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  1. Really cute and fun style! I love the softness of the colors! Hopefully I'll be able to save up and commission you sometime!
  2. We were talking about winter and snow in main chat and I figured I'd show some pictures I took last winter of my dog, Dante. (Although, no, he's not a Samoyed! Different breed! Dante is an American Eskimo dog.) Anywhere, here's a couple from out back of my house on the deck. I thought it almost looked like a castle with the framing of the trees and the neighbor's house: And these are from after the February storm this year, in which we got about 4 feet of snow in one night. Dante is playing king of the mountain and surveying his vast domain!: Hope you enjoy~
  3. Good to see you, as well! And yes, Mirage is BACK! And I haven't done any kicks yet, so you still should be!
  4. Really late with posting these, but here are the images from the Guild Photoshoot in Lutie at the end of last July! All screenshots taken and edited by yours truly! It was great fun! Thanks to everyone who took part! I hope to make more memories and new friends as the guild gets back on its feet! We'll definitely be having more photoshoots in the future!
  5. Your art is very lovely! Such a unique style to it and I love the softness and depth of the colors!
  6. I really, REALLY cannot thank you enough for this (and the one of my HP Yune, as well)! It's so brilliant to see my main TalonRO character in colors and to finally flesh out her story and background with such a lovely piece of art to represent her character! This is everything I could have possibly hoped for and more! Your talent is immense and your artwork is positively stunning!
  7. Fumi, you're incredible! My eyes are always blessed when I see that you've updated~
  8. Looks great! Really nice job!
  9. First, here's a stream video from a couple days ago: These will be happening more often now that I'm off hiatus. Second, and more importantly... since I'm back and in better health, with less stresses in my life at the moment, I am... BRINGING MIRAGE OFF OF HIATUS! It's so good to be back! Hope to see you guys in-game soon~ Consider Mirage also OPEN for recruitment at this time!
  10. Is that last slot still up for grabs? If so, I'd like to have it if I may! (Single slot, please!)
  11. Just letting folks here know that Mirage has been on hiatus! It's been a hard, hard year for many of us. And busy. I, myself, just got out of the ER again a couple weeks ago. And that was only the latest RL thing that had me in a mess. Several things also happened before that, including my mother being diagnosed with colon cancer. Rest assured that we'll be coming back, though. And I'll have a few more videos to (hopefully) get up in the mean time for the LP.
  12. These look great! You do a nice job of representing people's chars with the doll/avatar maker! I think people do deserve the link of the source where they came from, though, in case they want to make their own, too: http://www.atgames.jp/atgames/html/shop_gacha/gacha/2016/12/20161220_gachaGP.html It's a gatcha game, so I thiiiiiiink you might have to pay to play with them. (Not entirely sure on that.) OP, do you have a free version link you could share? Again, how you've managed to represent RO chars with it is pretty neat!
  13. Here's a couple recent things I've done: This is not actually any character/GM on the server. Rather, a character I made for a story. But I like the RO universe, so I just renamed the term GM as 'demi-god' for the purposes of what I was writing---this guy is a corrupted demi-god. This was supposed to be just a base concept for him, but I really liked it and have stuck with it. Also, coloring with a mouse is hell. :S And this one is something I made for my Terraria Co-op LP on YouTube. This features my character as well as my friend Xarale. We even named our world "Unitera" because we both love unicorns and met on this server in Prontera. Hahaha. Might post some more older or newer stuff in the future. Hope you enjoy these little updates while I and most of my guild are on hiatus.
  14. So nice to see your lovely chars again! Lyre is looking especially hot here. Ooof. And Ardinda is as adorable as always! Always a pleasure to see your art, Fumi. Hope you've been well.
  15. Ahhh thank you so much! I'm very flattered! I'm afraid that I'm not doing commissions currently (I need to focus on money commissions elsewhere due to RL), though! But the interest is appreciated, nonetheless! Hahahaha. That's not really his style of murder. I mean what. But yeah, glad you enjoy him!
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