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  1. Oh, gosh! Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you think so! RO has always been such a fun world to build and develop characters in.
  2. Here's some more of our recent streamed guild runs from this weekend! Abbey / Cursed Monastery: Biolabs / Rachel Sanctuary: More to come~
  3. And no matter how many times I see, I LOVE IT! Ahhhh you made him look so wonderfully devious! The lighting/shading really leaves that impression, along with how his eyes stand out!
  4. Thanks a lot! And I could not agree more~ Hahaha. Speaking of that, here's a new one from me: Yune is almost always wearing that ever-present smile of his and has the 'impenetrable poker face' behind his shades... And that just REALLY made me want to draw him getting embarrassed/flustered. I also don't draw him without his bunny ear headband and sunglasses enough, so I wanted to do that, too. It helps bring out the expression more when you can see his eyes.
  5. Just dropping a little something that I drew last night for my friend Dot: My HP OC Yune Hiraze and my friend's pom demi girl Dotto having an epic staredown. ...While both of them are wearing sunglasses and can't see the other's eyes. Which is normal for Yune, but still. Sorry, Dot. You just won't understand him any better by mimicking him. He finds it more amusing, than anything. My art muse has been pretty dead lately, but trying to get back in the swing of things.
  6. Welcome~! And very cute drawings and characters!
  7. Here's a couple of the livestream videos of our latest Guild Runs! Last Sunday evening: JUPEROS + DIMENSIONAL GORGE! This Sunday evening: ABYSS LAKE DUNGEON! Both runs were GREAT FUN! And we'll be doing more in the near future! Also, the Lutie Photoshoot is coming up this coming weekend, as well!
  8. Guild update: We are starting to run a bit low on guild member slots, so we will not be actively recruiting as much! For now, people are still welcome to PM me or come to Payon Dungeon and get an invite to the guild! But we're filling up fast (a lot faster than I expected, honestly)! Also, I will hopefully be setting up the Lutie Photoshoot for EARLY MAY! (May also stream or record it---we'll see!)
  9. Wow. So much incredible talent and so many unique styles! I don't envy the GM team on having to pick winners---these are all fantastic! Great work and best of luck, everyone! These are such a treat to see!
  10. Hello, hello! I'm new to the server (just a few days on it so far) and have been encouraged to share my art here, so I'm going to post some of my work! I did try to make a thread before this and had formatting issues something fierce, so hopefully this works out better than the first time... On tumblr, I actually run an RO-based blog. Namely, I run an Ask Blog for my RO OCs (original characters). You can find the blog HERE, if you're curious. I have the characters in-game, too, so you might see them around sometime. Here's some of my more recent works (mostly sketch stuff, and a few color things I was able to do before the Photoshop issue): As a note, I may put up a shop eventually, but I can only do sketchwork, not digital work. My computer is old and will no longer run/install Photoshop, and I can't get my tablet monitor to work with free programs. So for the last nine or ten months or so, I've only been able to messily color things by hand with a mouse. And that's a paaain. (But I might offer messy color for chibis. We'll see.) Nonetheless, I hope you like my work~! And I'd love to hear back if people would be interested in the possibility of me opening an art shop here. Thanks!
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