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  1. Jeez. Woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. TOO EARLY FOR THIS. Winter, please go awaaaaay. I'm not reeeeady. My body isn't ready. And my back isn't ready for intense shoveling season. /desp

    1. BrainDeadBilly


      I know what ya mean.. Not looking forward to this cold season either..

    2. Amissapanda


      Hang in there @BrainDeadBilly ! We'll make it through~

  2. TFW you finally and painstakingly make back the 50 million zeny you spent on art... and then spontaneously buy a costume for over double that amount because it was pretty and looked great on your character. Costume life is painful life. But I can't stop myself.

    1. GM Xing

      GM Xing

      Art is always worth the zeny!

    2. fumiddition


      can't stop the costume life.. :Abs: but congrats on the costume!

    3. Amissapanda


      @GM Xing - Oh, absolutely. The art was absolutely worth it. Just questioning whether I should have bought and in-game costume for double that amount. lol

      @fumiddition - Too true. It sucks out our souls! But thanks! I am pretty happy with the costume, in any case. But now it's back to square one to save up for my dream costumes.

  3. Ooo! This looks really fun! I'll be eager to dive into it when I get home from work tomorrow. This will also be my first Christmas on TalonRO! I'm excited to check it out and hopefully record some videos! Thanks for putting this all together, guys!
  4. Wow. So much incredible talent and so many unique styles! I don't envy the GM team on having to pick winners---these are all fantastic! Great work and best of luck, everyone! These are such a treat to see!
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