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  3. just zooming in, please consider the latest coordinate (34,88)
  4. Sorry Zelda, I read the instructions when it was all weird xD Saving the spot here for my food~~~~
  5. Morroc Brasilis Field / Sograt Desert As hungry as usual, I asked a kid in Brasilis where to find some nice Brazilian food. I followed his directions but I think I lost myself, again. Brasilis has a desert map, right? No? Oh god... I'm hungry... Introducing: Roasted Peco Legs covered in Bacon Mayonnaise and Magnolias rolled in Salty Sand. Together with some Rice and Black Beans, because nothing can go wrong with Rice and Black Beans Recipe: Roasted Peco Legs covered in Bacon Mayonnaise Magnolia rolled in Salty Sand Rice: Black Beans: After all is done, just have as much as you can on a single plate, because you are going to eat all of it. The GM Radius Challenge: Meatlover - +2 feature 3 or more types of meat. The GM Kuma Challenge: Bear with me - +2 Include honey in the dish.
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