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  1. Mirage is very much a social guild! We have a Discord, where members chat with guild members and friends of the guild, alike! We also frequently use VC during our runs! I even stream some of them while we are VCing together . And we have leveling parties where we chat and have fun, as well. However, the guild is currently full to capacity! I'll have to do an activity clean before we can be accepting new members. And here's our run last week of ET! I should post these videos here more often~
  2. Thank you very kindly~! It's good to be back!
  3. Here's the GMC Sushi run from yesterday!:
  4. Mirage is in FULL RECRUITMENT MODE! We are looking for ACTIVE PvM Players who enjoy doing things in groups! We especially need Champs, Pally, Prof, High Wiz, HP, and Sniper, but anyone is free to join! Just PM myself or Vindication in-game for an invite! Experienced and New players alike both loved and welcome! We'll be starting with mid-tier PvM stuff (leveling parties, Gramps/Eden quests, MVPing), but as the guild becomes more accustomed to things and players level up and we get a more diverse crew of classes, we will be working up to the big PvM such stuff as GMC and Wave Challenges! I will also be conducting guild runs, livestreams, and other fun things with the guild! Slots are filling up quickly as of late, so get in while you can!
  5. For our next Photoshoot, we will be holding a Christmas-themed shoot! As much as I wanted to do a Halloween one in Melodia, it would have been impossible to segregate the guild away from others there. I've heard that Prontera gets a Christmas update, so I'm considering having the shoot there. We've already done one in Lutie, after all. Or if you guys prefer, we can do Lutie and focus on the Christmas-y aspects of it this time. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions as well as what dates in December work best for you~ Thanks, guys.
  6. I had a lot of fun with the event! I gave it my 110% and did my best~ And I met some new folks in Windsor House, who I enjoyed playing games with, farming forest, and talking to casually! Featuring, left to right: Slayerthearcher, Harmony Rose, Orisu (behind on alpaca), Arienelle (Eggy), and momzzy! Would have loved to include more of the people I met, but lacked refs and room for Dee, Sakura, Doodle, and others. Thanks for the great memories, guys! We did our best and I'm really proud of what we accomplished over these few weeks. It's been great and I look forward to doing more events with the community! Windsor House, it was a pleasure being a part of you! And I'm very happy that I was able to take part in the Halloween Event this year without RL getting in the way! I look forward to it next year~
  7. Best of luck with the event! : ) Happy 10 year TalonRO anniversary to you!
  8. It's a Danimals! And rocking an Undertale icon. Nice~
  9. Yeah, of course! Just message me in-game. Or you can usually find me hanging around the Halloween Event maps lately (Casinos, etc).
  10. Ohhh, my bad! I thought you meant they were easier on you because of the chibis. In that case, never mind. Your hands get taxed enough already.
  11. This is a super cute and neat idea, Fumi! I absolutely love the concept of it! Think you might offer them in commissions in the future? I'd be super interested in getting one with Yune and Farona or something.
  12. Jeez. Woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. TOO EARLY FOR THIS. Winter, please go awaaaaay. I'm not reeeeady. My body isn't ready. And my back isn't ready for intense shoveling season. /desp

    1. BrainDeadBilly


      I know what ya mean.. Not looking forward to this cold season either..

    2. Amissapanda


      Hang in there @BrainDeadBilly ! We'll make it through~

  13. A sketch of (angsty) Harmony Rose that I did today: Forlorn sniper, gazing into the distance... reminiscing, perhaps? Still struggling with art block, but at least I got something out.
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