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  1. You can't click on the Cursed Spirit to start the dialogue, you have to walk next to it and the dialogue will automatically open when you're close enough If you start the dialogue by clicking on Cursed Spirit, it'll never break the spell. In the guide itself it also says this... "If you try to initiate the conversation by clicking it, the options read 'touch the book...' (your screenshot) and not pull and read. Even if you continue the dialog and enter the spells, this will not break the spell. Just go next to the spirit and wait for it to auto talk to you." This is a very important distinction to make, as just a bit later in the quest you'll go and meet the Witch, but you can't click on her either or she'll teleport you away, you have to walk next to her to start the dialogue (Part 4a step 5) Walk to the Cursed Spirit and let it talk to you, don't click on it yourself
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