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  1. AlysSariel

    Hi ! It is Vezeruz !

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  2. AlysSariel


    Mie pelailen aina välillä, joskus enemmän ja joskus vähemmän, mut täl hetkel melkein joka päivä Ainakin toistaiseksi kun huvittaa Miul on Stalker, Whitesmith ja seuraavaks kehitän Priestin (ja High Priestin) kuhan saan Instant Cast gearit hankittua
  3. AlysSariel


  4. AlysSariel

    Need some tips and guide for leveling and farmin

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! We have a wiki full of useful guides: TalonRO Wiki The class section of that wiki has some Swordsman/Knight/Lord Knight guides: Class Guides Here's an useful guide to help you get started with Knight as your first character: Knight Farmer as a Starter Sort of Guide it might give you an idea of how to progress Depending on your level, one easy way to get zeny on TalonRO early on is to kill Wolves in pay_fild02 and sell the Strawberries to players, they're in constant demand and sell quite fast. It's also a good idea to check out the Swordsman Forums and read the threads there, you might find out some useful information that you didn't know you wanted to know
  5. AlysSariel

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    Did this quest end already? I spent almost two hours exploring both anthell01 and anthell02 on two characters, trying to find the ants for the first part of the quest, but I couldn't find a single ant on either of the character that I could interact with. I made several rounds through both floors and looked in every corridor, corner and dead end. I'm House Sorin if that matters.
  6. AlysSariel

    Grape Juice 168z (Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    I joined Grape Juice 168z a few days ago with my Whitesmith and it's been fun so far!
  7. AlysSariel

    About Rollback Character on Reward Guru

    No, you can choose to be High Mage, High Thief, High Acolyte, High Swordsman, High Merchant or High Archer https://wiki.talonro.com/Cross_Transing
  8. AlysSariel

    About Rollback Character on Reward Guru

    You can pick another High First Class but I'm not sure about Extended classes like Soul Linker, I don't think you can pick that if you roll back from High Wizard
  9. AlysSariel


    Hey and welcome to TalonRO!
  10. AlysSariel

    Hey, listen!

  11. AlysSariel

    A mysterious player has appeared!

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO! Check out the TalonRO Wiki for information and a collection of guides Like the Class Guides section! And read the Getting Started Guide too! Voting every day is a good idea, since getting Talon Coins helps a lot especially early on
  12. AlysSariel

    Greetings from the Philippines! o/

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  13. AlysSariel

    I AM NEW.

    Heya, and welcome to TalonRO! I'm sure you can make new friends fast, the server is really friendly and social
  14. AlysSariel

    Greetings from a player from 2003

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! Our global !main chat is very active throughout the day, so you will get to socialize with other players no matter where you are in-game
  15. AlysSariel

    Hello all!

    Hey, welcome to TalonRO!