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  1. They already said in the past that test mode is a pain as they need a mechanism to prevent items from being brought outside the test area So I assume it's a no for both
  2. HP growth has it's own stat evolution, it's all random my friend
  3. +1 For the time being, just select "novice" There are only a few "novice" exclusive items, so the rest is "all jobs" hehe @seiken
  4. If I remember it correctly, it was something like: Valk helm (bacsojin) Int mid (bacsojin) Pcb Orleans uniform (tao gunka) Elemental sword (dopple x3) Aegis shield (gtb, Alice) Naght seiger flame manteau (LoD) Sleipner (GEC) Brish (hell poodle) Stats was like 130 total dex, 97 total vit, 100 total int Something like that My thoughts on that build is: fun, but a waste of money... If you already have the items cool
  5. s4w

    Enchanting Bone Plate [1]

    d robe is probably the strongest armor and still can be enchanted, same kinda goes for the elemental armors I don't see why not enchant everything but, that's for the GMs to decide
  6. s4w

    Mob/Monster Counter

    you mean insanity counter right? I ALREADY KILLED 7K OF THAT THRA FROG, WHERE IS MY CARD
  7. that's why the word "balance" exist lol just like katars, who have 50% modifier instead of other weapons that have up to 95%
  8. try getting an elemental weaponm and hunt monsters that are weak to it get an STR/AGI/DEX build and wack things with auto attacks, basically. two hand quicken is your friend here and as Azul said, go for knight now, you won't be missing anything on those last 5 job lvls
  9. good guides in general should be pinned doesn't take much effort to do that on the forum, not sure why it isn't done
  10. something like this? https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCi0EKwoAwEAPCv8OlWUQ9wrTCoAgKw57CssKLw5vDlsKqwogIw73CvlsEwr/DoEAgCQnCoyRDwoFqECYQNRAwcMKuC1vCtjICaV9YwpvCjMKPGsKDw4zCqXLChcOvw67DkyVZwp0Rw4NXwpZXcMOoTFcxwr4PwrbDmcO4IcO7wpZ6fBA2w6zCuMOwMw8
  11. keep an eye on twitch I'm not sure your timezone but Robyn is sometimes streaming at around 3AM server time on https://www.twitch.tv/hazelae I will try my best to do it as well, https://www.twitch.tv/ss4w/
  12. play BG and watch the clowns with Spirited Guitar winning over SinXs on Rush mode
  13. I see you guys discussing vit and agi for tanking on a GC build. if you mob and time your GC properly, you'll not get hit at all (considering you have high enough damage) I also rather go VIT than INT. Just check both builds. With agi you get 40% flee, roughly. With vit you're down to 7%, but your heal from meat is doubled. Considering you lose 3k per GC + 3x300 (1 atak from each zombie, if you mob 3), that's 4k HP loss per GC. Meat will heal for 200, that's like 20 meat to go back to full HP on VIT Considering you lose 2,5k per GC + 3x200 (1 atak from each zombie, if you mob 3), that's 3,1k HP loss per GC. Meat will heal for 100, so that's 30 meat to go back to full HP on AGI Both calcs were done with average damage taken + flee on the calculator. Cheers on a side note, I would seriously tone down that damage on zombies and calculate as to kill them with 2 hits of the GC. spare points would go to vit/agi. finding a good balance is key rather than going full one or the other. https://calc.talonro.com/?_S07DjEvCqkjCjEwsT0pPw7RLNAHDgsKkw4TDpMOEw4REwqfDlMOEHCAEwoJ0w4vDlEQowqhyTExMMU1MTC3CrTIEw7LCvMKAwrgoMTHDjR3CgsOBIC87OzE7MTEbSMKBQMKyL8KITg4DwrE9EikGwoHClBsBAQA
  14. I know it's plant from when the BG used to bug out and you could see the damage Everyone's damage was 1
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