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  1. Yes definitely. I love high dex build on my LK. Agi enough for flee on sleeper if you want to save meats. But with high dex, sleeper won't even hit you, assuming you target it first. i put downgrading quest on my knight btw.
  2. kolela

    [help] Additional Cards for Sleeper Slaying?

    In my opinion, high dex is recommended for farming BB LK. My 99 base dex (kinda too extreme) LK use joker card on quite few places, and the profit increases. Unfortunately, sleeper map is not included, since I tried and the result is about the same with or without joker. Side notes: the joker cost is paid off long time ago since I've been farming with LK for a while. Also, in my case, I don't have stalker and don't want to make one at this moment. Horong is more useful on somewhere else.
  3. kolela

    How steal works for noobies =)

    just want to leave this here... I stole 1000 sleeper (75 dex) that have loots 100% sand clump, 100% grit, 75% great nature, 9% rough oridecon and so on... using level 10 steal + 135 dex (steal rate is 100% based on irowiki formula, in theory 1000 sand clump only) Result was 935 sand clump, 61 grit, 4 great nature and nothing else. But, based on kelen's finding (which I realized much later after stealing 1000 sleeper >__>), the rate was 94%, which is quite accurate with the experiment, I guess. (in theory with simplified math... something like 940 sand clump, 56.4 grit, 2.7 great nature, 0.02 rough oridecon)
  4. kolela

    Snake head hat, double attack lv1?

    It's level 5 said the item script, probably just typo.
  5. kolela

    FO Build Champion

    Why thanatos when you have skills like investigate and asura strike?
  6. kolela

    Not Too Sure About Order Of Stat Importance

    you may already know this. Get platinum skill from npc, buy 1z flower from flower girl at south a bit west of prontera for cart weight and spam cart revo skill then go back to doctor.
  7. kolela

    Possible to hide peco ride?

    About that, I tried to swap around weapon (attack animation) folder file. I think I did correctly but it doesn't change. The sprite was without peco but hands are above the head. Are we not allowed to change that folder due to possible cheating or I am just dumb? *awkward laugh*
  8. Is there any way to hide the peco while riding? If not, would GM consider to implement rent peco while hiding it? (now I start demanding) I just want to see a cooler attack animation when not riding peco. Thanks!
  9. kolela

    What's a good card to put in Evangelist for FS HP?

    Clown's bragi is really unpopular huh?
  10. kolela

    Damage or Critical

    Why not switching to critical auto attack mode when mvp goes flee mode? o_o would the damage be much different?
  11. kolela

    Geffen Dungeon

    Eye of hellion quest on irowiki website?
  12. kolela

    TalonRO curve - advice needed

    Btw, i think if i push myself it took me 1-2 days from novice with 0z to agi TU priest level 99.
  13. kolela

    Lord Knight at a lost

    Farm sqi bonus ingredients or bulk item (like comodo leather) needed for quest that are popular.
  14. kolela

    Need LK advice/build/gear progression tips

    Based on my LK experience, it's around the same (because thief steals better). Don't bother with mavka unless you can't really stand farming sleeper.
  15. Diutak atik setting ro-nya? Wa pake graphic card nvdia agak rewel settingnya