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    Grinding in TalonRO! Playing games like Magic: the Gathering Arena and Pokémon Ultra Moon, and a handful of roguelikes, metroidvanias and RPGs. I love coffee, cats and bats.

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  1. AlysSariel

    New to server

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! If you need any help, you can always ask here, or in-game in the !main channel, or on the TalonRO Discord server! Hope you have a wonderful time
  2. AlysSariel

    Hello to all

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! I'm guessing the abbreviations mean Low Rate, Medium Rate and High Rate, and qRO was some other Ragnarok server Syomalol played on in the past
  3. AlysSariel


    Eipä mitään Hyvä jos sait toimimaan sen!
  4. AlysSariel

    Xmas map still on

    Did you try this yet? TalonRO News - New TalonRO Patcher
  5. Hey and welcome to TalonRO!
  6. AlysSariel

    First time playing RO ever

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! You should make sure to Vote for Points every day, you'll get Copper Coins from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera (choose "Exchange Voting Points"), which you can then exchange for Talon Coins at the same NPC (choose "Exchange Copper Coins"). Talon Coins are a special currency on TalonRO and they can be used to buy gear from Reward Guru, or sold to other players for 1,1m to 1,2m zeny per one TC. It's a good way to get some starter zeny And later on to "passively" save up for some more powerful gears!
  7. AlysSariel

    PunkerTeddy Signing in

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO!
  8. AlysSariel

    Long time player, new to this server!

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO! You can get Talon Coins (special currency) by voting every day, and then exchanging your voting points to Copper Coins at the Reward Guru in Prontera. Copper Coins can then be exchanged to Talon Coins at a conversion rate, the best rate is 50 CC for 1 Talon Coin (50 to 1), also at the Reward Guru. The rate changes alongside the other rates on the server, for example if the server rates are 8x/8x/3x then the conversion rate is also 50-1. You can see the rates in your chat log whenever you log in! Then you can use the Talon Coins to buy gear from Reward Guru, or sell them to other players for some nice starting zeny, they usually sell for around 1,1m - 1,2m zeny per TC! You can Vote for Points here: Vote for Points And here's a guide to get started with the Eden Group: The Eden Group TalonRO has its own Wiki that's also worth checking out: TalonRO Wiki
  9. AlysSariel

    HighThief job lvl 40 or 50 -> rogue -> stalker [Farming type]

    I went with Job 47 on High Thief for my Stalker too That way you can pick between 5 to 10 ranks in Steal, for maximum freedom of choice
  10. AlysSariel

    after 10+ years im playing RO again

    Hey Mikeyyv Welcome back! You can try making a support ticket to see if you can recover your old account, like if you remember any details about the old account (Even the name of your lvl 99 HP!) the GMs will try to help you out! Just put everything you remember in the support ticket
  11. AlysSariel

    17년만에 라그

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO!
  12. AlysSariel

    after 10+ years im playing RO again

  13. AlysSariel

    Hwelp back to the grind! xD

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  14. AlysSariel

    Dun dun duunn...!

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  15. AlysSariel

    13 years returning player to relive the nostalgia!

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO! Like Plasmapheresis already said, joining the Discord is a good idea, there are a lot of super helpful and friendly people there. You can find some class guides in TalonRO's wiki, or the Guides section on the forum! TalonRO Wiki: https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page Forum Guides: https://forum.talonro.com/forum/22-guides/ Class Guides in the Wiki: https://wiki.talonro.com/Category:Class_Guides