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  1. AlysSariel

    I AM NEW.

    Heya, and welcome to TalonRO! I'm sure you can make new friends fast, the server is really friendly and social
  2. AlysSariel

    Greetings from a player from 2003

    Hey and welcome to TalonRO! Our global !main chat is very active throughout the day, so you will get to socialize with other players no matter where you are in-game
  3. AlysSariel

    Hello all!

    Hey, welcome to TalonRO!
  4. AlysSariel

    Hola, algún old player???

  5. AlysSariel

    Hey everyone

    Hey, welcome to TalonRO!
  6. AlysSariel

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO! You can check the TalonRO wiki for class and leveling guides. Priests aren't that painful to level and they don't necessarily need any expensive gear, since you can eventually just Turn Undead on Anubis at Sphinx dungeon.
  7. AlysSariel


    Hello, and welcome to TalonRO! You should check the Guilds section for any guilds that are recruiting right now Click here for Guilds!
  8. AlysSariel

    Hello from Berlin!

    Welcome to TalonRO!
  9. AlysSariel

    Super new player

    Hey, welcome to TalonRO! What class did you start with? TalonRO has its own Wiki with lots of guides and helpful stuff for new players. https://wiki.talonro.com/Main_Page Learn about the Eden Group quests (helpful for new players!) and the Rental Item system. And don't forget to vote every day for Copper Coins, which can be exchanged in-game for Talon Coins at Reward Guru in Prontera! Talon Coins are a special currency in TalonRO which can be used to buy a lot of different and powerful equipment, or sold to other players for a lot of zeny. Class Guides Reward System
  10. AlysSariel

    Hi friends.

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  11. AlysSariel

    The Cardinal of the Talon

    Hey, and welcome to TalonRO!
  12. AlysSariel

    Melee farmer cheap to gear

    Mavkas drop Crystal Mirrors, Witherless Roses and Blue Herbs that can be sold for zeny! Crystal Mirror and Witherless Rose are sold to NPCs and Blue Herbs can be sold to players with !wb Blue Herb or just jumping to the best paying buyer with !pj Blue Herb