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  1. Eh, you sure? It doesn't make sense, being ranged would let you get away from monster trying to attack you, hence you don't need to tank at all. All you really need to level low char is decent damage weapon, and mage works with any rods, while archer has elemental option early (for up to 2x damage) by changing arrows easily. You can kill geographer without taking damage as swordman, by using auto-attack spear from the furthest range (position: you > 3 empty cells > geo). You can take the board hunting quests first, even when you level up over the requirement said later, the npc still rewards you. Oh I see, are you adjusting from renewal? Renewal update makes overall old monsters damage tuned down, because renewal tries to make leveling option obvious, by making almost all monsters has unique base level. This design was not considered during pre-renewal.
  2. We have rest bonus exp system here. It will increase your base exp 2x (not job exp) until its bonus is gone. It's fully charged when you make new character, you can refill it slowly by going offline. Hence, you always have base level higher than job level on new character. Monsters level scales up the difficulty higher than players since we need to build up our equipment as well. By the way, I usually put around 10-20 int total for beginner melee class, and in multiple of 6, for sp regeneration bonus. Scratch that, you should just spam skills and abuse our doctor to refill sp. On low level, it's better than spamming grape juice. And yes, melee had unfair treatment based on game design, I remembered how gravity kept updating their game on favor of huge damage boost (while less risk) on archer/hunter/sniper/ranger classes. But once you build up equipment, stat and skill build knowledge (with extra effort compared to ranged), you should be fine on doing whatever you want with melee.
  3. kolela

    Questions about SN in General

    Sorry, I am too lazy to experiment it personally. I just put it up here for some ideas... Melee route: Notable weapon beside novice main gauche, and mvp carded daggers/sqi for leveling: Cat Club[3], Eden weapons, BG weapons (obtained from other chars), Rental Malangdo Weapons (though cost like 1 mil per week or hourly rate?). Leveling Build: 1. double (auto) attack, this should be easy to explain? Could wear baby chick for other weapons 2. bash spamming, extra HIT bonus makes low dex build easier 3. magnum break, provoke is one of the options to mob, notable maps for this skill: payon dungeon, ant hell, wolf, outside orc dungeon, poison spore, GH prison/churchyard (need to be geared), moscovia dungeon 1 (Les, wood goblin, the quest entrance could be finished with other char, also good with bash build), niffleheim skellington? mi gao? Get novice breastplate asap from yuno vendor for more hp upgrade. Try to get increase agility early after max-ing first offensive skill build (except magnum break build) to speed up the process. Hill wind also good for variation mid-range leveling. Fire Wall + Fire Ball + Fire Bolt combo mi gao, pinguicula? Will edit more if I have more ideas, or I am just lazy.
  4. kolela

    Need help with Sleepers farm...

    It's like everything you said on this, are the opposite the way I play my knight as my very first character. This is kind of repeating what I said... anyway... 1) You do need cast time reduction when you want effectiveness even you already 1-shot monsters. I saw lots of knights BB much slower rate. With your 69 dex, it's 0.38 sec BB cast time. Let's say you pump your dex to 99 total, it'll be 0.24 sec cast time. You kill way faster, really. Right now, I could spam like 3 BB per sec with my build. (128 dex, 0.1 sec cast time) 2) Luk is not the only way to increase attack, Dex increase your attack too slightly, Another refined bloodied probably? And you don't need to 1-hit it really, if it's too heavy on stat, combo it with spear boom or else. 3 & 4) I never buy earth deleter card on my entire life as knight. Never see the need of it, well also I never use teleport and kaahi. Teleport might waste a bit of your time instead of fly winging? There's also alternative like infinite fly wing but requires more effort to obtain it. Kaahi is great skill, but using it on sleeper is unnecessary, I think. And, meats are cheap? I think knights are okay without kaahi most of the time since we got the skill to double effect healing items. Though, I did get pharaoh later on, just because I don't want to spend grape juice spamming BB on skeggiold, mvp or juperos. But, it's not important. And, I don't see being overweight as a knight is huge deal, btw. If the farming map is far from kafra, I usually keep farming until 90% weight with or without kaahi. I tried joker card on sleeper. The loot result is about the same without stealing, btw. I find joker card more useful on somewhere else beside sleeper. Well, verit is worth to steal. 1 thing I forgot, if you don't like priest constant slave buff, it's better idea to get movement speed gear (moogle ball, osiris card, other headgears, etc). I personally would get brazil national flag hat[1] before I get my kaho + sleipnir. Probably, nightmare card may help? Other places beside sleeper? A lot! Find what people want (commonly tamtam maps, rares, sqi bonus ing, headgear ing, slotted mid especially, right now summer race ing, look up whobuy but don't give in on those prices), plan the strategy and farm there.
  5. kolela

    BB Knight - Deviling Proxy vs Deviling Diablos

    Personally, I would pick dragon's breath as my first deviling for knight. It's handy for farming abyss lake or something dragon. Though, reselling is a bit an issue
  6. kolela

    Need help with Sleepers farm...

    Gears are fine. Why luk? Pump more dex for faster BB cast time. My LK build is 90+ STR, 90+ DEX for farming, btw. And +20 Dex from kaho would be another boost. STR should be in multiple of 10 for saving more stat points (but you are not max leveled yet). Soul collector, in my opinion, is not needed, porcellio (not necessary either) for another saving stat points. Kaahi seems overkill. There's also auto-berserk that I actually use quite often (with overweight + 25% red hp) to push one-shot on lots of areas. Or combo it with another skill like magnum break / spear boomerang, when 1 BB is not enough. Rouge spelling. 😛
  7. kolela

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    if you doesn't like spear (brocca) playstyle, you can take extra step and provoke them first, btw. I would say comodo map to level up, if only the quest was not annoying.
  8. kolela

    Questions about SN in General

    (1) The ignorant answer would be, just follow the mage leveling guide if you follow magic build, swordman / thief if you follow melee. One of the perk being SN is able to take flee related skills from three jobs (attention concentrate, increase dodge, increase agility) at once. Hence, hybrid build like flee bolter is easily viable while having fast/instant cast. I did fairly well leveling anubis using flee bolter build with vertical fire wall (it does 3 * 14 * 0.5 = 21x MATK per cast and has no cool down like bolt skill), decrease agility (anubis is too fast to eat all the fire wall), offensive blessing (to halves anubis' dex), pantie, undershirt (cheap gears). Though, I died couple times got one-shot by his sonic blow. (2) A lot! Farming places are not only that three, and pretty much any class can farm everywhere else including SN. I wouldn't say exactly, they could farm SQI / SQI bonus ingredients, rares on demand like slotted accessories, dragon vest, and quest ingredients like crystal fragment for slotted mid. Maps that are marked by tamtam are a bit complicated, because the price of general loots are ruined, but you "can" make long term investment by hoarding them while getting copper coins. Basically, just search what people want to buy, get strategy to farm them, and most importantly, please don't undercut prices at vend too much. Whenever farming, always consider steal skill that may increase your profits. (3) Well that's pretty much what skills super novice could take. Just not much variation beside a slight twist, like crit melee, splash (bapho) melee, or flee bolter. Probably, bapho crit melee? (4) I sneak 1 - 2 tips on previous answers, I guess. I usually open bard's bragi and dancer's service game account beside soul linker to spam spirits (it's overkill, I know but I love the speed). I also never see people suggesting rental weapons level 4 as cheaper alternative weapon for level 96+. Focusing on mavka would always be better reward.
  9. kolela

    Quick question about fire resist potion

    Just a silly addition, I did the test with full smith buff poking my another char. Here's the result No FA + No Fire Resist Potion = 867 damage No FA + Yes Fire Resist Potion = 693 damage Yes FA + No Fire Resist Potion = 203 damage Yes FA + Yes Fire Resist Potion = 163 damage
  10. kolela

    Does FAR work with eden weapons?

    The restriction from FAR is weapon type (look at rms skill description for list). It doesn't matter whether the weapon is eden. I haven't tried but assassin cross of sunset may work.
  11. Diutak atik setting ro-nya? Wa pake graphic card nvdia agak rewel settingnya