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  1. kolela

    Farming as a Paladin

    @anexasnivihs for dracos specifically, you don't need to quest, just ask warp girl -> instance -> nydhoggur's nest
  2. kolela

    Card Stacking Guide

    just me being nitpicky.. on some statements TG TG SW Hydra. 1.4 * 1.15 * 1.2 comes out to 193.2% more damage. Isn't this supposed to be (1.4 + 1.2) * 1.15? TG has the same item script type as hydra card, bAddRace. TalonRO item search doesn't like _ (underscore), unfortunately.
  3. I think he meant voting? Though I am not sure to answer.
  4. https://irowiki.org/classic/Frenzy aura blade and weapon mastery don't get 2x attack bonus from frenzy according to this, and probably related on monster def? I believe concentration still increase damage just fine.
  5. kolela

    Confused about equipment...

    The limit of character class are usually on high-end mvp. Other than that, all classes pretty much can do most of the contents, even solo support class (since our custom items help them a lot to "solo-ing") . Also, the limit itself is established by people who want to do high-end mvp effectively and without adjusting the current common strategy. In short, most people don't like to change, and just play whatever mainstream class and easy strategy to do high-end content. You need to have more dedication to find people agreed with you doing the content with non-mainstream classes. Private server usually have easy/cheap service for changing stat/skill build, few k zeny. It's literally few seconds to change build once you get good at it. The command is like /agi+ 98 (increase agi 98 points). Also, maximize your skill window then you can just click skills that you want without caring the per-requisite. The reset npc building would be the same as the first npc, manuela, that greet you after character creation. Also, It may be better to read the tutorial quests again when you create another character if you skim read those and forgot one or two info. If you stick on dagger build, I am afraid assassin gameplay might be too similar on how you currently play your rogue. I wouldn't recommend to make assassin as your second character, probably much later when you main character is much improved. But these two have very similar equipment build, except for weapons and shield. Bow on this game is broken (too much favored) on early game (The second broken mechanic is magic), hence we usually recommend it first over early dagger build. Unlike melee, your stat build is much easier because you only care dex as your main stat (attack and hit), and agi just for aspd, then flee comes as bonus but you most likely don't need it since you shoot from distance. You can change element easy by changing arrow. The damage boost is up to 2x by matching the element. You can check the monster element weakness from mob database. You can't auto-steal with bow though, but you have better chance to steal with high dex build. There's rental bow too. Harpy on goats is one of the reason I mentioned fly wing. You use it to escape from them! or just to look for more goats. This is actually faster than normal walking, but there's cost (still cheap), that sometimes people just use creamy card accessory. Antelope skin worth like 4 - 5 k zeny, if I remember correctly, btw. Max-ing level first instead of equipment.... in my opinion... our server is private, the exp supposed to be easier to acquire anywhere. The improvement from max-ing level would be 20% - 30% assuming you didn't change equipment. However, when you know what equipment to buy for significant improvement, you usually have 1.5x or 2x more damage output/benefit (but that usually with couple of mils zeny cost). Also, if you are just a beginner, you will feel really slow at leveling up around level 80 - 90 anyway, if you didn't change place, and myst case is not that great for exp leveling. You can change map now! away from myst case! If you're too lazy, to look up buying shop. You can sell those cakes by making merchant. (Please make merchant on separate account so you can /autotrade your merchant and play your main character or afk). The fastest way would be level 10 overcharge them, or if you want a bit more profit and don't mind waiting, vend them. Vending in main cities (prontera + payon) would require you to ask the vending npc (beard uncle guy), you can vend whereever on other maps. Let me explain deeper in buying shop by example. At this moment, I see Bee Sting 1000 z, Immortal Heart 1800 z, Venom Canine 1000 z, Huge Leaf 430 z, Fig Leaf 1000 z, Witch Starsand 1366 z. The monsters that drops them are Hornet, Verit, Side Winder, Leaf Cat (save up the shrimp for summer event, btw) and Bathory. They are very easy for you at this moment and compete myst case with these profit (even better I say, though you can vend it a bit higher with time). You can search mob database on where they are mostly located. Btw, to go pyramid b1, you have to enter from the center of pyramid floor 1. And, bathory is a bit complicated (have underground key then ask npc at clock tower). You can check ratemyserver.net to check where the map portals leads to. About card hunting, you need to remind yourself that it will take time. On average case, you want to commit yourself for at least few hours on lonely map, or few days on crowded map with card drop chance rate. Of course, you can find it on first 5 monsters killed but that's rare occurrence. I think a card that costs 1 mil or less and useful is cheap, I usually just buy them instead of commit myself farming it. This is considering I can make myself 2 mil zeny per hour. (so that's like 1/2 hour farming to get the card, and you will definitely make more than 2 mil, later) Btw, I still think Guild Wars 2 is much more complicated than Ragnarok Online. I haven't played it, just see the videos.
  6. kolela

    Confused about equipment...

    Check out our wiki.talonro.com for headgear quests. Chiqita's jewelry box is a custom item in our server that will give random mid headgear. I think this is the only other way to get robo eye beside reward guru. I can't find how to get hermose cap beside reward guru, unfortunately. Personally, I don't really like hermose cap. My phases on searching specific item... check panel.talonro.com item database -> monster drop? reward guru? (last option) market? (second last option) -> buyable at npc? (click right the item in game) check ratemyserver.net (whether "non-custom" npc sells it) -> Click here for a list of venders to know the location (warning: some npcs get relocated on our server, especially prontera, payon, izulde) -> check wiki.talonro.com (guide) to find the quest related especially when it's custom on our server -> check irowiki.org/classic/ (Headgear_Ingredients or other) for official quests -> check forum talonro, guides, events for seasonal items -> check rental npc at prontera and malangdo -> ask players (barely since I am too lazy to interact) -> give up and feel miserable. It's normal to die when you have no clue. Ragnarok classic is one of the old games that do not give warning to newbies on what to prepare to survive the dungeon hence we usually recommend to read guides made by players first. Probably better to just switch into bow build (agi dex) to farm moscovia item quests, spam double strafe fron distance, kill before monster reachs, and go back to doctor to refill sp. Other useful links: http://tcalc.github.io/ -> especially item use finder https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/item_bonus.txt -> always read the item script to check the correct effect, the descriptions sometimes are deceiving, this link will tell what exactly the script does. https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats -> tell you exactly what stat does, useful for stat building. Silly notes: Utilizing /where commands... you will get text saying x, y numbers. x represents the x-axis, and y -> y-axis. On your mini map, bottom left corner would be 0, 0 and top right corner would max, max. Middle usually 100 something, not always true, depend on map size. General rule of thumb for gears. Upper headgear is dominated by either kaho or valk, custom on our server, the other variations are very rare (usually because you are vamp smith or vanilla pvp/woe build). I would pick brazil national flag hat or other headgear with bSpeedRate, 25 (especially without dual client acolyte) before advancing to kaho. There's moogle with inc agi skill but I am to lazy to always re-buff. Though the upside is, you can cancel the speed debuff immediately using the skill. Mid headgear slot is dominated by slotted mid, because of card slot is usually more important. Notable cards on headgear: myst case, +damage like bloody knight, high wizard, anti status effect like marduk. Lower mid is usually PCB or +1 stat something or add item drop chance like wine cup or poring letter. Armor slot is usually any with high def, +3 stat, and elemental card like bathory, to reduce the monster potential huge damage on specific dungeons (or just 4 types of elemental armor[1]) or mvp cards like RSX or Tao. Garment slot is usually either for flee or neutral resist. Notable flee gears: dragon mant, vest set, pantie + undershirt. Shoes slot is usually sleipnir carded with mvp cards, like gec, eddga. Notable shoes: bunny slipper. Accessory slot is usually +stat like celebration ring, bris, accessory cards usually are +stat like ifrit, sting, extra skills like creamy, add item drops like mimic, myang or extra effect like hell poodle, errende. Shields usually are with slots correspond on where you farm, ex: tirfing, teddy bear. Weapons usually are SQI, rental items, carded ones, elemental ones, or eden ones. Elemental weapons are inferior due to dual clienting sage for weapon element/endow buff. It's possible to fill most of the card slots with +atk/damage since they are customized to our server, this usually helps if you need extra push to one-shot kill monster, however, you will survive less (unless monsters are very easy). Also, consider the universality of gears if you decide to create more characters, like you would put gec on shoes/sandals first instead of boots, before you can afford sleipnir. Always utilize tool dealer, they sell speed potion like awakening that will increase aspd for 1/2 hour. Fly wing is really good to move around. Potions... well we have meat with custom weight on this server. Look up the buying shop -> check if you can farm the item -> check if the price is reasonable -> farm Sorry for my english XD
  7. kolela

    Carding a Sherwood Bow

    I would be ignorant and answer the questions... grape juice No, eddga is better. With the best equip, yes 1 hit.
  8. kolela

    BB LK Vialable?

    Which makes it less appealing since knight got skill provoke for high def normal monster already? Unless there are some situations when provoking is worse, laziness or because of berserk.
  9. There's nothing wrong. You just need more information to gain significant improvement on playing the class. Balanced stat is actually one of the cause of small dps. Ragnarok in general favors archer class too much. Archer only cares 2 main stat agi and dex so they can focus on damage. Archer has early powerful weapon access, and easy elemental advantage (up to 2x damage). They shot in range that mostly just ignore monster mechanic / threat because monsters died before reaching them. If you love playing knight, you just need to remind yourself, playing knight has their own pace, you may progress slower than other class. Beside the elemental weapon mentioned, rental weapon are not too shabby either. How to get elemental weapon? Buy from other players. Rental weapon? Farm bronze coins from eden board hunting quest or tamtam maps (custom on this server, ask mini game girl the location since it's changed monthly, tamtam maps has 2x exp/jexp, each monster had chance to drop bronze and copper coins, and champion monster with aura -> skip this for now). Then ask Rental NPC at prontera fountain to choose weapon. What is endow? It's a sage skill that will change your weapon element temporarily up to 30 minutes. If you play melee classes, you most likely want to make sage character on another account, to self-buff your melee character. The quick fix on your problem would be change of stat build and change on how you play, no more regular attack, only skill spam. The stat build, I would suggest to get at least 70 - 80 base STR, keep the STR total multiple of 10 like (83+17) because the huge bonus attack occurs on that. Get enough DEX to hit whatever monster you want to hit 90 - 100% of the time (check panel.talonro.com for monster database) usually 20 - 50, however, if you go for bowling bash spam, aim higher DEX like 70+ for shorter bowling bash cast time. Keep in mind that some skills has flat bonus hit. The rest stat would be up to you, on main defensive stat pick either agi or vit, not both since you're lacking the access to do great on both at this moment. Example of this kind of build would be 70-80 str 50-70 agi 10-20 vit 20-40 dex 0-10 int 0-10 luk. Side note on stat: 1 vit adds 1% potion efficiency hence you always want to put few, multiple of 6 for total int gives +1 sp regenation, like vit, int adds sp recovery potion too, every 3 luk (or is it 5) add 1 attack, every 5 total dex adds 1 atk (int, dex, luk breakpoints are not really important). Check for more detail: https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats. With this kind of build, you should generally do 300 - 400 damage per hit. Knight usually need extra effort to flee 95% of the monster, btw. Later, you may change this kind of stat build when you get better ideas on how to survive/farm on your desired map. The skill spam, bash would be equivalent of double strafe for archer but DS is usually stronger due to better stat build and elemental advantage, but you have the knight skills that are stronger than bash, hence use those. Sp potion, grape juice are provided easy on this server but I still think doctor is cheaper for beginner. Both options will increase your cost hence you want to be more pickier on where to farm, you want more profitable area to cover the cost and still provide good profit. You want to check the market like buying/sellling shop at our panel, or read what people shouts on market channel. So your farm would look like, go to farming map -> spam skill like mad, one-shot skill if possible -> fly wing / teleport -> spam skill again -> sp gone, back to town / grape juice -> repeat. This will guarantee your damage 2-4k per hit at least with your current weapon. 2x damage with a sage endow. There's also guide that shows you one way to play knight, but you are not obligated to follow all of the steps. Here:
  10. kolela

    Blacksmiths can't make Zeny? Obsolete?

    Even the top ranked blacksmiths have small profit margin unfortunately. You can check their prices at panel.talonro.com/whosell/ or type !ws or @ws in game. With sage slave (make sage char on another account), eden gears usually are stronger. I believe all classes are viable to start. On merchant, you want restrict yourself more on farming only good areas. Every time you try out a new game/server, you want to check what people demands/market are. And check the strategy to farm it effectively. F2P way, One way to do this here check the list from panel.talonro.com/whobuy then check whether the farming is easy and price is reasonable, then farm there as effective as you can. Bee sting, chyrsalis, acorn, grasshopper leg are usually in demand and you can even fulfill them as a novice for example. Keep in mind that you can sell these items your own with better prices but it takes time to sell it. The buyer price usually 50% - 75% of what you can actually sell. But these are usually good enough price to startup your first week play. After you farm those, type !pj item id/name to jump into buyer shop. You want keep checking on sqi ingredients, and sqi bonus ingredients. (wiki.talonro.com or http://tcalc.github.io/item/) This is just one way to get zeny. Of course, you can find more different routes as you play more.
  11. kolela

    Good Farm/Gearing for Acolyte?

    Take eden quest, you will get free basic equipments that are better than npc ones in general. Here's the guide. If you don't mind on keep changing build, go to full int, do offensive heal (hold shift or type /noshift, I like hold shift better because you can't accidentally heal other players) on undead. The place would be payon dungeon 1 and 2, then (pyramid, probably) glast heim prison or churchyard. Keep in mind that in glast heim, you absolutely don't want monsters to touch you, keep running away while doing heal spam. Don't sit when you are running out of sp, go back to doctor (at least until you're level 60 -70). Also, it might be better idea to turn off your /noks at glast heim so people can finish off your zombies when you have problems (sp or too much monsters to handle). You can change into real battle monk later when you get more stuffs or enough skill / stat points.
  12. kolela

    The most horror monster you ever met?

    It's a bit of a stretch, Gloom Under Night completes their pokemon evolution.
  13. kolela

    Budget super novice vs Anubis

    Decrease Agility helped me greatly when I was low level super novice, Anubis will eat up all fire wall stack without the need of sticking with him.
  14. kolela

    Equipment Sprite

    and I just saw this. Sorry to let you down.
  15. kolela

    Guild Dungeon Map question

    You have to be in guild that holds the castle in corrresponding town because of WoE. I don't think we have that npc. The npc is probably the result of many players complaining on different servers. You can however attempt to "pay" the guild to let you in.