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  1. s4w

    The TalonRO PvM Tier List

    seriously, do some research before making a list... if you wanna talk about MvP only, how is Sniper in SS tier? how many MvPs are you able to solo as a sniper? not many you saying that Professor is a LP slave and SL a Kaahi slave was the proof of how clueless you are lol
  2. But Diessel was saying he rebirthed and was confused about where to go next... My reply was directed to him
  3. @Diessel I would go for mavkas, as it is relatively cheap with carled and better zeny/h than sleepers It's a nice middle ground before you advance to geffenia (which is quite demanding gear-wise)
  4. s4w

    How to get MTR results to diagnose lag

    Also lagging here, from Brasil Google's DNS for control
  5. This is my entry: 20 Old Purple Boxes Mail it to this IGN if I win: s1w-
  6. s4w

    Trans WoE Insurgency - 1/7/18

    Good fight guys, see you next weekend
  7. https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibEababbLaQabaiaapohaFaFaFaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawidWuklfc7lsaaAogZnMfanMfaaaaaajkkkfakfaabkkaaEaaaflfaaah5aabafaaaaaaaaaaaaaHadaaa there you go @nzon
  8. broken link RIP I'm broken
  9. s4w

    Trans WoE SE with Poring 24/06/2018

    fun woe guys, thanks for the fight keep coming and let's encourage a 3rd guild on joining
  10. s4w

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    I think 80 is actually better, just like other cards do (https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4303/ or https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4354/) 10% attack is pretty massive for an armor card, compare it to like porcellio for instance, I think this one should take a different route and for the autocasts, would like to see them using the higher level of the skill, if available, else just the low level
  11. s4w

    New Cards (Laboratory 4)

    I lik the ideas, but please change from base stats to total stats xD
  12. s4w

    Sherwood VS Ice pick

    If you going back every 2 minutes for aspersio, sure. Or using gloom, which I'm highly against and eddga > gec imo
  13. s4w

    Sherwood VS Ice pick

    I would rather IP with Turtle General That way you can kill with 2 BBs, no need for aspersio
  14. s4w

    Tunnel Drive + Sleipnir not working?

    It is still faster to chase walk with sleips than without it, isnt it?
  15. s4w

    How steal works for noobies =)

    I don't have numbers but I remember using steal lvl 1 with 150 dex in mavkas granted me more roses and mirrors than lvl 10 steal with 150 dex I know this is no scientific method but that's just what I have from experience