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  1. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Yeah, my apologies. 2018 has been one heck of a tough year. I can barely run RO on my junker computer right now at all (it's laggy and jumpy). I need to get a new computer, but I have to save up the money to buy one. Plus a lot of my members are also having a really rough year. So Mirage is kind of on a hiatus, but I do plan to bring it back when I can swing into gear again! I just don't currently have the means to do so.
  2. Amissapanda

    Satra's sketchbook~

    You have such a lovely and unique style! I love the ruggedness of it. Thanks for sharing your work!
  3. Amissapanda

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Amazing work as always, Fumi! Seeing your art never fails to make me happy~
  4. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    NOOO DON'T DIE. *RESSURECTS* Ahhhh I am glad you liked it, though. It was different drawing him that way, but also really fun. Hahaha. You are much too kind. Thank you for bestowing your kind words upon my arts. I am not worthy, but it's so uplifting.
  5. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    I won't flood with them or anything, but here's a few more things from the ask blog, in case anyone wanted to see more of the silliness (these ones are from last year, some from when I could still do color stuff): More to come~
  6. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Aww, I'm honored, thank you! : ) And sure, we would be happy to have you. I believe there's a few slots still open for the time being. Hey there~! Welcome back, haha. And no, this guild is open to anyone! We are from all over the place. I happen to be from the USA, myself. And whether you're a newbie or an oldie, it doesn't matter! It's a social guild, so we would be happy to have you. You can find us in Archer Village!
  7. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    #GiveUpthePriesthood ...I was enabled by several people to do this. Farona is pretty OOC, they insisted I make her thirsty and this is tamer than anything they came up with, but it was fun as heck to do anyway. Hahahaha. Yune pulls off a suit pretty well~
  8. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Ahhh, I'm happy that you think so! It was a struggle, that's for sure. Haha. Thank you very much~ I'll see about digging up a few other things from the blog to share later. The encouragement is sweet of you, thanks! It means a lot to me.
  9. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    It's nice to have you with us! : )
  10. Amissapanda

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    I'M SORRY TO REPEAT MYSELF FROM THE PM, BUT I HAVE TO EXPRESS IT AGAIN---I LOVE IT. ADORE IT. AND YOU. Your work is incredible and I'm honored to have gotten a commission from you! This is such magnificence that I will treasure. ;-; Really love what you did with the chess theme, the character in general, his BIG FLUFFY BUNNYBAND, and that really neat detail of the eyes slightly visible behind the shades. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for the art of him! I am beside myself with bouncy glee!!
  11. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

  12. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Ello, I am aliiive. Here's a couple things I've sketched recently: Fumi's hella hot sniper. <3 Had a lot of fun sketching him. Those lovely gold eyes, ah yes~ Annnnd a very recent update for my RO Ask Blog on tumblr. I can't draw chessboards or perspectives very well RIP. I tried. [ Which can be found here: http://ask-ragnarok-travelers.tumblr.com/ ] That's about all that I can share here for now~
  13. Amissapanda

    free doodles

    Looks like you've been hella swamped already, so I'm just popping in to say that I love your style! The painter-y coloring looks fantastic with all the layers of shading. Very stunning~
  14. Amissapanda

    Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Such a breath-taking style! My goodness! A great pleasure to see your work. It's stunning. I'd like to get a slot, if possible! Would it be alright if I sent references via PM?
  15. Amissapanda

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Love him, Fumi! Ahhh you draw the best guys~ Really like the expression on his face. Also just want to throw you a little love and support here! Hang in there and if you need anything, just holler! I will come running slow-mo like something out of a dramatic anime scene! (And then trip.)