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  1. kolela

    holy element buff?

    WD? Holy marching hat[1], or other type of weapons like long horn, brionac, excalibur, light epsilon etc. Or, just use priest slave to buff you up. Also, need to consider his agi up level 5, you want something with extreme high hit, crit or dispell chance. Well, easy solution would be counter-attack, I think?
  2. kolela

    How to enchant an equipment?

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Enchantment Check out malangdo enchantment one. I could explain further if you still need help?
  3. kolela


    character with job sage, on different game account. So you dual cient for a bit, to endow yourself.
  4. kolela


    Those weapon could be endowed with sage slave, so they can get fire element for 1/2 hour. Caesar sword would enable you to one-shot bowling bash mavka with proper build + equipments. Also, like maetropa said, you may equip baby chick / snake head hat to retain the double attack even you're wearing sword.
  5. kolela

    Question - MVP Timer

    Recent update makes the mvp spawn at random times within the range. So we can only estimate, not to know exactly when.
  6. kolela

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    Eh? Then just type !pj great nature in game.
  7. kolela

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    Most likely this? Bowling bash need high dex for faster casting time. And spam (infinite) fly wing / teleport a lot?
  8. kolela

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    I would say yes, it's decent. I think I did around 600 GN per hour at my best, with 50% walk speed (peco + sleipnir/ inc agi), one-hit kill, and didn't focus on mobbing (only gather monsters visible at my current screen)
  9. kolela

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    *meh at Phanman* Yes, 620 z to be exact. Just assume 1 monster drops 6-8 green lives (from 1 GN) at 75% chance. Based on my downgrading experience, that's like (6.5 green lives * 620 z) 4030 z each.
  10. kolela

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    The quest is one-time only. However, there's few chat for downgrading process. (spamming lots of enter button). NPC doesn't charge anything, she will trade up to 15 GN each time, with a rate 1 GN to 6-8 green lives (if I remember correctly, by the way, this is a nerf to reduce the profit slightly, official rate is 6-10 green lives). Buy: npc will sell the item to players at this price (without (compulsion) discount skill) Sell: npc will buy the item from players at this price (without overcharge skill) Sell is usually 50% of Buy price.
  11. kolela

    Geffen Dungeon

    I meant the hellion map is "geffen dungeon 4". So, it's kinda 1-time visit only?
  12. kolela

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    I don't think 1k per shoot at max aspd is hard, btw. I remembered something like.... 4 k double strafe spam on odin with only rental ballista + correct element as a hunter, not sniper. (rental weapon, you can get it from rental npc, bronze coin acquired from changing job normally through quest, and some eden board hunting quests, about 1-2 hours after making new char). The only issue as sniper starter is reaching 190 aspd.
  13. kolela

    Auto Blitz, confusion, advice

    I assume that's total of the stats. To start with, we have kaho (+20 str, +20 dex, +20 int) headgear or valk helm (+20 agi, vit, luk), and accessories like celebration ring (+5 all stat), and brisingamen (+6 all stat except +3 dex and slot). Also, it's common to dual client priest slave, eat cheap foods
  14. kolela

    Sleeper GN>Other loots

    collect all, since we have area loot, it will add approximately 20% of your GN income.
  15. kolela

    The Eden Group

    It's all lies 😧 Shame on you, npc! Why you mock us like we don't know how to play soul linkers.