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  1. aww Your char is more than welcome to join some random runs, and join our Mirage discord so you can keep track of whats going on in the guild.
  2. Since Tsu have no time updating the 1st post, ill re-update some things on the 2nd Post frequently
  3. Mirage Runs By my observation as a core, these are the following guild runs that we can do as for now: Abbey (leveling party) Odin Temple (leveling party) Dimensional Gorge (leveling party, depends if StarGlad is available) Juperos (two words "transparent plates") Geffenia (depends who has the quest) Abbys Lake Thanatos Tower MVP hunt (not every boss though) Eden Group Quest (for cool and usefull stuffs) Guild Event Lutie Photoshoot ( July 2019 )
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