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  1. Battle Ground

    I just hope BG turns into a casual-fast paced WoE, so people get hyped for the real thing
  2. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    it does, https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbibLbLababababEbaagqaaaaaaaaanAeaaaaaaaahkaawiaaeueFaafbaafkgZvsaavsaaaaaaankaaaaaaaaaaaabkkaaaaaagmfaaaiTaaaaHaaaaa https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbibLbLababababEbaaadafnfnfnfnnAeaaaaaaaahkaawiaaeueFaafbaafkgZvsaavsaaaaaaankaaaaaaaaaaaabkkaaaaaagmfaaaiTaaaaHaaaaa
  3. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    use Icepick with shield boom, get berserker pots and run full str and agi (if you are just hunting golems) you'll be able to kill brad golems in 2 seconds for tatacho, you can do a weapon swap
  4. you can always swap Queen Scaraba for Turtle General I like the high HIT, that way you can help on high MVPs like Ifrit (you'll be like 1/2 a sniper) If you want to go for biolabs, a triple Hidra Soldier Skeleton is a great (and cheap) weapon. I've done a bit of farming there (using shield boom and link) and it works great
  5. well, there are a few more things you can do to it, but that's for you to figure out xD also, this is focused not on killing MVPs, but rather normal mobs, like Cecil (takes 4 hits)
  6. *coff coff* https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbia5abbCbEabacEbaaadkfnfnititwmeccaaaaaahkaawifkwDjUgWp3dHfjfmfMaafMaaeeeeankaakaaaafafaabkkaaaaaafofaaahMaaaaHaaaabaoamaqan
  7. Malangdo enchantments at pvm calculator

    you can always just add them manually
  8. White Screen Crash on "Start Game"

    windows 10 last update also got me stuck on white screen... still trying to figure out what happenned In my case was the "Fall Creators Update" fixed by: https://forum.talonro.com/topic/25692-how-to-fix-the-white-screen-problem/
  9. Error

    don't use talonro mini, download full installer
  10. Bingo enter numbers??

    if I'm not mistaken, the game is programmed like that to prevent bot abuse but let's wait for GM team
  11. What does LK excel at?

    IMO they excel at solo play you can run the world all by yourself and make basically every map viable
  12. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    2 2 IGN: s4w-
  13. Gunner's Gamble (TalonRO Armor Quest)

    As long as it is not "vanilla" it should be fine ^^