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  1. Amissapanda

    Pen and pencil sketches(now open for commissions)

    Nice to see another traditional artist! Very nice work. I like the soft color tones.
  2. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    It's great to see you again and good to have you back!
  3. Amissapanda

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Hm, I haven't actually posted in here before, but... if it's okay to post a character ref, here's mine! https://imgur.com/a/BMUhi Namely the high priest (Yune), but if the lady LK is preferred, that's fine too! They're both my precious babies.
  4. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Ahhhh thanks a lot, Fumi! : ) It was too hilarious OOC not to be taken for fun IC, since it's soooooo far off of anything she would actually say. Hahaha. Thank you kindly! It was an okay day! I had to work. lol But I did have cake!
  5. Amissapanda

    █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Don't apologize, Fumi! You're going through a lot. Take all the time you need to recover/heal. I hope the procedure went well and I'm hoping for the best! Hang in there~ Sending you lots of love and good vibes!
  6. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    This isn't my art, but my friend Dot surprised me this morning with a piece she did of my High Priest, Yune Hiraze, for my birthday today! This is... without his mask of bunny ears and shades, obviously. Hahahahaha. But yeah, holy damn. She made my douchebag troll of a demon priest look REALLY SEXY. HOOOO BOYE. I love how she did the burn scar around his right eye, too~ Just thought I'd share, since she said I could share it around wherever I'd like!
  7. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Here's something silly inspired by in-game text!: “Hm… I do not believe I am entirely convinced…” “I don’t have a fetish, dammit! I didn’t say any of that! That’s definitely not me!” “Perhaps we should swing by the Prontera Parish. I think you may need to go to confession. …Oh! On second thought, there’s a fair number of high priests around in the church. Tsk, tsk. We can’t have you around those…” “I DIDN’T GODDAMN SAY IT, YOU BLOCKHEAD!!” [ TFW… you’re talking to a guildmate OOC about your favorite classes and… realize afterward that what you said on the character you were currently on could be taking quite hilariously out of context. : ) RIP, Farona. Yune is fully aware that she’d never say such a thing, but… as if that would stop him from teasing/flustering her! ] I had a lot of fun with this~ Enjoy!
  8. Hey Harmony , I will be less active for a while . Its summer holyday in my country so ill not play much . But once Im be more active you will know it ;)


  9. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Glad I was finally able to find you online! Hahaha. Welcome aboard!
  10. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Sure, you would be welcome to join the guild! We have folks from various parts of the world, so you should fit in just fine. : ) Find myself or Marv in Archer Village and we would be happy to give you an invite! Don't worry about RL duties---most of us are adults with RL obligations too. In the event that you feel you need to become inactive for long period of time, just let me know.
  11. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    It's wonderful to have you aboard~!
  12. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Made this little semi-chibi sketch of Farona and Yune to celebrate 200 followers on my RO tumblr blog: Now they both have bunny ears. lol Yune, is such a troll dork.
  13. Amissapanda

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    How did I even forget to respond to this??? a;ldjflasj LOL DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM. I mean, er---do so at your own risk. *cough* Thanks a lot, Fumi~ I'm glad you think so. And I will do my best~
  14. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    We have a few slots open again after some inactivity clean-up! You can always find us in Archer Village if you're interested in joining or just want to chat and hang out!
  15. Amissapanda

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Our guild base is back in Archer Village (Payon Dungeon warp) now that the snow is gone! You can find us there if you need us! Also, the guild is temporarily not actively recruiting---we've got a full guild at the moment, but I'll be doing an activity check very soon!