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  1. kolela

    The most horror monster you ever met?

    It's a bit of a stretch, Gloom Under Night completes their pokemon evolution.
  2. kolela

    Budget super novice vs Anubis

    Decrease Agility helped me greatly when I was low level super novice, Anubis will eat up all fire wall stack without the need of sticking with him.
  3. kolela

    Equipment Sprite

    and I just saw this. Sorry to let you down.
  4. kolela

    Guild Dungeon Map question

    You have to be in guild that holds the castle in corrresponding town because of WoE. I don't think we have that npc. The npc is probably the result of many players complaining on different servers. You can however attempt to "pay" the guild to let you in.
  5. kolela

    The most horror monster you ever met?

    Not exactly monsters, but this is a good read, the story that wrap up long quests on non-renewal, https://oldforums.irowiki.org/index.php?topic=49821.0 (might want to do quests first before reading, because of spoilers, nameless island entrance quest, biolab 4, and sign quest)
  6. kolela

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Can't give you a great advice but... If you don't mind with the idea of dual client, bring linker (to safe place/frilldora garment but beholder will find you) for shield boomerang build + kaahi bonus, but this is with diff stat build, and slightly diff equipments. Still not sure what damage comparison between boom and chain though. I noticed you are too lazy to move around while spamming skills. Try to move circling around? It will save some healing. Endure + berserk potion (aspd boost) may help to escape better. Shrink will lock you in a position for a bit time, btw. I prefer not to cast it when i want to move around. After Cast delay gears will help spam heal and slightly shield cain but i don't know the good gear for it. The dream weapon would be Battlegrounds weapon, but I don't know how active people are to farm it, probably you can try on weekends because people are most active at that time.
  7. kolela

    Equipment Sprite

    1. Yes, as long as you don't gain advantage over other players. 2. Not saying perfectly safe but you can create a new folder, then use the correct directories and file name to replace the original sprite. The exact directory and file name, you have to look up guides. If there's something suspicious (like someone can chase hiding people without maya purple card), someone will report and GM will check. 3. No, other players won't see your sprite change because the sprites are dependent on local files. (Your own ragnarok files in your computer)
  8. kolela

    Knight quest is broken?

    This might help? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/jobs/2-1/knight.txt just ctrl + f those answer then you can see which options give points. Though, i personally haven't checked this. just in case you don't understand the script. If(select("option1:option2:option3") != 2) set value, value + 10 means as long as players didn't pick option 2 add 10 to value. If the symbol is == instead of !=, then player have to pick that option for good score.
  9. kolela

    About Seal quest

    hmm english, bad, sorry... 20 - 40 mil zeny ish? (I've never checked with the seller).
  10. kolela

    About Seal quest

    If you never heard of seal quests, it's most likely hard for you. It takes some time to know the mechanics (which is explained on wiki) and have a good run for it. Unfortunately, it's hard to form party to learn together (except you're on active friendly guild). Your best chance, if you're newbie solo player, is to buy seal quest service (expect few tens of mil zeny for complete all 4 seal quests).
  11. kolela

    About Seal quest

    Seal quest also give you access to SQI bonus by talking the corresponding npc. So, if you get SQI items without doing seal quests, you wouldn't have the sqi bonus.
  12. kolela

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    Would like to point out, max level musical lesson adds another 20% acd, every 10 total int adds another 2% acd. As long as, they only modify the bragi skill alone.
  13. @Kelen I forgot to mention. There's alternative weapon, called saurel. It has no +6 dex but huge matk bonus. It's from malangdo rental weapon, the rental npc is beside the cat hand glove npc. You can rent it with malangdo currency (which is easily available by purchasing silvervine fruits from grandma or reward guru [2 kind of] boxes and use coin exchange vending machine)... because it seems you will replace your huge investment on kris to sqi anyway?
  14. kolela

    In need of help my brother and sisters!

    Yes, I would say farming come first, experience will come around as bonus. Farm anything that people want, on reasonable price, not limited on your need only because you can always trade them for zeny. Odin 3 only gives you base experience, mediocre loots and you will grind extra time to level up your job experience anyway. Oh, btw, odin 2 is one of the farming spots (earring[1]) that is good for sniper (mobs + sharp shoot). If you still insist on level grinding, you could level up at thor 1, easier with dual client high priest buff. Well, you could be fine without priest but the buffs give a lot more tolerance for your sloppiness/mistakes. Just try to double strafe spam from maximum distance, in ideal situation, kasa or other monsters shouldn't touch you (repeat, ideal situation, I got killed so many times at thor, of course). And, those are just few examples, you could find much more farming spots as you see fit. Unfortunately, I can't really tell where are the farming spots for sniper, since I never use sniper as farming char.
  15. kolela

    In need of help my brother and sisters!

    That's actually the point I wanted to make. You can use elven arrow while using endow buff / cursed water buff to change the element. Unless, I misunderstood you or something. Eh, sure for the turtle general card? if you want to save couple mils, archer skeleton card might be good enough? I would like to remind you not to stay odin for too long, more for farming stuffs (most likely rare stuffs).