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  1. Guild Photoshoot will be FINALLY taking place on Sunday, July 14th at 8PM EST! (That's 8AM Monday for Phil/Malay and 1AM Monday for the Europeans!) Lutie will be the town this time! And we'll be matching up in pinks/purples for the guild colors and corresponding gear to wear for the shoot (white headgears will also work). Please correlate your colors/outfit before the shoot! You can also save styles in the stylist NPC to easily find it again! I look forward to this fun little event with all of you!
  2. Thank you, Marv! That's a big help.
  3. Of course! Anyone is welcome, new or old, experienced or not.
  4. I see, I see. Yep, we still hang in AV. Though I won't be on until tomorrow. But you'll probably see a few folks there.
  5. Heyyyy~ Long time no see, Lami! Doin' okay. Got a new comp after the last one died. So I've been able to be active again. How are things with you?
  6. Due to Guild member issues / setbacks, etc, the photoshoot will have to be postponed again. Let me know either here, in-game, or on Discord, what time next month will work well for you guys! We can do a kind of "Christmas in July" photoshoot in Lutie. Haha.
  7. The Lutie Photoshoot is THIS THURSDAY, guys! There are reasons we had to move it to a few days sooner. But in the case that lots of people cannot make it, I will push it back a week if needed.
  8. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shiirahime Discord: Harmony Rose#3920 Edit: Whoops, I didn't see the date this thread was posted. I thought it was new. RIP. Ignore this!
  9. After an inactivity kick... Mirage is opening back up for active recruiting! You can find me (and/or Marv / EA) in Archer Village if you would like to join! Or feel free to PM! Lutie photoshoot is coming up this month, as well!
  10. Just three spots left! Feel free to pop by Archer Village and drop me a PM (Harmony Rose)! I'm usually chilling there. Marv the Yandere also has invite if you happen to see them around, too.
  11. Oh, gosh! Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you think so! RO has always been such a fun world to build and develop characters in.
  12. Here's some more of our recent streamed guild runs from this weekend! Abbey / Cursed Monastery: Biolabs / Rachel Sanctuary: More to come~
  13. And no matter how many times I see, I LOVE IT! Ahhhh you made him look so wonderfully devious! The lighting/shading really leaves that impression, along with how his eyes stand out!
  14. Thanks a lot! And I could not agree more~ Hahaha. Speaking of that, here's a new one from me: Yune is almost always wearing that ever-present smile of his and has the 'impenetrable poker face' behind his shades... And that just REALLY made me want to draw him getting embarrassed/flustered. I also don't draw him without his bunny ear headband and sunglasses enough, so I wanted to do that, too. It helps bring out the expression more when you can see his eyes.
  15. Just dropping a little something that I drew last night for my friend Dot: My HP OC Yune Hiraze and my friend's pom demi girl Dotto having an epic staredown. ...While both of them are wearing sunglasses and can't see the other's eyes. Which is normal for Yune, but still. Sorry, Dot. You just won't understand him any better by mimicking him. He finds it more amusing, than anything. My art muse has been pretty dead lately, but trying to get back in the swing of things.
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