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  1. Name carving for Wedding Rings

    Any news on the feature? Will it be implemented? XD
  2. Name carving for Wedding Rings

    Hello, Talonian GMs and whatnot :3 After a conversation with one of the GMs about wedding rings, I mentioned that, back in an old server I used to play, a GM there got me and my S.O married because the wedding in Prontera church got bugged. In the process, we had our names carved in the rings; instead of "Wedding Ring", mine would be "Tsukikai's Wedding Ring", and my S.O's ring would be "Ichi Folkor's Wedding Ring." The GM whom I talked to approved this idea, and for couples in love it would be a nice thing to have their beloved's name with them.~ It's a social factor, but a really nice thing to add in the game.