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  1. dude, you should see how Aegis shield looks like (the SQI) we all should see it, but unfortunately there's no sprite on it that was very disapointing when I first made it and used it
  2. Geffenia champ

    sinx can do roughly 4m, with some luck, 4,5m. stalkers do consistent 4,5 with luck on 5m
  3. Geffenia champ

    you need 249 flee to dodge 95% of the attacks from up to 2 succubus/incubus if you have 3 or more monsters attacking you, the amount of flee needed to dodge 95% of the time will be higher, as so, with 230 flee you are more or less doomed. try either raising it up to 249 (or 251 to dodge violy) or accept you'll get hit
  4. Geffenia champ

    https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1370/ https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1374/ https://irowiki.org/classic/FLEE
  5. I like the idea A button to move to the whosell of that item is also nice, if possible Happens quite often that you need to move from itemdb to whosell and back again
  6. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Regarding the free repair topic, I'm just not sure who would be able to abuse it... There are so little cases in which your gears are broken outside of BG/WOE/PvP PVM wise, it's mostly ET or GMC and so on, and on those, people always have a bio for FCP, as a broken armor could result in a lost run. Let's say you manage to break your armor and wants a free repair, as stated. That person would need to have enough people in BG to enable 2 teams and a match start. The amount of time wasted on that is not worth the trouble, as 1 minute of farming will pay for that repair, against like 5 minutes of gathering people for BG. As you're saying about making these repairs not abusable by having a fee, makes us believe the price would be the same as normal npc, 15k. In one round of BG, people die like 10 times in 5 minutes. 150k per 5 minutes, making it cost 1,8m per hour of game play. For that amount, free supplies are not really free. With that said, please consider once again the free repairs, or at least consider a way of making it free for avid BG players.
  7. Hi, So, after al ong journey on tRO I decided to start again from ground up. Decided to take the Knight's path with 0 gears Started doing Eden quests and so on until my current level, 95, still NT. So far I've faced some good and bad things. Up till level 50 I was being able to hunt monsters solo and keep up with the missions provided by the NPCs. After that, I started having dificulties. I'll make a list of the problems I had. 1- Auto Attack damage too low. Although the free weapon you get is pretty neat, it was still a bit weak. 2- Not enough HP/SP consumables. In order to face some of those challenges, I was using so many consumables that the loots were just to pay for the maintenance. 3- No elemental advantage. At first I had decided to not use a Sage slave, but in the end I was obligated to it. Either that, or buying elemental weapons for 750k ea (only blacksmith selling elemental claymore), which is a lot for a starter. 4- Too strong monsters. The hunting quests can be easily done by hunters/mages, but if you're playing a melee class, those monsters will hit you too hard. Most have too much flee, too much hit. So my suggestions to fix those are: 1- Have the weapon work as a +10 weapon, or add some sort of bonus damage like VVS, that doesn't scale very well with skills and not make it OP for later on. Another option is also improving the second Eden Hat, as imo it's pretty weak right now... Most of the time having +2 of desired stats is better than the ATK buff. And I know it has a slot, but I doubt anyone would card it as is... 2- We could receive some HP/SP healing items when we start the hunting missions (or when we end). Something like a few meat and gj is enough. Make it capped at X amount, just like how the latest BG Open beta did with supplies so it's not abusable. 3- Would it be possible for the Eden NPCs on hunting quest's map give endow for the monster you're hunting? A 5~10 minutes endow IF you have taken the quest, so it's not worth taking it for like sleeper farmers or whatever (time spent going for buffs makes it not worth). Or attach a small quest that needs you to kill a few of the mobs in the map to give you the buff. 4- As for places to hunt, I suggest what is said on post under the melee section. Additionally https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1881/ https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1322/ https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1188/
  8. Sidewinder Bow Stalker good?

    1 Dopple is enough to hit 190 ASPD on both iirc I think Snipers will prob be better since the only reason to AA is for CRIT, and DA overrides CRIT (at least for MVP) you should consider BB stalker, with bow, as it's probably better, at least as far as a stalker goes
  9. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    just found this https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/1161/
  10. TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ss4w/ Discord: s4w#8450
  11. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    wew, I got a highlight on the newsletter I'm famous noawww
  12. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    Are we making mini game party?
  13. GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    or just find some fun people who are willing to try out stuff and making it work, instead of crying about not following meta (and btw, the "meta" is not the best option, just check the ranking and find out why someone is finishing the run in 1/3 of the time common parties finish) all GMCs can be done with a party of 10 or even less, you can add a casual sinx in there without problem @yufuba join a nice guild and let them know you're trying to make sinx work in GMC, they won't mind, game is about fun afterall
  14. Homunculus Kills counting towards hunting quest goals.

    priests have mace mastery as well, but I don't see melee priest out there xD just saying hahahaha
  15. Homunculus Kills counting towards hunting quest goals.

    loved the idea of the AFK checker, if that's not possible, maybe use the same flag from bonus exp for mob kill (when both alche and homunc do damage to same mob)