modified, go to our forum guide or wiki. And, I am too lazy to answer more specific answer, just look those first. For f2p player, our first budget gear would be eden and rental gear. See eden guide at forum guide, and rental should be explained at tutorial quest, given by first npc you met when you make char. You can farm bronze coins either at eden board hunting board, gramps or tamtam maps. Tamtam is our monthly event that gives double exp in an area, and give monster drop chance of some of those coins. Monthly update will switch places. see more: wiki.talonro.com
  8. - I don't know. But as my knight's life experience doing silly things, joker card helps me in a lot of places, mavka is just one of them. - you can bring sage to safe spot in mavka floor (near the uphill road), or at the entrance right before mavka (les floor). - we customized lots of cards. see: https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  9. anything, water armor for water ball resist would be a bit overkill, also the opposite, wearing fire armor is kinda torturing yourself?
  10. Maximum dex for casting time and stealing (thief class is still better at stealing though), I think high flee is easier to maintain. Other stat are less important, str could add tiny damage needed to one shot and more max weight. Some vit (like 10 - 30 for flee build) always helps. Basically yes, sometimes you want to walk a bit, close to areas where fly wing rarely reach because it would be the same for other people. You may stop water ball damage by not moving for a bit after fly winging (not sure if this changed after iduna update). BB LK would have more expensive gears to make up the damage. It's more efficient in optimal build since BB has no after-cast delay unlike spiral, but the gear investment x__x
  11. Knight should be separate from the rest, sage and priest could be in the same account or different depending on your planning to main or convinience reason. Merchant/smith/alchemist are pain to level gearless so it should be separate from sage/aco since they are easy on giving leech. If you rarely use autotrade, merchant could be the same account as knight, ideally you want merchant in 2 - 3 game accounts. 2 exclusively for autotrade and 1 in main account to overcharge your kafra storage garbages. Another silly tip. You can reliably depend on auto-berserk (swordman platinum skill). I think it adds damage similar to having 1 meg. Auto-berserk let me skip random stuff like magmaring when I started as poor knight. At beginning of farming (after long afk at town), I will let myself get red hp (25%) meanwhile combo-ing bb + magnum break or spear boomerang to make up the damage before red hp (unfortunately flee knight will have harder time). After getting 50% weight “buff”, you can maintain the red hp easily even with gec, just count how many hp meat heals and stop spamming before the breakpoint where your red hp turn green. Auto-berserk allows me to give extra edge 1 vs 1 on more difficult monster, btw. But it was really bad when I get sleepy while farming, I died lots of times not checking my hp. oh and refined bloodied shackle ball, rental item, is good if you don’t want to spend few mils of worth zeny equipment.
  12. Orlean’s gown (item id: 2365). This should be the cheapest item to let you cast uninterruptible. Since most likely you cannot reach 150 dex instant cast time as newbie. Bathory card in armor. To slap card in empty slotted gear, double click the card and choose gear. This will change your armor element to shadow, it will nullify monster skills in that area called shadow attack. Shadow attack will have level * 100% damage with matching element. Around 500% shadow attack in niff area, I think. You can see this as suprise few k damage in that area when you didn’t wear bathory. Some people may sell this as a set with orlean’s gown. Offensive cheap gear should be divine cross (odin drops) + clip/rosary combo. The description should be self explanatory. Check whether you can find cheap “random” enchanted one or very cheap unenchanted one. On garment, eden group manteau > vali’s manteau > raydric card > deviling card in increasing cost and efficiency order. You may skip raydric since it’s more popular for vanilla woe and just 5% more improvement. Since normal monster attack (not skill) is always neutral, neutral reduction always good especially for garment. Deviling has penalty for other element, hence bathory is prioritized when using deviling to nullify / reduce the penalty in niff. Other places will need other elemental armor with deviling most likely. Sting card on cheap accessorry (not glove[1] because it’s too expensive) like cat hand glove (using malangdo currency, I could explain later if you still curious and need answers) or 1 mill or less worth of accessory. Every few dex bonus toward instant cast time 150 dex helps. Eddga on shoes, this will let you control much better mobs of monsters. Our server give us privilege to try out mvp cards. It will skip “getting hurt” animation that stops you. This card might be your first big buy. Using eddga would let you mob 3-5x bigger monster groups than without it. Getting more luxury stuff... Kaho, for more op stats, mistress card (however it’s not important since you need like 40 k blue gemstone to break even the cost), better staff than divine cross and better shield (unlikely though, since this will cost you good couple of mil zeny), overup valk manteau. (I can’t spell valkyrjahish, sorry) celebration ring > bris. Manners in niff... respect others, give others some space to safely mobbing without stealing others mobs. Without eddga, be extra careful on how many monster you can lure, safety wall may help you survive better. Try to +4 your armor whenever you can. I assume you’re good at stat build?
  13. our server customized some of the cards, and others, like creation of super quest item (overpowered items), nerf-ing popular farming area to prevent steal skill being too good, adding monthly bonus exp maps (called tamtam here) See here: (and probably see other things we may have them different) https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  14. Look at this uncivilized human. That's what you get for drinking tons of grape juice without any concern. On related note, read these when you have free time https://www.amazon.com/Haribo-SUGAR-Classic-Gummi-Bears/product-reviews/B006J1FBLM
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