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  1. BG Video 04/15/18

    Awesome mini-comp. makes me want to see more! I just wish this server would have a more accommodating schedule for American players. This server IS based in NA correct? I can barely make WoE its so bad, and the beta test was at 0600 for me. Kind of weak, imho.
  2. [Wanderer] NT-WoE 4-11-18

    We got some Malaysian, Philipino, Brazilian and others I'm sure of. I myself am from America.
  3. Wanderer [Open Trans Vanilla/Closed NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    bump for the guildies
  4. [Wanderer] NT-WoE 4-11-18

    Was a good turn out for both sides today. MOAR GUILDS, START JOINING NT WOE!!!
  5. B> +7 silk robe +[3str], +7 mirror shield smokie/ mantis /marc cards